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Page "fiction" ¶ 957
from Brown Corpus
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instant and doctor
As of late 2007 IBM and Beacon Equity Partners, co-operating with Medweb, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and the government of Tristan da Cunha on " Project Tristan ", has availed the island doctor with access to long distance tele-medical help, making it possible to send EKG and x-ray pictures to doctors in other countries for instant consultation.
The instant Lieberman arrives and sets eyes on Mengele, he attacks the doctor in a fury.
The doctor turns away an instant and when he turns back, all the telepaths are gone, and the boy is looking down on the lab from a ventilation shaft.
In addition to his on-field heroics, he is credited with the invention of the modern football helmet, in which he had a shoemaker create for him after he was told by a Navy doctor that a kick to his head could result in " instant insanity " or death.
< p > Just as an experienced doctor is able to diagnose certain ailments the instant a new patient walks into his office, or a police officer learns to recognize criminal types from subtle behavior clues which escape the untrained eye, so we, perhaps, may learn to recognize the future scientific crank when we first encounter him.
Reeves had been advised by a Navy doctor that another kick to his head would result in " instant insanity " or even death, so he commissioned an Annapolis shoemaker to make him a helmet out of leather.

instant and was
The kid showed for an instant, and his arm was cocked back.
A voice called, and what made it even more terrible and unreal was that the redcoat ranks never paused for an instant, only some of them glancing toward the stone wall, from behind which the voice came.
For an instant John was stunned.
But just when she seemed to have sunk into some depravity of peasanthood she would disappear and come down bathed, brushed, and taking breaths of air, and even with her broken nails her hands would come to rest on a table or a leaf with a thoughtless delicacy, a grace of history, so to speak, and for an instant one saw how ferociously proud she was and adamant on certain questions of personal value.
He looked at her out of himself, she thought, as he did only for an instant at a time, the look which always surprised her even now when his uncombable hair was yellowing a little and his breath came hard through his nicotine-choked lungs, the look of the gaunt youth she had suddenly found herself staring at in the Tate Gallery on a Thursday once.
It was as though, in that instant, he had felt the flatness of collage as too constricting and had suddenly tried to escape all the way back -- or forward -- to literal three-dimensionality.
For an instant his men hesitated, unable to believe that their lieutenant, the most popular officer in the regiment, was dead.
The room was bathed in light at the instant Muller's second shot came.
All this went through Casey's mind in the first instant, but what held his interest was the fact that these two should be together at all.
There were several missions which demanded instant attention but Helva had been of interest to several department heads in Central for some time and each man was determined to have her assigned to his section.
Both the BIH scale and A. 1 was defined by an epoch at the beginning of 1958: it was set to read Julian Date 2436204. 5 ( 1 January 1958 00: 00: 00 ) at the corresponding UT2 instant.
Bovril's instant beef stock was launched in 1966 and its " King of Beef " range of instant flavours for stews, casseroles and gravy in 1971.
It was released on 6 January 1921 to instant success, and by 1924 had been screened in over 50 countries.
The 120-page book, first published in the United States and then in Britain, was illustrated by Osbert Lancaster and became an instant best seller.
Commercially it was an instant success, and initially received favourable reviews.
An instant rivalry was born, fueled initially by Paul Brown's rivalry with Art Modell.
It was during the Red Terror that the Cheka, hoping to avoid the bloody aftermath of having half-dead victims writhing on the floor, developed a technique for execution known later by the German words " Nackenschuss " or " Genickschuss ", a shot to the nape of the neck, which caused minimal blood loss and instant death.
The Bacardi rum and Coke was an instant hit.
The first UN troops arrived the next day but there was instant disagreement between Lumumba and the UN over the new force's mandate.
The show, which he called Make Believe Ballroom, was an instant hit.
First published as a serial by the Pennsylvania Packet, the book was an instant best-seller ; it is still available today.
This new sauce was an instant success, and was gratefully named in honor of its creators.

instant and across
Because these new technologies allow instant communication across the world ( chat rooms and instant messaging, online video games, video conferencing ), interpersonal communication is an important element in new media studies.
This type of relay has the advantage that one coil consumes power only for an instant, while it is being switched, and the relay contacts retain this setting across a power outage.
Each Trump, when concentrated upon by another family member, allows instant communication across the dimensions, and if both parties are willing, instant travel.
He became an instant media icon, drawing huge crowds from the Los Angeles Latino community every time he pitched and triggering high demand across the country for his rookie baseball cards.
In 1866, Field laid a new, more durable trans-Atlantic cable which provided almost instant communication across the Atlantic.
Peller's " Where's the beef " line became an instant catchphrase across the United States.
Globalization is represented by characters of varying nationalities, ease of international travel, portable instant communication, and commercial monoculture recognizable across international markets.
The touchdown is scored the instant the ball crosses the plane of the goal line — that is, any part of the ball is in the space on, above, or across the goal line — while in possession of a player whose team is trying to score in that end zone.
The wire is pulled rapidly across a recording head which magnetizes each point along the wire in accordance with the intensity and polarity of the electrical audio signal being supplied to the recording head at that instant.
Titan worshippers have special powers, such as Kronos ' ability to move buildings from one location on the map to another, or Oranos ' Sky Passages, which allow instant unit transportation across the map.
Such states exist in many variations across different modern instant messaging clients.
Although losing this one-of-a-kind unit means instant failure, the Fang's weapon is capable of easily decimating any opponent it comes across — that is, until its ammo runs out.
It was widely distributed across global instant messaging and SMS networks.
" Mariner's Bells " are scattered across the land allowing instant transportation across various areas of the world.
The track became an instant number-one across Europe, and was followed up by other singles Chillin ', What I Mean and No More Tears.
In series filament sets, instant on was accomplished by adding only a silicon diode across the power switch to keep tube filaments lit at 50 % power ; the diode was placed such that the typical half wave rectifier of the day was reverse-biased.
At that instant, Atanarjuat, naked, barefoot, and unharmed, bursts out of the tent and runs off across the ice.
The Cadillacs, with their ska-rock with a heavy Latin infusion, turned instant rock stars across Latin America and eventually worldwide.
* With parallel receivers allowing the instant discovery and analysis of signals of radio technical equipment ( RTE ) in the range 100 MHz-18 GHz and continual tracking across the entire band.
Soon enough Rishabh and Dhani come across each other, and she feels an instant attraction to him.
The observer, who is watching a distant object across the pelorus, selects an instant when the vessel is steady and is on course.

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