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Terry and Thomas
* Sanderson, Terry The Gay Man's Kama Sutra, Thomas Dunne Books, 2004.
Spaghetti Jam in San Francisco ( 1976-83 ) hosted weekly jam sessions that included Betty Thomas, Terry McGovern, John Elk, Buzz Belmondo, Robin Williams, Barry Sobel, Dana Carvey, Gil Christner, Joyce Imbesi, Taylor Negron, Jose Simon and Paul Willson.
* 1991 – Shiite Muslim kidnappers in Lebanon release Anglican Church envoys Terry Waite and Thomas Sutherland.
** Kidnappers in Lebanon set Anglican Church envoys Terry Waite and Thomas Sutherland free.
Without Thomas, Susan or her uncle David ( Terry Kinney ) knowing, she takes the eggs and sticks them in a dresser located in her father ’ s old barn to incubate them.
After a 2001 victory over Terry Thomas in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, Chávez retired.
| align = left | Terry Thomas
In 2006, as well as performing with Peter Furniss and Thomas Bowles, he made a guest appearance for BBC Children in Need performing live, then assisting Terry Wogan collecting donations from the studio audience.
one was located at East Grafton and was built and maintained by Thomas Scriven ; the other was located in the wester part of the town and was kept by Elijah Terry.
Image: Law enforcement marker in Pleasanton, TX IMG_2606. JPG |< center > Deputy Sheriffs Thomas Monse, Jr., and Mark Stephenson and state police trooper Terry Wayne Miller are commemorated in a marker in Pleasanton.
Chronicles Book Text Written by Terry Taylor, with special thanks to Viann, Phillip, and " Doc " Thomas for your suggestions.
The Funky Bunch consisted of Wahlberg ( alias Marky Mark ), Scott Ross ( alias Scottie Gee ), Hector Barros ( alias Hector the Booty Inspector ), Terry Yancey ( alias DJ-T ) and Anthony Thomas ( alias Ashey Ace ).
Among them are Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry, Focus on the Family's James Dobson, the 700 Club's Pat Robertson, Prison Fellowship's Charles Colson, columnist Cal Thomas, preacher and author Tim LaHaye, former Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris, and Liberty University and Moral Majority founder Jerry Falwell.
Super Bowl XIII, the rematch, featured Cowboys Linebacker Thomas " Hollywood " Henderson saying famously " Terry Bradshaw couldn't spell c-a-t if you spotted him the C and the T ." Landry recalled in his autobiography how he cringed when he heard that, because he didn't feel that Bradshaw needed addition motivation in a big game like the Super Bowl.
* Nathan Glazer, Thomas L. Jeffers, Richard Gid Powers, Fred Siegel, Terry Teachout, Ruth R. Wisse et al.
The exploits of the Lafayette Escadrille are also captured in several works of historical fiction including: Falcons of France by Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall ( 1929 ), To the Last Man by Jeffrey Shaara, Valiant Volunteers by Terry L. Johnson ( 2005 ), An Ace Minus One by Timothy Morrisroe ( 2006 ), and Kickapoo by Thomas Wilson ( 2006 ).
Current members of the board of directors of the Bradley Foundation are: Dennis Kuester, George Will, San W. Orr, Jr., Terry Considine, Michael Grebe, Thomas Smallwood, Bob Smith, Cleta Mitchell, Art Pope, and David Uihlein.
Thomas Terry Connally ( D )
Thomas Terry Hoar-Stevens ( 14 July 19118 January 1990 ) was a distinctive English comic actor, known as Terry-Thomas.
Thomas Terry Hoar-Stevens was born at 53 Princes Avenue, N3, Finchley, North London, England.
Initially billed as Thomas ( or Thos ) Stevens, he considered the stage name Thomas Terry, but fearing that this might be taken as an attempt to pass himself off as a relation of the actress Ellen Terry, he reversed this to Terry Thomas.

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