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six and days
and I was six days going thither and coming homewards ; ;
Independent market owners work six days a week ; ;
he had helped fight an oil-well fire that raged six days and nights.
His work began just six days after the flood.
The official mission countdown began on Monday, 10 April 1972 at 8: 30 AM, six days before the launch.
" Additionally, Tallard had insisted on besieging the little town of Villingen for six days ( 16 – 22 July ), but abandoned the enterprise on discovering the approach of Eugene.
" God knows I go with a heavy heart ," he wrote six days later to his friend and political ally in England, Lord Godolphin, " for I have no hope of doing anything considerable, unless the French do what I am very confident they will not … " – in other words, court battle.
Without diagnosis and treatment, the infection can be fatal in one to six days ; mortality in untreated cases is approximately 100 %.
During winter training, the pilots fly two practice sessions per day, six days a week, in order to fly the 120 training missions needed to perform the demonstration safely.
On November 21, 1993, six days after his final assignment on Blossom, he died of complications in Century City, California.
It is common to display the Gregorian calendar in separate monthly grids of seven columns ( from Monday to Sunday, or Sunday to Saturday depending on which day is considered to start the week-this varies according to country ) and five to six rows ( or rarely, four rows when the month of February contains 28 days beginning on the first day of the week ), with the day of the month numbered in each cell, beginning with 1.
Having served as prime minister for six years and 92 days, his reign as prime minister was the longest unbroken reign of any Labour leader until Tony Blair more than 50 years later.
On September 14, in a game moved to Miller Park due to Hurricane Ike, Zambrano pitched a no-hitter against the Astros, and six days later the team clinched by beating St. Louis at Wrigley.
In the earliest manuscript of Dracula, dated 8 March 1890, the castle is set in Styria, although the setting was changed to Transylvania six days later.
Each cabal was usually dedicated to one very specific area of the game which meant the cabal had to meet very regularly, in the case of Half-Life the members had to meet four days a week, six hours a day for five months.
The same basic engine block can be used with different crankshafts, however, to alter the firing order ; for instance, the 90 ° V6 engine configuration, in older days sometimes derived by using six cylinders of a V8 engine with what is basically a shortened version of the V8 crankshaft, produces an engine with an inherent pulsation in the power flow due to the " missing " two cylinders.
On July 21, 1979, six days after the riot, the top six records on the U. S. music charts were disco songs.
Another notable honorable mention was given to the two men who attempted to burgle the home of footballer Duncan Ferguson ( who had four convictions for assault and had served six months in Glasgow's Barlinnie prison ) in 2001, with one burglar requiring three days ' hospitalization after being confronted by the player.
Misfortune befell the Wings six days after their championship ; defenseman Vladimir Konstantinov, one of the Wings ' " Russian Five ", suffered a brain injury in a limousine accident, and his career came to an abrupt end.
Slightly smaller string works with the double bass include six string sonatas by Gioachino Rossini, for two violins, cello, and double bass written at the age of twelve over the course of three days in 1804.
He died six days later, of unknown causes, at King's Place, Hackney, and was buried on 6 July in the parish church of St. Augustine.
The film was released on July 26, 1973, six days after Lee's death, in Hong Kong.
The five or six extra days needed to approximate the solar or tropical year were placed after the months at the end of each year.

six and after
Just six weeks after Dandy Brandon's arrival at the mansion, the little surgeon and his svelte young wife gave their annual open house and ball, to which only New Orleans' oldest and wealthiest families were invited.
On April 1, 1953, after some six months of full-time `` pioneering '', petitioner discontinued devoting 100 hours a month to preaching, but failed to so notify his local board.
Then, six weeks after the day Kitti first came into the office, Stanley announced he and Kitti were married.
To them he could have been the broken bell in the church tower which rang before and after Mass, and at noon, and at six each evening -- its tone, repetitive, monotonous, never breaking the boredom of the streets.
But what was a decent six months or so after the more than twenty years gone by??
Trees reach full bearing five to six years after planting.
The configuration of six carbon atoms in aromatic compounds is known as a benzene ring, after the simplest possible such hydrocarbon, benzene.
He then retired to the Kafes previously occupied by Mahmud and died at Topkapı Palace after six years of confinement.
After a brief but fierce storm sent up against the group at Juno's request, Aeneas and his fleet made landfall at Carthage after six years of wanderings.
after a reign of only six months.
The works of Anderson amount to six thin quarto volumes, and as the last of them was published in 1619, it is probable that the author died soon after that year, but the precise date is unknown.
Shortly after waking up on the morning of flight day six three and a half minutes early, Young and Duke discussed with mission control in Houston the day's timeline of events.
" He left hospital after eight weeks and returned to directing after six months, but the following year he announced he would step down as artistic director of the Stephen Joseph Theatre.
However, Mary II died childless in 1694, after which William III did not remarry, and Princess Anne's last surviving child, Prince William, Duke of Gloucester, died six years later, after which it was unlikely she would have any more children due to her age and the large number of miscarriages she had previously suffered.
* 1955 – The German automaker Volkswagen, after six years of selling cars in the United States, founds Volkswagen of America in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey to standardize its dealer and service network.
When used for its medicinal purposes ayahuasca affects the human consciousness for less than six hours, beginning half an hour after consumption, and peaking after two hours.
His six weeks ' inaction after the victory of Aspern is, however, open to unfavorable criticism.
Ralph Vaughan Williams produced his most famous settings of six songs, the cycle On Wenlock Edge, for string quartet, tenor and piano ( dedicated to Gervase Elwes ) in 1909, and it became very popular after Elwes recorded it with the London String Quartet and Frederick B. Kiddle in 1917.
The commission, which also included six other sports executives, labored for three years, after which it declared that Abner Doubleday invented the national pastime.
The standard theological view of world history at the time was known as the six ages of the world ; in his book, Bede calculated the age of the world for himself, rather than accepting the authority of Isidore of Seville, and came to the conclusion that Christ had been born 3, 952 years after the creation of the world, rather than the figure of over 5, 000 years that was commonly accepted by theologians.

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