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Carmine and 1912
His brother, Carmine ( 1912 – 1961 ) is buried across a small road, to the west of Johnny.

Carmine and only
Elektra jumps into the alley and battles Nico, only to find that another hit man named Carmine is also attempting to kill her with a sniper rifle from a rooftop.
NYPD detective Ralph Salerno said that the only mobsters whose eyes frightened him were Dellacroce and Carmine Galante.

Carmine and canvas
In 1740, Giaquinto became a member of the Academy of Saint Luke and donated his sketch of Immaculate Conception with Elias the prophet for the Turinese church of the Carmine, a canvas commissioned by marquis Giuseppe Turinetti di Priero, which finally reached Turin in 1741.
A canvas of the Neapolitan school, depicting the Madonna del Carmine, built at the end of 700 is preserved in the church of the Carmelite convent of Santa Maria del Carmine.

Carmine and with
As usual, he made no attempt to get in touch with Carmine G. De Sapio, the Manhattan leader.
Instead of reviving the old character, Schwartz had writers Robert Kanigher and John Broome, penciler Carmine Infantino, and inker Joe Kubert create an entirely new super-speedster, updating and modernizing the Flash's civilian identity, costume, and origin with a science-fiction bent.
Brownlow's restoration was later distributed in America re-edited and shortened by Francis Ford Coppola with a live orchestral score composed by his father Carmine Coppola.
* Manon Lescaut ( 1940 ), directed by Carmine Gallone, with Vittorio de Sica and Alida Valli
While Carmine was popular in Europe, blue remained an exclusive color, associated with wealth and status.
The 17th century Dutch master Johannes Vermeer often made lavish use of lapis lazuli, along with Carmine and Indian yellow, in his vibrant paintings.
The Godfather DVD Collection was released on October 9, 2001 in a package that contained all three films — each with a commentary track by Coppola — and a bonus disc that featured a 73-minute documentary from 1991 entitled The Godfather Family: A Look Inside and other miscellany about the film: the additional scenes originally contained in The Godfather Saga ; Francis Coppola's Notebook ( a look inside a notebook the director kept with him at all times during the production of the film ); rehearsal footage ; a promotional featurette from 1971 ; and video segments on Gordon Willis's cinematography, Nino Rota's and Carmine Coppola's music, the director, the locations and Mario Puzo's screenplays.
" The Silver Age of heroes began in the pages of Showcase # 4 ( Oct, 1956 ) with a radically overhauled Flash character by writers Robert Kanigher and John Broome with penciler Carmine Infantino.
With Joseph Biondo as a solid underboss, Joseph Riccobono as Gambino's own consigliere, and with his top caporegimes, Aniello " Mr. Neil " Dellacroce, Paul Castellano, Carmine " The Doctor " Lombardozzi, Joseph " Joe Piney " Armone and Carmine " Wagon Wheels " Fatico, the remaining Anastasia loyalists could never make a move.
The band has reunited in various configurations over the years, and is currently operating with three of the four original members, Mark Stein, Vince Martell, and Carmine Appice with Pete Bremy on bass for Tim Bogert who has retired from touring.
Adams succeeded co-creator artist Carmine Infantino with the following issue's 17-page story " An Eye for an Eye ", written by Arnold Drake, with George Roussos inking Adams ' pencils.
During Led Zeppelin's first tour of the United States in December 1968, Bonham became friends with Vanilla Fudge's drummer Carmine Appice.
The album features re-recorded versions of Sly & the Family Stone's greatest hits with guest appearances from Jeff Beck, Ray Manzarek, Bootsy Collins, Ann Wilson, Carmine Appice and Johnny Winter, as well as three previously unreleased songs.
Shirley maintained a stormy romance with dancer / singer Carmine Ragusa (" I can date other men and Carmine can date ugly women ", she tells Laverne ).
With each season, a new year passed in the timeline of the show, starting with 1965 in the 1980 – 81 season, and ending in 1967 with Carmine heading off for Broadway, to star in the musical Hair.
He first became associated with the Cosa Nostra in 1968 through Tommy Spero, whose uncle Shorty was an associate of the Colombo crime family under future boss, Carmine " the Snake " Persico.
Hernandez has said that, at a young age, he was particularly enamored with superhero comics — particularly 1960s Marvel Comics artists such as Jack Kirby's work on Fantastic Four and Steve Ditko, and the cartoony art of DC Comics artists such as Carmine Infantino and Dick Sprang.

Carmine and can
Carmine can be used as a staining agent in microbiology, as a Best's carmine to stain glycogen, mucicarmine to stain acidic mucopolysaccharides, and carmalum to stain cell nuclei.
* Stan and Carmine: Two American alligators looking ferocious, they might be deadly, but when settled, they can help.
At Thomas Wayne's funeral, Carmine tells Bruce how his father saved him and he can always ask a favor of Carmine.

Carmine and although
Carmine is the name given to the dye made from the dried bodies of the female cochineal, although the name crimson is sometimes applied to these dyes too.
Batman: Dark Victory, the sequel to The Long Halloween, implies that Catwoman suspects she is the illegitimate daughter of mafia boss Carmine Falcone, although she finds no definitive proof.
This saved Ralphie's life, and also, although unknown to Johnny, his own, since Tony had obtained approval from Carmine to hit Johnny in order to protect the highly valuable Esplanade project to which Ralphie's involvement was key.
He had a sometimes contentious relationship with his Underboss, John " Johnny Sack " Sacramoni: during different episodes in the fourth season, Johnny and Carmine each authorized Tony Soprano to put a " hit " on the other, although in neither case was the killing actually carried out.
" ( although Stewart and co-writer Carmine Appice were later successfully sued for plagiarizing the song's catchy melody hook from " Taj Mahal " by Brazilian songwriter Jorge Ben ).
After his initial 3-issue run in Showcase (# 17-19 ), came a move to Mystery in Space (# 53-100, 102 ), drawn by Carmine Infantino and most often inked by Murphy Anderson ( although Bernard Sachs, Joe Giella and Sid Greene did a few issues each ).
During the events of Batman: The Long Halloween ( to which Dark Victory is a sequel ), Batman captured and imprisoned Alberto Falcone, the serial killer known as Holiday who murdered members of the Maroni crime family on holidays ( although Harvey Dent's wife Gilda claims to have been the first Holiday, and technically, by murdering Alberto's father, Carmine Falcone, in the final issue of The Long Halloween, however, Dent himself is the final Holiday killer ).

Carmine and was
His parents were Italia ( née Pennino ) and Carmine Coppola, who was the first flautist for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.
Carmine Coppola wrote and edited the musical score, including the title song " Stay Gold ", which was based upon a famous Robert Frost poem and performed for the movie by Stevie Wonder.
The planned North American tour was cancelled, and despite rumours that Cozy Powell, Carmine Appice, Barriemore Barlow, Simon Kirke or Bev Bevan would join the group as his replacement, the remaining members decided to disband.
In 1424 the " duo preciso e noto " (" well and known duo ") of Masaccio and Masolino was commissioned by the powerful and rich Felice Brancacci to execute a cycle of frescoes for the Brancacci Chapel in the church of Santa Maria del Carmine in Florence.
Masaccio returned in 1427 to work again in the Carmine, beginning the Resurrection of the Son of Theophilus, but apparently left it, too, unfinished, though it has also been suggested that the painting was severely damaged later in the century because it contained portraits of the Brancacci family, at that time excoriated as enemies of the Medici.
On February 19, 1426 Masaccio was commissioned by Giuliano di Colino degli Scarsi da San Giusto, for the sum of 80 florins, to paint a major altarpiece, the Pisa Altarpiece, for his chapel in the church of Santa Maria del Carmine in Pisa.
Vermeer was lavish in his choice of expensive pigments, including Indian Yellow, lapis lazuli, and Carmine, as shown in this vibrant painting.
Carmine Crocco from Rionero in Vulture was the most important chief in the region and the most impressive leader in south Italy.
Carmine Basilio ( born April 2, 1927 ) better known in the boxing world as Carmen Basilio, is an American former professional boxer who was a two weight world boxing champion.
The lineup for the tour was: Carmine Appice, Mark Stein, Vince Martell and Pete Bremy ( bass ).
", would have introduced DC's first African American superhero but was rejected by Publisher Carmine Infantino.
Bonham initially used Premier drums, but in the late 1960s was introduced to Ludwig drums by Carmine Appice of Vanilla Fudge.
The film features music by Carmine Coppola, the father of Hollywood producer Francis Ford Coppola, who was the executive producer of the film.
Carmine Coppola was nominated for Best Original Score at the Golden Globe Awards.
The final episode was produced like a backdoor pilot for a spin-off series for Carmine as he was moving to New York City to star in the Broadway show Hair.
Soon after ( probably in 1483-1484 ) he was called to complete Masaccio's decoration of Brancacci Chapel in the church of the Carmine, left unfinished by the artist's death in 1428.
Carmine ( Zooki's son ) was the subject of a documentary titled " Capturing Carmine.

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