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power and potentia
The question eventually became the focal point for a philosophical issue ( the theory of possible worlds ) and a theological topic on the distinction between God's absolute power ( potentia absoluta ) and His ordained power ( potentia ordinata ).
Gallows may be permanent to act as a deterrent and grim symbol of the power of high justice ( the French word for gallows, potence, stems from the Latin word potentia, meaning " power ").
The second source of controversy involved IAO ’ s original logo, which depicted the " all-seeing " Eye of Providence atop of a pyramid looking down over the globe, accompanied by the Latin phrase scientia est potentia ( knowledge is power ).
Sir Francis Bacon's statement: " Nam et ipsa scientia potentia est " for knowledge itself is power, assumed authority as given.
Thus permanent gallows are often erected in prominent public places ; the very word for them in French, potence, is derived from the Latin “ potentia ” meaning ' power '.
In early modern philosophy, English authors like Hobbes and Locke used the English word " power " as their translation of Latin potentia.

power and multitude
Those who speak the same language are joined to each other by a multitude of invisible bonds by nature herself, long before any human art begins ; they understand each other and have the power of continuing to make themselves understood more and more clearly ; they belong together and are by nature one and an inseparable whole.
Popular by acts of graceful but corrupting generosity, by charming manners, and by the appeal of hereditary honours-they collected the material power granted by a multitude of clients and followers, and the intellectual power provided by the monopoly of philosophical education ; their taste in the fine arts, and their knowledge of stylish literature.
For they set up in certain places demons claiming prophetic or healing power, and which frequently torture those who seem to have committed any mistake about ordinary kinds of food, or about touching the dead body of a man, that they may have the appearance of alarming the uneducated multitude.
In this capacity, Demirel was to supervise the construction of a multitude of dams, power plants, and irrigation facilities.
Sigmund Freud considered that ideas of reference illuminated the concept of the superego: ' Delusions of being watched present this power in a regressive form, thus revealing its genesis ... voices, as well as the undefined multitude, are brought into the foreground again by the disease, and so the evolution of conscience is reproduced regressively '.
The divine Being originally created a multitude of germs in a graduated scale, each with an inherent power of self-development.
Primarily, an effective salary cap prevents wealthy teams from certain destructive behaviours, such as signing a multitude of high-paid star players, preventing their rivals from accessing talented players and ensuring victory through superior economic power.
While other roads obtained much more massive freight power, Decapods ( 2-10-0s ), Texas ( 2-10-4 ) types and a multitude of articulated designs, the New York Central, with its practically gradeless high-speed raceways along the rivers, needed speed, not lugging ability.
" Khayman of the First Brood possessed this level of telepathic power, but had trained himself to hear the multitude of thoughts as " one annoying noise.
But the multitude and their chiefs had all the power in their hands, and were determined to use it.
Mignet writes that the 10 August " marked ... the insurrection of the multitude against the middle classes and the constitutional throne, as the 14 July had seen the insurrection of the middle class against the privileged class and the absolute power of the crown.
Those who speak the same language are joined to each other by a multitude of invisible bonds by nature herself, long before any human art begins ; they understand each other and have the power of continuing to make themselves understood more and more clearly ; they belong together and are by nature one and an inseparable whole.
Harkin realizes what happened to the power and rushes to find London, while Benson and Secretary Abbott gather energy from a multitude of other companies to get around the breakdown at Lexer.
* Saleen S281 3V-- For the 2008 model year, the naturally aspirated 3-valve possessed an increased power rating in addition to a multitude of small refinements to improve the road-handling of the vehicle.
Observing the multitude of Aeons and the power of begetting them, she hurries back into the depth of the Father, and seeks to emulate him by producing offspring without conjugal intercourse, but only projects an abortion, a formless substance.
The royal decree establishing the Banco Español-Filipino also gave it the power to print Philippine currency, the first time the Philippine peso was printed in the country ( before 1851, a multitude of currencies were used, most notably the Mexican peso ).
The deterritorializing power of the multitude is the productive force that sustains Empire and at the same time the force that calls for and makes necessary its destruction.
His power of swaying a large multitude by oratory was demonstrated at the London Eucharistic Congress in 1908, when he quieted the thousands of assembled Roman Catholics who were infuriated at the government's interference with the proposed procession of the Blessed Sacrament in the streets of Westminster.
Dove's power interacts with Waverider's allowing him to see a multitude of futures to the point Waverider comments " No matter the future they fought him but never became him, Waverider finally touches both Hawk and Dove to see their daughter Unity alter Monarch's mind.

power and is
To him, law is the command of the sovereign ( the English monarch ) who personifies the power of the nation, while sovereignty is the power to make law -- i.e., to prevail over internal groups and to be free from the commands of other sovereigns in other nations.
For both Plato and Aristotle artistic mimesis, in contrast to the power of dialectic, is relatively incapable of expressing the character of fundamental reality.
`` The Rocking Horse Winner '' is a fantasy with extraordinary power to disturb the reader -- but we do not know why.
Although we continue to pay our conversational devotions to `` free private enterprise '', `` individual initiative '', `` the democratic way '', `` government of the people '', `` competition of the marketplace '', etc., we live rather comfortably in a society in which economic competition is diminishing in large areas, bureaucracy is corroding representative government, technology is weakening the citizen's confidence in his own power to make decisions, and the threat of war is driving him economically and physically into the ground ''.
The men who speculate on these institutions have, for the most part, come to at least one common conclusion: that many of the great enterprises and associations around which our democracy is formed are in themselves autocratic in nature, and possessed of power which can be used to frustrate the citizen who is trying to assert his individuality in the modern world ''.
and the question before these meetings was, here is a man of international reputation and proved earning power ; ;
It is world-wide knowledge that any power which might be tempted today to attack the United States by surprise, even though we might sustain great losses, would itself promptly suffer a terrible destruction.
In the calm which follows the reading of a poem, for example, is the effect produced by the enforced quiet, by the musical quality of words and rhythm, by the sentiments or sense of the poem, by the associations with earlier readings, if it is familiar, by the boost to the self-esteem for the semi-literate, by the diversion of attention, by the sense of security in a legitimized withdrawal, by a kind license for some variety of fantasy life regarded as forbidden, or by half-conscious ideas about the magical power of words??
What I want is to have this evidence come before Congress and if the Attorney General does not report it, as I am very sure he won't, as he has refused to do anything of the kind, I then wish that a committee of seven Representatives be appointed with power to take the evidence.
If one finger is raised against the authorities, all our moral power will vanish.
To Adams that age in which religion exercised power over the entire culture of the race was one of imagination, and it is largely the admiration he so obviously held for such eras that betrays a peculiar religiosity -- a sentiment he would have probably denied.
He mentions the beats only once '', when he refers to their having revived through mere power and abandonment and the unwillingness to, commit death in life some idea of a decent equivalent between verbal expression and actual experience,, but the entire narrative, is written in the tiresome vocabulary `` of '' that lost `` and '' dying cause, `` and in the '' `` sprung syntax that is supposed to supplant, our mother, tongue.
It is good to know that Georgia will continue to have sufficient electrical power not only to meet the demands of normal growth but to encourage a more rapid rate of industrialization.
Probably the best answer to this kind of entering wedge is congressional action requiring the Federal Communications Commission to ban such advertising through its licensing power.
Lawmaking power is removed from the Board of Estimate and made a partnership responsibility of the City Council and the Mayor.
What we will be sacrificing in any such arrangement will be our power to be selective which is contained in the reciprocal trade principle under which we now operate.

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