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In the monastic library at Jarrow were a number of books by theologians, including works by Basil, Cassian, John Chrysostom, Isidore of Seville, Origen, Gregory of Nazianzus, Augustine of Hippo, Jerome, Pope Gregory I, Ambrose of Milan, Cassiodorus, and Cyprian.
About 20 years later, John Ambrose Fleming ( scientific adviser to the Marconi Company
The greatest names of the classical and patristic world are among those translated, edited or annotated by Erasmus, including Saint Ambrose, Aristotle, Saint Augustine, Saint Basil, Saint John Chrysostom, Cicero and Saint Jerome.
Sir John Ambrose Fleming FRS ( 29 November 1849 – 18 April 1945 ) was an English electrical engineer and physicist.
John Ambrose Fleming ( 1906 )
: One century ago, in November 1904, John Ambrose Fleming FRS, Pender Professor at UCL, filed in Great Britain, for a device called the Thermionic Valve.
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Ambrose ( De virginitate 3, 14 ; 4, 15 ) and John Chrysostom ( Matthew, Homily 88 ) have suggested that Mary Magdalene was a virgin after the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
* 1904 – English engineer John Ambrose Fleming receives a patent for the thermionic valve ( vacuum tube ).
It wasn't until the early 20th century that the rectifying property of such a device was utilized, most notably by John Ambrose Fleming, who used the diode tube to detect ( demodulate ) radio signals.
The English physicist John Ambrose Fleming worked as an engineering consultant for firms including Edison Telephone and the Marconi Company.
Wireless detailed history and growth of the art includes the work of Nikola Tesla, Oliver Lodge, Marconi, Braun, Reginald Fessenden ( known for inventing the radiotelephony ), John Ambrose Fleming, Lee De Forest and many others.
* November 29 – John Ambrose Fleming, English electrical engineer and inventor ( d. 1945 )

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