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simple and Creative
Creative writers typically decide an emphasis in either fiction or poetry, and they usually start with short stories or simple poems.
An avid scrapbooker, O ' Dell partnered with Creative Memories, the industry leader, in 2010 to release her first collection of scrapbooking supplies, the Hummingbird Collection, and her second book, " Full of Love: Mom-to-mom advice for enriching families with simple photo albums and scrapbooking.
Its capability to turn simple stereo speakers into a 3D-audio experience was clearly ahead of the pack for the time, and is unique in its presentation compared to even the renowned and far newer Creative Audigy 2 series.

simple and destruction
Not surprisingly, crannogs have useful defensive properties, although there appears to be more significance to prehistoric use than simple defense as very few weapons or evidence for destruction appear in excavations of prehistoric crannogs.
' Deconstruction ' is somewhat less negative than the Heideggerian or Nietzschean terms ' destruction ' or ' reversal '; it suggests that certain foundational concepts of metaphysics will never be entirely eliminated ... There is no simple ' overcoming ' of metaphysics or the language of metaphysics.
The concept behind this method is simple: broken windows, graffiti, and other physical destruction or degradation of property, greatly increases the chances of more criminal activities and destruction of property.
Players can upgrade their equipment with a fuel scoop, which allows raw fuel to be skimmed from the surface of stars — being described in the manual as " a dangerous and difficult activity ", but in reality a simple process — and collecting free-floating cargo canisters and escape capsules liberated after the destruction of other ships.
Sherman himself estimated that the campaign had inflicted $ 100 million ( about $ 1. 4 billion in 2010 dollars ) in destruction, about one fifth of which " inured to our advantage " while the " remainder is simple waste and destruction.
On the North Hill this hurried pace proved relatively harmless due to the simple stratigraphy of an area of the city occupied only for 84 years and subjected to a sudden, final destruction ; but the data from the South Hill was badly muddled.
Some theorists believe that it is the clearest way that we express our actual moral choices, i. e., if we say we care about something but continue to buy from parties that have a high probability of risk of harm or destruction of that thing, we don't really care about it, we are practicing a form of simple hypocrisy.
During the destruction, Taliban Information Minister Qudratullah Jamal lamented that, " this work of destruction is not as simple as people might think.
The content is quite simple: the destruction of the world and its people.
The threats Berry finds to this good simple life include: industrial farming and the industrialization of life, ignorance, hubris, greed, violence against others and against the natural world, the eroding topsoil in the United States, global economics, and environmental destruction.
No one really knows how many civilisations Jyoka had destroyed throughout time in her pursuit to perfectly replicate her old home, but when asked why she's trying to do this, Jyoka simply states that she would like to know what would have happened if her home planet had not made those simple mistakes that led to its own destruction.
To keep things simple, ( and avoid rolling lots of dice ), large scale weapons inflict points of damage called Kills, which represent destruction on a much larger scale.
Additionally, the difficulty of outright destruction of units encourages players to use combined arms rather than a simple concentration of one unit type to defeat the opponent.
simple: Habitat destruction
Whenever the simple pastoral tribes come into relations with the more civilised agricultural nations, the allotted time of their destruction is at hand ; and this seems to have been the case from the time when the first shepherd fell by the hand of the first tiller of soil.
The story concludes with Galactus blasting Henshaw with a ray that turns him into a simple metal rod in response to his pleas for perfection, after the discovery that Henshaw was responsible for Superman coming to the Marvel Universe after he planted faked evidence that Galactus was involved in Krypton's destruction ( having previously encountered the Silver Surfer in Green Lantern VS Silver Surfer, Henshaw had learned of Galactus and sought the enhanced power of becoming a herald ).
As of 2005, internet notices and public announcements stemmed requests resulting from the " record destruction " rumor and the Military Personnel Records Center is back to a standard response time of approximately ten days for simple requests and as long as three to six months for complex requests requiring extensive research.

Creative and destruction
* Creative destruction
Creative destruction, sometimes known as Schumpeter's gale, is a term in economics which has since the 1950s become most readily identified with the Austrian-American economist Joseph Schumpeter, who adapted it from the work of Karl Marx and popularized it as a theory of economic innovation and the business cycle.
Creative destruction is a powerful economic concept because it can explain many of the dynamics or kinetics of industrial change: the transition from a competitive to a monopolistic market, and back again.
Creative destruction can cause temporary economic distress.
Creative destruction is embedded within the circulation of capital itself.
In 1992, the idea of creative destruction was put into formal mathematical terms by Philippe Aghion and Peter Howitt in their paper " A Model of Growth through Creative Destruction ," published in Econometrica.
More recently, the idea of " creative destruction " was utilized by Max Page in his 1999 book, The Creative Destruction of Manhattan, 1900 – 1940.
Neoconservative author Michael Ledeen argued in his 2002 book The War Against the Terror Masters that America is a revolutionary nation, undoing traditional societies: " Creative destruction is our middle name, both within our own society and abroad.
Creative destruction has also been linked to sustainable development.
The connection was explicitly mentioned for the first time by Stuart L. Hart and Mark B. Milstein in their 1999 article Global Sustainability and the Creative Destruction of Industries, in which he argues new profit opportunities lie in a round of creative destruction driven by global sustainability.
da: Creative destruction
* Creative destruction
* Creative destruction
Joseph Schumpeter's concept of Creative destruction attempted to reformulate Marx's analysis in more positive light.

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