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:" and aim
Norman Steenrod characterized Lefschetz ' impact as editor as follows :" The importance to American mathematicians of a first-class journal is that it sets high standards for them to aim at.
:" If the second variant takes place and the imperialists invade Cuba with the aim of occupying it, the dangers of their aggressive policy are so great that after such an invasion the Soviet Union must never allow circumstances in which the imperialists could carry out a nuclear first strike against it.
:" The goal, which all Vedas declare, which all austerities aim at, and which humans desire when they live a life of conscience, I will tell you briefly it is aum "
:" The Competition had as its aim not a final design for the building but rather the selection of a vigorous and imaginative architect who would then be commissioned to submit the actual design of the Gallery.
:" Although I cannot prove this precisely, I sense that the Aztec goal was military glory and staving off the collapse of the universe, whereas the Teotihuacan aim seems to have been the creation of paradise on earth.
:" The aim of form-criticism is to determine the original form of a piece of narrative, a dominical saying or a parable.
:" The ultimate aim of Karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants.
:" It fails, however, in its main aim, that of supplying a worthy follow-up to one of the classics of British science fiction.
:" This same people, when it lightens and thunders, aim their arrows at the sky, uttering threats against the god ; and they do not believe that there is any god but their own.
In its own words, the aim of the UKFC was :" To stimulate a competitive, successful and vibrant UK film industry and culture, and to promote the widest possible enjoyment and understanding of cinema throughout the nations and regions of the UK.
Writing in 1979, Hildebrand stated :" Fundamental to National Socialist genocide was Hitler's race dogma ... Hitler's programmatic ideas about the destruction of the Jews and racial domination have still to be rated as primary and causative, as motive and aim, as intention and goal of the " Jewish policy " of the Third Reich ".
:" considered the decree to be right because it was part of our aim of the war and, therefore, it was necessary ".
:" God sent all His Prophets into the world with one aim, to sow in the hearts of men love and goodwill, and for this great purpose they were willing to suffer and to die.
:" Fidelity is surely our highest aim, but a translation is not made with tracing paper.
:" The Socialist Party, which is revolutionary in its goals, is not insurrectional in its means, and does not aim to launch proletarians in a sterile struggle, nor does it seek to place all political power in the hands of the working class before it has worked within peaceful norms allowed by the development of its organisation and civic capacity, by the possibility to support itself in the conscious will of the nation (...) we will combat the bourgeois order, the social order, the economical and juridical ones that base themselves on the class inequalities and consecrate them, but we will not alter the " public order " by placing ourselves on the border of legality (...) we will not hold a subversive position in front of our constitutional order.

:" and Communist
:" According to sources in today ’ s Tibetan resistance, the Chinese Communist " fatwā " to silence Patterson has never been rescinded.
* February 25 – The Communist Party seizes control of Czechoslovakia, a day celebrated by that regime as " Victorious February " ( Czech :" Vítězný únor "; Slovak :" Víťazný Február ") until November 1989.
Even in its early years, while adhering to maoist principles such as organizing the masses, the SP was very critical of the Communist Party of China like in condemning the support for Unita in Angola ( The brochure :" Antwoord aan de dikhuiden van de KEN ").
:" Communist regimes claim jurisdiction over the whole life of the society and make demands for change that so violate internalized values and habits that inhabitants flee by the tens of thousands.
:" If Pickup on South Street makes any point at all, it's that there is nothing really wrong with pickpockets, even when they are given to violence, as long as they don't play footsie with Communist spies ... Film's assets are partly its photography, which creates an occasional tense atmosphere, and partly the performance of Thelma Ritter, the only halfway convincing figure in an otherwise unconvincing cast ... Widmark is given a chance to repeat on his snarling menace characterization followed by a look-what-love-can-do-to-a-bad-boy act as Widmark's hard-boiled soul melts before Peters ' romancing.
In his private notes Zhdanov wrote :" If Tanner is removed, the Social Democratic Party will shatter ..." thus opening road to Communist control of the left.
:" In his pamphlet on the question, How will National Socialism be Defeated ?, Trotsky gives always but one reply: ' The German Communist Party must make a bloc with the social democracy ...' In framing this bloc, Trotsky sees the only way for completely saving the German working class against fascism.
:" The decision by a sovereign instrumentality to give funds to a foreign anti-Communist political movement rather than to a Communist regime, at the time where the Cold War was beginning in earnest in Europe, is not a " commercial " act ; it is jure imperii, a deeply sovereign act ".
:" Stalin committed a very grave crime against the Communist party, the socialist state, Soviet people and worldwide revolutionary movement ...

:" and International
:" The Chief Financial Officer of the government, the Secretary serves as Chairman Pro Tempore of the President's Economic Policy Council, Chairman of the Boards and Managing Trustee of the Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds, and as U. S. Governor of the International Monetary Fund, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Asian Development Bank, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
:" Moses said to God, ' Suppose I go to the Israelites and say to them, " The God of your fathers has sent me to you ," and they ask me, ‘ What is his name ?’ Then what shall I tell them ?” God said to Moses, “ I AM WHO I AM " — Exodus 3: 13-14 ( New International Version ) ( see Tetragrammaton ).
In addition to the views of the two sides, various non-Buddhist and non-committed to any of the two side-academics in the field of religion and history, presented their perspectives in several books, such as Daniel A. Metraux's 2001 book The International Expansion of a Modern Buddhist Movement: and: How the Soka Gakkai became a Global Buddhist Movement, the 1998 Oxford University Press book A Time to Chant by B. Wilson and K. Dobberlaere and :" Encountering the Dharma " by prof. Richard Seager, as well as various other publications.
In December 1934, Smuts told an audience at the Royal Institute of International Affairs that :" How can the inferiority complex which is obsessing and, I fear, poisoning the mind, and indeed the very soul of Germany, be removed?
Daniel Eagan of Film Journal International :" it's clear his Kar Wai skills and interests have no match in today's cinema.
:" The British equivalent of Hollywood's all-star revues was Elstree Calling ( 1930 ), produced by British International Pictures ( BIP ), which consisted mainly of musical and comedy items from stage shows of the day introduced by compare Tommy Handley.
:" In early 1975, both Morocco and Mauritania agreed to abide by the decision of the International Court of Justice on the status of the Spanish Sahara, but when the court ruled in October 1975 that neither country was entitled to claim sovereignty over the territory, both governments chose to ignore the decision.
:" Around May 1985, a functionary of the International Sikh Youth Federation came to me and introduced himself as Lakhbir Singh and asked me for help in conducting some violent activities to express the resentment of the Sikhs.
:" As regards the International Executive referred to by the Guardian in his " Goal of a New World Order ", it should be noted that this statement refers by no means to the Bahá ' í Commonwealth of the future, but simply to that world government which will herald the advent and lead to the final establishment of the World Order of Bahá ' u ' lláh.
:" Visiting by chance the 2nd World Congress of Esperanto in Geneva ( in 1906 ), I became an Esperantist and took part there in the founding of the International Scientific Esperantist Association, of which I was elected secretary.
:" The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.
:" Suzhou Singapore International School ( SSIS ) provides a high standard of international education to the children of expatriate families.
:" The staff, students and parents of Suzhou Singapore International School work in partnership, creating a learning environment that encourages and enables students to be self-motivated, lifelong learners, who value other cultures and are responsible, meaningful participants in the international community.
Among other expert panels, the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer discussed at length Cohen's results then concluded :" The weight of evidence is that the ecological analyses of Cohen can be rejected.
David Nusair, writing for Reel Film Reviews from the 2005 Toronto International Film Festival, was even less impressed :" That The Myth eventually turns into an almost interminable experience is a shame, given the light-hearted and genuinely entertaining vibe of the film's opening hour ... Fortunately, The Myth contains several expectedly impressive action sequences-with a fight set within a rat paper factory an obvious highlight-although it's not long before such moments wear out their welcome.

:" and known
Roger Ebert, who gave the film a mere one star in the Chicago Sun-Times, wrote :" The filmmakers must have known that the original Godzilla ( 1956 ) had many loyal fans all over the world who treasured the absurd dialogue, the bad lip-synching, the unbelievable special effects, the phony profundity.
:" On the other hand, a goddess of death who represents the horrors of slaughter and decay is something well known elsewhere ; the figure of Kali in India is an outstanding example.
:" If we say that the things known must be in the mind, we are either un-duly limiting the mind's power of knowing, or we are uttering a mere tautology.
He became known for a couplet attributed to him: :" As soon as a coin in the coffer rings / the soul from purgatory springs
:" If Chief Justice Warren and his associates had known God's word and had desired to do the Lord's will, I am quite confident that the 1954 decision would never had been made.
:" Anyone who studies Bahá ' ísm learns very soon of the volume sacred to those who profess this religion and known as " The Most Holy Book ... Yet, strange to say, although the teachings of Bahá have been widely proclaimed in Great Britain and America, only fragments of al-Kitab al-Aqdas have been translated previously into English.
:" The region above the ionosphere in which the magnetic field of the earth has a dominant control over the motions of gas and fast charged particles is known to extend out to a distance of the order of 10 earth radii ; it may appropriately be called the ' magnetosphere '.
At the age of 51 Nichiren inscribed this doctrine in a form of a mandala describing it as :" this Gohonzon shall be called the great mandala never before known ”.
:" What if God, choosing to show his wrath and make his power known, bore with great patience the objects of his wrath — prepared for destruction?
The term ' John Doe Injunction ' ( or John Doe Order ) is used in the UK to describe an injunction sought against someone whose identity is not known at the time it is issued :" 8. 02 If an unknown person has possession of the confidential personal information and is threatening to disclose it, a ' John Doe ' injunction may be sought against that person.
:" He was known for his kindness to and consideration for those he worked with, for his robust, if very subtle, humor, and for his interest in music.
:" Maohi " can also refer to the indigenous people of French Polynesia, also known as Tahitians.
:" Carloman II " might refer to the second Carolingian of that name, otherwise known as Carloman I.
:" The primary plan for alerting broadcast stations that is currently being considered by the FCC Study Group is known as the Key Station System.
:" Because of our sinfulness we have suffered greatly, suffering as bitter as wormwood, worse than any Israel has known since it became a people ....
:" Apart from whatever may be the general wish of the Zulu nation, it seems to me that the seizure of the two refugee women in British territory by an armed force crossing an unmistakable and well known boundary line, and carrying them off and murdering them with contemptuous disregard for the remonstrances of the Natal policemen, is itself an insult and a violation of British territory which cannot be passed over, and unless apologised and atoned for by compliance with the Lieutenant Governor ’ s demands, that the leaders of the murderous gangs shall be given up to justice, it will be necessary to send to the Zulu King an ultimatum which must put an end to pacific relations with our neighbours.
:" It's pretty well known that I was impatient with the pace of the industry's embrace of online distribution of music.
" In his Memoirs, Williams described why he insisted on Magnani playing this role :" Anna Magnani was magnificent as Serafina in the movie version of Tattoo .... She was as unconventional a woman as I have known in or out of my professional world, and if you understand me at all, you must know that in this statement I am making my personal estimate of her honesty, which I feel was complete.
:" though he was best known in the medical world for his theory and practice of hypnotism, he had also obtained wonderfully successful results by operation in cases of club foot and other deformities, which brought him patients from every part of the kingdom.
:" I have been hunted for twenty-one years, have literally lived in the saddle, have never known a day of perfect peace.
:" The problem is thus in no way solved if we can show that all the facts, if they were known to a single mind ( as we hypothetically assume them to be given to the observing economist ), would uniquely determine the solution ; instead we must show how a solution is produced by the interactions of people each of whom possesses only partial knowledge.
:" Although in ways known to himself God can lead those who, through no fault of their own, are ignorant of the Gospel, to that faith without which it is impossible to please him (), the Church still has the obligation and also the sacred right to evangelize all men " ( Second Vatican Council, Ad Gentes, 1 ).
:" Anecdotes of the nineteenth new century or historiettes, recent anecdotes, features and words little known, singular adventures, various quotations, bringings together and curious parts, to be used for the history of customs and the spirit of the century when we live compared with the last centuries.
:" aims to instill democracy in lands that have known tyranny, in the hope that doing so will short-circuit terrorism, military aggression, and weapons proliferation.

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