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gl and Alarico
gl: Alarico I
gl: Alarico

gl and II
gl: Aleixo II Comneno
gl: Afonso II de Oviedo
gl: Afonso II
gl: Anastasio II
gl: Andrónico II Paleólogo
gl: Fiz II, antipapa
gl: Abbas II de Exipto
gl: Abd ar-Rahman II
gl: Constancio II
gl: Constantino II
gl: Mehmed II
gl: Alexandre II, papa
gl: Xoán II, papa
gl: Estevo II, papa
gl: Hadrián II, papa
gl: Agapito II, papa
gl: Anastasio II, papa
gl: Honorio II, papa
gl: Mariño II, papa
gl: Marcelo II, papa
gl: Bieito II, papa
gl: Bonifacio II, papa
gl: Pío II, papa
gl: Clemente II, papa

Alarico and II
Alaric II ( Gothic: Alareiks II ), also known as Alarik, Alarich, and Alarico in Spanish and Portuguese or Alaricus in Latin ( d. 507 ) succeeded his father Euric as king of the Visigoths in Toulouse on December 28, 484.
an: Alarico II
es: Alarico II
it: Alarico II
pt: Alarico II

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