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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 1385
from Brown Corpus
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result and was
Russ visited two places without result and his blood pressure was down to zero.
The result was grace and modesty.
The enemy came looming around a bend in the trail and Matsuo took a hasty shot, then fled without knowing the result, ran until breath was a pain in his chest and his legs were rubbery.
I granted this might be so, but found the result to be even more attention to form than was the case previously.
The first result of Heidenstam's long sojourn abroad was a volume of poems, Pilgrimage And Wander-Years ( Vallfart och Vandringsar ), published in 1888.
The result was a collection of 280 songs, ballads, ditties, brought together from all regions of America, more than one hundred never before published: The American Songbag.
The result was the `` Gross Report '', prepared by Gross, as chairman, with the assistance of two U.N. Under Secretaries, Constantin Stavropoulos and Philippe De Seynes.
As a result, he was sent to a hospital in Arizona until his health improved enough for him to come back to Washington to work in the Government service.
The result was fortunate.
The result was that I found myself in the ridiculous position of having made a formal engagement by letter for the next week, only two days before my departure from London.
This was accordingly done, and the plight of the grateful Mrs. Morris was much relieved as a result of the generous loan, the amount of which is not known.
Almost inevitably, the first result of this technological revolution was a reaction against the methods and in many cases the conclusions of the Oxford school of Stubbs, Freeman and ( particularly ) Green regarding the nature of the Anglo-Saxon conquest of Britain.
They, however much they were in disagreement with the late Victorians over the method by which Britain was Germanized, agreed with them that the end result was the complete extinction of the previous Celtic population and civilization.
The result was that by secret agreement draft machinery was actually ready long before the country knew that the device was to take the place of the volunteering method which Theodore Roosevelt favored.
The result was that the rate of venereal disease in the American Army was the lowest in our military history.
It was a dinner party, Lewis had been drinking during the afternoon, and long before the party really got under way, he was quite drunk, with the result that the party broke up even before dinner was over.
As a result, your criticism of Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and the Department of Justice was inaccurate, unwarranted and unfair.

result and inevitable
The other reason ( and the one with which I am here concerned ) is that one thus becomes inclined to inquire of any opinion, or change of opinion, whether it represents the wisdom of experience or is only the result of the difference between youth and age which is as inevitable as the all too obvious physical differences.
The inevitable result was the speedy resignation of William Hague in the election aftermath.
Critics of capitalism including socialists and other anti-capitalists often assert that crony capitalism is the inevitable result of any capitalist system.
The result was the inevitable confusion with customers upset that a particular piece of software was not available for the Disk system that they had.
Whether the marketplace should be or is free is disputed ; many assert that government intervention is necessary to remedy market failure that is held to be an inevitable result of absolute adherence to free market principles.
The question here is: given the inevitable limits on rational decision making, what other techniques or behavioral processes can a person or organization bring to bear to achieve approximately the best result?
For example, humans see all Cardassian mystery stories as having an identical plot: the inevitable result is that all the suspects are eventually proved guilty of the crime and proving the supremacy of the state.
He argued for three general propositions: that the past revealed an order that could be understood in terms of the progressive development of human capabilities, showing that humanity's " present state, and those through which it has passed, are a necessary constitution of the moral composition of humankind "; that the progress of the natural sciences must be followed by progress in the moral and political sciences " no less certain, no less secure from political revolutions "; that social evils are the result of ignorance and error rather than an inevitable consequence of human nature.
World peace is sometimes claimed to be the inevitable result of a certain political ideology.
That is, according to some, if one is " truly " pious ( in the spiritual sense ), the natural and inevitable result of it will be religious piety.
" The reversal is the inevitable but unforeseen result of some action taken by the hero.
The inevitable result of the reorganization of 2003, warned Brown, would be " an ineffective and uncoordinated response " to a terrorist attack or a natural disaster.
The outbreak of hostilities with England in 1294 was the inevitable result of the competitive expansionist monarchies, triggered by a secret Franco-Scottish pact of mutual assistance against Edward I, who was Philip's brother-in-law, having married Philip's sister Margaret ; inconclusive campaigns for the control of Gascony to the southwest of France were fought in 1294 – 98 and 1300 – 03.
In October 1858, he delivered a famous speech in which he argued that the political and economic systems of North and South were incompatible, and that, due to this " irrepressible conflict ," the inevitable " collision " of the two systems would eventually result in the nation becoming " either entirely a slave-holding nation, or entirely a free-labor nation.
He felt the completion of the paintings to be " torment " and the inevitable result was to create " something you don ’ t want to look at.
Gobineau originally wrote that, given the past trajectory of civilization in Europe, white race miscegenation was inevitable and would result in growing chaos.
Deposition of Adolf and Election of Albert, illustration from the Chronicles of the Bishops of WürzburgThe electors probably did not plan from the beginning to depose the king, but because of events this result was probably inevitable.
l ' Hôpital's dismissal had been urged for some time by the papal legate Ippolito d ' Este, and during the beginning of the French Wars of Religion which were the inevitable result of the massacre of Huguenots in Wassy ( on 1 March 1562 ), he found it necessary to retire to his estate at Vignay ( near Étampes ), from which he did not return until after the pacification of Amboise ( 19 March 1563 ).
Earlier critics of the 1933 Banking Act, and of other restrictive banking regulation, argued it did not prevent the return of financial instability beginning in the mid-1960s. Hyman Minsky, a supporter of traditional banking regulation, described the 1966 return of financial instability ( and its increasingly intense return in 1970, 1974, and 1980 ) as the inevitable result of private financial markets, previously repressed by memories of the Great Depression.
Krishna and Rukmi duelled with the inevitable result of Krishna's victory.
This is experienced as the result of continuous effort to engage one's highest life condition, or Buddha nature, to overcome the inevitable obstacles and struggles.
Jenia Meng uses evidence from an international survey to argue that anthropocentrism is inevitable in all human societies and that it is an result of gene-centrism.
This was as a direct result of a police report that categorized a terrorist attack on the City as " inevitable ".
Thus a claim that gender is socially constructed probably means that gender, as currently understood, is not an inevitable result of biology, but highly contingent on social and historical processes.

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