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since and Bourbon
Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg married a cadet of the Parmese line and thus her successors, who have ruled Luxembourg since her abdication in 1964, have also been members of the House of Bourbon.
The daughters of Gaston, Duke of Orleans, were the first members of the House of Bourbon since the accession of Henry IV to take their surname from the appanage of their father ( d ' Orleans ).
However, since such surname cannot be passed to a descendant with a rank lower than Son of France, and since Philippe had already given up his French titles, his descendants simply took the name of their royal house as their surname (" de Bourbon ", rendered in Spanish as " de Borbón ").
When Bourbon Democrats regained power in 1882, they returned the state government to Baton Rouge, where it has since remained.
He was given a rigorous Jesuit education at the then named Collège de Bourbon which has been known as the Lycée Pierre Corneille since 1873.
a Son of France ), and in most historiography is primarily listed as ' Louis XVII of France ', since with the Bourbon restoration, his uncle took Louis XVIII as regnal name.
Louis Stanislas now unilaterally declared himself regent for his nephew, who was too young to be head of the House of Bourbon ( since the French monarchy had been abolished for several months, Louis XVII never actually ruled, and any claim to regency would have been in name only ).
The Monarchist right ( supporters of either the Bourbon or Orléanist royal households ) and much of the aristocracy supported him as the " least bad " candidate, as a man who would restore order, end the instability in France which had continued since the overthrow of the monarchy in February and prevent a proto-communist revolution.
The regency lasted until 1388, Philip taking the dominant role: Louis of Anjou was fighting for his claim to the Kingdom of Naples after 1382, dying in 1384, John of Berry was interested mainly in the Languedoc, and not particularly interested in politics ; whilst Louis of Bourbon was a largely unimportant figure, due to his personality ( he showed signs of mental instability ) and his status ( since he was not the son of a King ).
A solid white flag was used during the Bourbon restoration in 1815 – 30, but the tricolour has been used since.
In 1713, the Treaty of Utrecht concluded the War of the Spanish Succession ( 1701 – 14 ) and reduced the political and military power of Spain, which the House of Bourbon had ruled since 1700.
The House of Bourbon, founded by Philip V, has intermittently occupied the Spanish throne ever since, and sits today on the throne of Spain in the person of Juan Carlos I of Spain ( 1975 – present ).
This chamber consists of twenty-six marble sepulchers containing the remains of the kings and queens regnant ( the only queen regnant since Philip II being Isabella II ), of the Habsburg and Bourbon dynasties from Charles I to the present, except for Philip V and Ferdinand VI.
Helen realizes the best thing for her to do is let him go since he has made a lot of friends and encourages him to play in the Bourbon Bowl.
Relations with both Bourbon powers were more cordial by 1775 than they had been since 1763, but France ’ s clandestine support for the American colonies increasingly negated one leg of this policy.
Despite the efforts of Mathilde, Madame de Rênal, and the priests devoted to him since his early life, Julien Sorel is determined to die — because the materialist society of Bourbon Restoration France will not accommodate a low-born man of superior intellect and æsthetic sensibility possessing neither money nor social connections.
While many tourists center their Mardi Gras season activities on Bourbon Street and the French Quarter, none of the major Mardi Gras parades has entered the Quarter since 1972 because of its narrow streets and overhead obstructions.
Independence destroyed the old common market that existed under the Spanish Empire after the Bourbon Reforms and created an increased dependence on the financial investment provided by nations which had already begun to industrialize ; therefore, Western European powers, in particular Great Britain and France, and the United States began to play major roles, since the region became economically dependent on these nations.
Jean de Bourbon ( 1381 – 1434 ) was Duke of Bourbon, from 1410 to his death and Duke of Auvergne since 1416.
It had traditionally been borne by or associated with the heads of the branch of the House of Bourbon which reigns in Spain, in their capacity as Legitimist pretenders to the French throne since 1883 — in rivalry to the claim asserted by the House of Orléans.
It has been suggested that since in the original form of the legend this would have been the vial containing the Oil of the Catechumens and that the French coronation ordinals prescribe the Oil of the Catechumens, rather than Chrism, for the anointing of queens, it was subsequently used for anointing the queens of France and it is possible that a vial currently identified by some of the Bourbon Legitimists as the Sainte Ampoulle is actually this second vial.
He issued a declaration saying, " Having become Head of the House of Bourbon by the death of my brother-in-law and cousin, the Comte de Chambord, I declare that I do not in any way renounce the rights to the throne of France which I have held since my birth ".

since and whiskey
Because of this characteristic, white oak is used for barrels for wine and whiskey production since it resists leaking.
The parish has five other sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places, including Woodland Plantation, which has been depicted on the label of Southern Comfort whiskey since the 1930s.
It is based on the typical American moonshine, since illicit whiskey was usually made with corn for the mash ( often with some sugar ).
Other towns in the area include Bushmills ( home to the world's oldest licensed distillery which has produced the famous Irish whiskey " Bushmills " since 1608 ), Ballintoy, Armoy, Cushendall, Cushendun and Waterfoot.
Schenley shut down the Tennessee bottling operation in the 1980s, and the whiskey has since been hauled in tanker trucks for bottling elsewhere.
Jennings had been a heavy drinker of whiskey since his early life.
:" That the Japanese would have placed poison in his whiskey is unlikely since, for Ellis whiskey itself was poison enough.

since and though
My argument is that there was no Saxon Shore prior to that time even though the forts had been in existence since the time of Carausius.
At about the age of twelve I became a Spencerian liberal, and I have always considered myself a liberal of some kind even though the definition has changed repeatedly since Spencer became a reactionary.
I would, however, like to suggest that, wrong though I may be, the tendency to see dilemmas rather than solutions is one of which I have been a victim ever since I can remember, and therefore not merely a senile phenomenon.
It was not as though she noted clearly that her nephews had not been to see her for ten years, not since their last journey eastward to witness their Uncle Izaak being lowered into the rocky soil ; ;
The paper has a certain value as a comparatively easy introduction to this approach, particularly since it treats a fairly simple and straightforward phenomenon where it is possible to compare it with a more traditional ( though not structural ) statement.
`` Mr. Hohlbein and I have noticed some lapses since, though.
Miss Kizzie had been right snippy ever since they were married, though you'd have thought a namesake would have brought her round.
When he said it, they thought it exceedingly profound, though none of them understood it, since it was simply the amount of time that Mercer had been on Shayol:
All churches apart from the Armenian Apostolic Church must register with the government, and proselytizing was forbidden by law, though since 1997 the government has pursued more moderate policies.
As an English name, it has been in use since the Middle Ages, though it was not popular until modern times.
The disposition of Essex, held by West Saxon kings since the days of Egbert, is unclear from the treaty, though, given Alfred ’ s political and military superiority, it would have been surprising if he had conceded any disputed territory to his new godson.
The Danish attacks had been particularly damaging to the monasteries, and though Alfred founded monasteries at Athelney and Shaftesbury, the first new monastic houses in Wessex since the beginning of the eighth century, and enticed foreign monks to England, monasticism did not revive significantly during his reign.
* Bell Mobility and Telus Mobility operated AMPS networks in Canada, though they have since been overlaid with digital services.
* In addition, Finnish, a Baltic-Finnic language, has calqued the Swedish term as Itämeri " East Sea ", disregarding the geography ( the sea is west of Finland ), though understandably since Finland was a part of Sweden from the Middle Ages until 1809.
( The end result, though, is that both kings are absent from Babylon for the duration of their illnesses, since Nebuchadnezzar is " driven away from mankind.
Hops had been used for medicinal and food flavouring purposes since Roman times ; by the 7th century in Carolingian monasteries in what is now Germany, beer was being made with hops, though it isn't until the thirteenth century that widespread cultivation of hops for use in beer is recorded.
His mother, Paula ( born Paula Voit ), had German as a mother tongue, but was ethnically of " mixed Hungarian " origin: Her maiden name Voit is German, probably of Saxon origin from Upper Hungary ( Since 1920 in Czechoslovakia, since 1993 in Slovakia ), though she spoke Hungarian fluently.
India does not have a clear law on corporate bankruptcy even though individual bankruptcy laws have been in existence since 1874.
This is often called the " no hiding " rule, since it prevents players from placing their first shots where their opponent must traverse completely though the guarded centre ring to hit them and avoid fouling.
" The 1973-90 military government sold many state-owned companies, and the three democratic governments since 1990 have implemented export promotion policies and continued privatization, though at a slower pace.
However, in October 2004, the Cuban government announced an end to this policy: from November US dollars would no longer be legal tender in Cuba, but would instead be exchanged for convertible pesos ( since April 2005 at the exchange rate of $ 1. 08 ) with a 10 % tax payable to the state on the exchange of US dollars cash — though not on other forms of exchange.
The wardens looked around the hills, stated Kulesh's evidence, that last time Kulesh had seen his workmate near the fireplace, Kulesh went out to work and Centurashvili left to warm himself more ; but when Kulesh returned to the fireplace, Centurashvili had vanished ; who knows, maybe he got frozen somewhere in snow, he was a weak guy (...) The wardens searched for two more days, and then assumed that it was an escape case, though they wondered why, since his imprisonment period was almost over (...) The crime was there.
Goldoni gave to his country a classical form, which, though it has since been cultivated, has yet to be cultivated by a master.
The Colonna family have been Prince Assistants to the Papal Throne since 1710, though their papal princely title only dates from 1854.

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