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score and other
The one apparent connection between the two is a score of buildings which somehow or other have survived and which naturally enough are called `` historical monuments ''.
Always she had had the company of other shells and more recently, technicians by the score.
Up to three judges are typically present at ringside to score the bout and assign points to the boxers, based on punches that connect, defense, knockdowns, and other, more subjective, measures.
Referees will stop the bout if a boxer is seriously injured, if one boxer is significantly dominating the other or if the score is severely imbalanced.
In this scale, a score of 0-10 is generated from combining three other scores.
The game can be won by destroying all other civilizations, reaching the end of the modern era with the highest score, or by winning the space race by reaching the star system of Alpha Centauri.
The other team then scrimmages the ball at the same 35-yard line and has the same opportunity to score.
After the teams have completed their possessions, if one team is ahead, then it is declared the winner ; otherwise, the two teams each get another chance to score, scrimmaging from the other 35-yard line.
There are some mods which affect gameplay heavily, such as Gun Game, where players start with a basic pistol and must score kills to receive better weapons, and Zombie Mod, where one team consists of zombies and must " spread the infection " by killing the other team ( using only the knife ).
A few artists still managed to score disco hits in the early 1980s, but the term " disco " became unfashionable in the new decade and was eventually replaced by " dance music ", " dance pop ", and other identifiers.
The score is computed similarly to the scores from other diving events, but has been modified starting with the 2012 London Olympics for the use of the larger judging panels.
Otherwise, the player is taken to the Results Screen, which rates the player's performance with a letter grade and a numerical score, among other statistics.
This is in contrast with other sports like Association football and ice hockey, which require the puck or ball to pass completely over the goal line to count as a score.
A play from scrimmage is the activity of the games of Canadian football and American football during which one team tries to advance the ball, get a first down, or to score, and the other team tries to stop them or take the ball away.
Skaters may also raise their score by having a difficult entry such as in spiral or spread eagle position, a difficult exit, or other feature such as stopping and / or changing the direction of rotation.
Skaters may raise their score by performing turns, steps or other moves before the element, the lady holding her arms over her head, or delayed rotation.
The generally accepted location of Drake's New Albion is Drakes Bay, California, although more than a score of other notions have been offered.
Scores at least the number of points in a tournament corresponding to the total of a 55 percent score against grandmasters plus 75 percent against International Masters ( IM ) plus 85 percent against other players ( a GM " norm ").
Some competitions restart the score from zero for the finals, other add the final score to the preliminary results.
On some shows contestants compete against other players or another team while other shows involve contestants playing alone for a good outcome or a high score.
Greenberg hit the only two homers by the Tigers — one in Game Two, where he batted in three runs in a 4 – 1 win ; the other — a two-run job — tied the game in the eighth inning of Game Six, making the score 8 – 8, but the Cubs won that game with a run in the bottom of the 12th.
In some cases complementary full settings for organ are also published, in others organists and other accompanists are expected to transcribe the four-part vocal score for their instrument of choice.

score and side
If the score reaches 20-all, then the game continues until one side gains a two point lead ( such as 24 – 22 ), up to a maximum of 30 points ( 30 – 29 is a winning score ).
It can sometimes be advantageous to bid a contract that one does not expect to make and to be defeated, thus losing some points, rather than allow the opposing side to bid and make a contract which would score them an even greater number of points.
In addition to establishing the level and denomination of the final contract, the final contract may be doubled ( by the opponents ) or redoubled ( by the declaring side after the opponents had already doubled ), in which case the score for the hand is increased, whether the contract is made or defeated.
This makes it difficult to hit the ball freely and score runs, especially on the off side.
The execution judges are positioned two on each side of the pool, and they score the diver which is nearer to them.
If at least three points have been scored by each side and a player has one more point than his opponent, the score of the game is " advantage " for the player in the lead.
When the game score reaches three points each, the receiver chooses which side of the court ( advantage court or deuce court ) the service is to be delivered on the seventh and game-deciding point.
The theory of nuclear deterrence states that, should Warsaw Pact forces score substantial military successes or make substantial advances this side of the Iron Curtain, the United States would initiate the suicidal duel of strategic nuclear exchanges with the Soviet Union.
Under pressure from his marker Nikos Dabizas, Bergkamp controlled the ball with one flick and went around the other side before placing the ball precisely into the bottom right-hand corner to score.
Alex North ’ s score for the 1951 film version of A Streetcar Named Desire was released on a 10-inch LP by Capitol Records and sold so well that the label later re-released it on one side of a 12-inch LP with some of Max Steiner's film music on the reverse.
If they want to score they will have to try and risk an edge to a wide ball and hit through the packed off side, or trying and drag the ball from far outside the stumps to the sparsely-populated leg side.
Always seeking to score, and with the leg side packed with fielders, he often backed away and hit the ball into the vacant half of the outfield with unorthodox shots reminiscent of tennis or golf.
Originally intended to allow you to easily create a " score area " on the side of the screen, clever programmers used this feature to emulate 8 color modes.
However, through the use of 2 color palettes and a left / right boundary control byte you could have the left section of screen ( this could be the play field ) use 1 set of colors while the right side ( this could show information such as lives and score ) used an entirely different set of colors, thus 8 total colors were possible.
Neither side deserved to lose but when Zico finally came on in the second half ( with the score 1 – 1 ), and Brazil were awarded a penalty late in the game, Brazil seemed set to win.
Against a weaker Argentine side, the Brazilians applied heavy pressure and had numerous chances to score, but it was Claudio Caniggia who managed to find Brazil's net and eliminate them after a brilliant assist from Maradona.
Each vampire has a Humanity score, measuring how closely in touch with his human nature the vampire is ; as it decreases, the vampire becomes more susceptible to his Beast, the feral side of the vampiric soul that is driven entirely by rage and hunger.
A notable feature of the Vertigo score is the ominous two-note falling motif that opens the suite — it is a direct musical imitation of the two notes sounded by the fog horns located at either side of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco ( as heard from the San Francisco side of the bridge ).
Note: The Criterion laserdisc release also moved a few seconds of Howard Shore's score for its last side break so as to keep the entire music cue intact.
The 2008 season saw a resurgent Rapids side, which started off the season with a complete thrashing of David Beckham and the LA Galaxy by a 4 – 0 score on Opening Day to launch the season.

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