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simple and American
No one could be more devoted than he to the American Congress as an institution and more aware of its historical significance in the political history of the world, and I shall never forget his moving talks, delivered in simple yet eloquent words, upon the meaning of our jobs as Representatives in the operation of representative government and their importance in the context of today's assault upon popular government.
But the simple truth is that higher education has never really been an official American Catholic project ; ;
simple: American Football Conference
simple: American Sign Language
simple: American Stock Exchange
simple: American Airlines Flight 77
William Green, head of the American Federation of Labor, was taken to the first camp to demonstrate that there would be no job training involved beyond simple manual labor.
Following the September 11 attacks, several American mosques were targeted in attacks ranging from simple vandalism to arson.
" As a result of the large-scale activities surrounding the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, the American mass-media further popularised the term as a label for the alternative spiritual subculture, including practices such as meditation, channeling, crystal healing, astral projection, psychic experience, holistic health, simple living, and environmentalism ; or belief in phenomena such as Earth mysteries, ancient astronauts, extraterrestrial life, unidentified flying objects, crop circles, and reincarnation.
simple: Scientific American
" The oligarchic Family Compact was defended by Tories who explained, " The Radicals, Revolutionists or Destructives was composed of all the American settlers and speculators in land, some of the more simple and ignorant of the older class of farmers, and the rabble of adventurers who poured in every year from the United States or from Britain, to evade the laws of their respective countries.
simple: American Beauty ( movie )
The simple architecture of their homes, meeting houses, and barns have had a lasting influence on American architecture and design.
Although simple handheld roller gins have been used since at least 500 AD, the first modern mechanical cotton gin was created by American inventor Eli Whitney in 1793, and patented in 1794.
simple: American Bison
Eero Saarinen () ( August 20, 1910 – September 1, 1961 ) was a Finnish American architect and industrial designer of the 20th century famous for varying his style according to the demands of the project: simple, sweeping, arching structural curves or machine-like rationalism.
simple: Pago Pago, American Samoa
simple: American Broadcasting Company
simple: North American video game crash of 1983
simple: American League
Some historians theorize she either made a simple diminutive of " Ole Mississippi " or derived it from " ol ' missus ", African American eye dialect for a plantation's " old mistress.
simple: American Graffiti
An American woman from the US Air Force wearing a simple hijab in Paktika Province, Afghanistan
Some regular routes, such as the old Pan American Flight One ( and later, although briefly, United Airlines Flight One ), circled the globe, and today planning such a trip through various connections is quite simple.

simple and Film
simple: Cannes Film Festival
simple: Film rating systems
simple: Film processing
Because under the Kodachrome process, different equipment is required for duplication than for simple development, around 6: 30 p. m. the developed original was taken to the Jamieson Film Company, where three additional copies were exposed ; these were returned to Kodak around 8 p. m. for processing.
simple: Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards
LaBute's exposure to and interest in the film industry came with a viewing of The Soft Skin ( La Peau Douce 1964 ), said the director to Robert K. Elder in an interview for The Film That Changed My Life. It exposed me, probably in the earliest way, to “ Hey, I could do that .” I ’ ve never been one to love the camera or even to be as drawn to it as I am to the human aspect of it, and I think it was a film that speaks in a very simple way of here ’ s a way that you can tell a story on film in human terms.
simple: Film ( disambiguation )
simple: British Film Institute
Sanjuro of LoveHKFilm. com wrote that the film " succeeds in delivering a relatively simple, intimate story that should prove moving for even the most jaded audience ", while Nick England of the San Diego Asian Film Foundation described Homerun as " a film with certain beauteous qualities that we can genuinely enjoy, but end up choking on when it is all over with ".
Film critic Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times said: " There are so many errors of judgment, strategy, behavior and simple plausibility in this movie that we just give up and wait for it to end.
Programme notes for a Boston Jewish Film Festival screening in 2004 hailed the play as " a BBC classic ... this bittersweet comedy about a British boy ’ s upcoming Bar Mitzvah features a strong sense of time and place stellar acting ", while the British Film Institute's website describes it as " a simple tale made memorable by genius writing and sympathetic performances.
simple: Australian Film Institute Awards
Film critic Leonard Maltin cites this film as " perhaps horror maestro Bava's best film, moody, beautiful and deceptively simple.
simple: One World Film Festival
simple: Category: Film noir

simple and Institute
simple: Clay Mathematics Institute
simple: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
simple: National Institute of Standards and Technology
These ranged from simple relics ( Scott's sledging flag in Exeter Cathedral ) to the foundation of the Scott Polar Research Institute at Cambridge.
simple: Worldwatch Institute
The other logo, trademarked by the National Captioning Institute, is that of a simple geometric rendering of a television set merged with the tail of a speech balloon ; two such versions exist: one with a tail on the left, the other with a tail on the right.
simple: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Marjorie Kendig ( 1892 – 1981 ), probably Korzybski's closest co-worker, director of the Institute after his death, and editor of his posthumously published Collected Writings: 1920-1950, wrote in 1968: I would guess that I have known about 30 individuals who have in some degree adequately, by my standards, mastered this highly general, very simple, very difficult system of orientation and method of evaluating — reversing as it must all our cultural conditioning, neurological canalization, etc ....
* Loglan 3: speaking Loglan: programmed textbook on the phonology, basic vocabulary, and grammar of the simple Loglan sentence, James Cooke Brown, Lujoye Fuller Brown, Loglan Institute, University Microfilms, 1965
simple: Moody Bible Institute
simple: Curie Institute ( Paris )
simple: International Institute of Social History
simple: Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology
The preparatory teaching conducted by Institute of Pedagogic Cybernetics at the University of Paderborn in Germany prepares students to become aware of the essential characteristics of languages, using the international language Esperanto as a model, a language with a clear and simple structure, almost completely regular and, thanks to its agglutinative character, detachable into combinable morphological elements ; this model is easy to assimilate and develops aptitude for the study of other languages.
simple: Institute for Research on Public Policy
Rico ( December 13, 1994 – 2008 ) was a border collie dog who made the news after being studied by animal psychologist Juliane Kaminski from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig after his owners reported that he understood more than 200 simple words.
simple: Royal Institute of British Architects
A simple still life of pewter goblets can be seen in the Barber Institute in Birmingham UK.
simple: Norbulingka Institute
simple: International Food Policy Research Institute

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