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polemics and view
In his view, " The dark age of pro and contra slogans, unfair polemics, and humiliations is not yet completely over and done with, but there seems to be some hope for a more constructive discussion " ( ib.
Eastern Orthodox Christians argue that thereby the council condemned not only the addition of the Filioque clause to the creed but also denounced the clause as heretical ( a view strongly espoused by Photius in his polemics against Rome ), while Roman Catholics separate the two and insist on the theological orthodoxy of the clause.
In the 1990s, a tendency was noted among psychiatrists to characterize and to regard the anti-psychiatric movement as part of the past, and to view its ideological history as flirtation with the polemics of radical politics at the expense of scientific thought and enquiry.
In 1932, he was involved in polemics at the Criterion group, where he and his collaborator Belu Zilber defended a Stalinist view of Vladimir Lenin in front of criticism from the right-wing Mircea Vulcănescu and Mihail Polihroniade, as well as from the Austromarxist perspective of Henri H. Stahl.
1699 )— both of them written from the point of view of Protestant polemicsand, of greater scientific value, the Histoire des Juifs ( Rotterdam, 1706, Eng.

polemics and Protestant
But Catholic writers arbitarily reject the emphatic statement of the Duke of Bracciano, one of the leading Catholic nobles of the time. The reputation survived him, and the accusation was used without reservation by Protestant opponents in their polemics against " papism " and Catholic decadence.
The controversy aroused by his Symbolik ( 1832 ) was such that in 1835 he left for the University of Munich, because of polemics with the Protestant Tübingen theologian Ferdinand Christian Baur ..

polemics and Reformation
Calvin actively participated in the polemics that were exchanged between the Lutheran and Reformed branches of the Reformation movement.
During the English Reformation, the Lucius story was used in polemics by both Catholics and Protestants ; Catholics considered it evidence of papal supremacy from a very early date, while Protestants used it to bolster claims of the primacy of a British national church founded by the crown.
Giving himself up to preaching and polemics, he aided the Reformation by his gift as a translator, turning Luther's and Melanchthon's works into German or Latin as the case might be, thus becoming a sort of double of both.

polemics and was
Parallel with the exposition of the Creed as it was then received in the Church of Jerusalem are vigorous polemics against pagan, Jewish, and heretical errors.
Hoxha and Shehu apparently decided in May or June 1960 that Albania was assured of Chinese support, and they openly sided with the PRC when sharp polemics erupted between the PRC and the Soviet Union.
In the mid-2000s, a case where a 14-year-old student was prohibited of entering a school in Fortaleza ever again, according to him and his family because of his fauxhawk haircut, sparked nationwide polemics in Brazil.
The historian Clinton Rossiter called the Federalist Papers “ the most important work in political science that ever has been written, or is likely ever to be written, in the United States .” They were not scholarly arguments or impartial justifications for the constitution, but political polemics intended to assist the federalists in New York, which was the only state to have a coordinated anti-federalist movement.
The manifesto, which was published prematurely with only three supporting signatures, was a failure, and he never engaged in public polemics again.
So far as his polemics accord with those of earlier antagonists of the papacy, it is fair to assume that he was not ignorant of them and was influenced by them.
Russell's theory of types was employed to great effect in Carnap's early anti-metaphysical polemics.
The relationship became a staple of anti-papal polemics for over a century: it was said that Julius, awaiting Innocenzo's arrival in Rome to receive his cardinal's hat, showed the impatience of a lover awaiting a mistress, and that he boasted of the boy's prowess.
He later, however, wrote two anti-Catholic polemics and, at the behest of King James I of England, was ordained into the Church of England.
It was during this time that most of his literary polemics appeared.
At this time Mazzini was frequently in polemics with the course followed by the unification of his country, and in 1867 he refused a seat in the Italian Chamber of Deputies.
Because Rousseau was the preferred philosopher of the radical Jacobins of the French Revolution, he, above all, became tarred with the accusation of promoting the notion of the " noble savage ", especially during the polemics about Imperialism and scientific racism in the last half of the 19th century.
In 1963, the Chinese Communist Party began to openly denounce the Soviet Union, publishing a series of nine polemics against its Marxist revisionism, with one of them being titled On Khrushchev's Phoney Communism and Historical Lessons for the World, in which Mao charged that Khrushchev was not only a revisionist but also increased the danger of capitalist restoration.
To Baldwin, Stowe was closer to a pamphleteer than a novelist and her artistic vision was fatally marred by polemics and racism that manifested especially in her handling of the title character.
Leading opponents of membership included Richard Crossman, who was for two years ( 1970 – 72 ) the editor of New Statesman, at that time the leading left-of-centre weekly journal, which published many polemics in support of the anti-EC case.
" The composers themselves took no part in the polemics, but when Piccinni was asked to set the libretto to Roland, on which Gluck was also known to be working, Gluck destroyed everything he had written for that opera up to that point.
Diplomatic correspondence was readier than published polemics to recognise the unplanned and chaotic nature of the events, which also emerged from several accounts in memoirs published over the following years by witnesses to the events at court, including two dramatic and influential accounts by members of the royal family that were not recognised as fake until the 19th century, those supposedly by Marguerite of Navarre, and Anjou.
By this period the Massacre was being widely used by Voltaire ( in his Henriade ) and other Enlightenment writers in polemics against organized religion in general.
He was also involved in public polemics, and in 1816 wrote Über die Gefährdung des Wohlstandes und des Charakters der Deutschen durch die Juden (" On the Danger Posed by the Jews to German Well-Being and Character "), advocating among other things a distinct sign on the dress of Jews to distinguish them from the general population, and encouraging their emigration from German lands.

polemics and between
The accusations leveled against them by rival schools of theology that they gave absolute authority to extra-Islamic paradigms reflect more the fierce polemics between various schools of theology than any objective reality.
The relationship between traditional and Western European trends was a subject of heated polemics and outstanding personalities sustained the debates.
In the midst of these polemics, Brandes began to issue the most ambitious of his works, Main Currents in the Literature of the Nineteenth Century, of which four volumes appeared between 1872 and 1875 ( English translation, 1901 – 1905 ).
The dissidents were derisively referred to in polemics as the " Kangaroos " by the Regulars — the analogy being drawn between the dissidents ' free-and-loose interpretation of party legality in the calling and conduct of their reorganizational meetings and the " Kangaroo courts " of the wild west.
Before his death during a bank robbery in 1969 he wrote the Minimanual of the Urban Guerrilla which, between the polemics, gave clear advice on strategy and was quickly adopted by others around the world.
The problem with a close study of Manetho, despite the reliance of Egyptologists on him for their reconstructions of the Egyptian dynasties, is that not only was Aegyptiaca not preserved as a whole, it also became involved in a bitter battle between advocates of Egyptian, Jewish, and Greek histories in the form of supporting polemics.
Before the time of Maimonides the question of the corporeality of the Messiah appears not to have been among the problems discussed in the polemics between the Church and the Jewish community.
This began a short-lived series of polemics between the Institut d ' Estudis Catalans and the Departament d ' Arqueologia in the Conselleria de Cultura of the Generalitat de Catalunya as to whether the find can be regarded as a proto-caganer ( which would place the origin of this tradition far earlier than previously thought ) or just a pre-combat ritual.
Along with polemics which questioned the wisdom of resistance, published between 1868 – 1873 in the Weekly Review ( Przegląd tygodniowy ) and Truth ( Prawda ), they – often reluctantly and only partially – set aside the style of the languishing Polish Romantic period.
Integrism () is a term coined in early 20th century polemics within the Catholic Church, especially in France, as an epithet to describe those who opposed the " modernists ", who sought to create a synthesis between Christian theology and the liberal philosophy of secular modernity.

polemics and Dominican
A war of polemics was waged about the councils, pitting Cajetan, the Dominican Master General, on the papal side against the conciliarist arguments of Jacques Almain, the spokesman of the University of Paris.

polemics and orders
He reorganized the committee of public education ( law of 27 February 1880 ), and proposed a regulation for the conferring of university degrees, which, though rejected, aroused violent polemics because the 7th article took away from the unauthorized religious orders the right to teach.

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