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second and seizure
14 % became seizure free during treatment with a second or third drug.
As second in command of the SS and then Reichsführer-SS, Himmler was in regular contact with Hitler to arrange for SS men as bodyguards ; Himmler was not involved with Nazi Party policy-making decisions in the years leading up to the seizure of power.
About 4 % of people will have an unprovoked seizure by the age of 80 and the chance of experiencing a second seizure is between 30 % and 50 %.
Ongoing medication is not typically needed after a first seizure and is generally only recommended after a second has occurred or those with structural lesions in the brain.
In the second stage of the civil war in December 1944 ( The Dekimvriana ), the British helped prevent the seizure of Athens by the leftist National Liberation Front ( EAM ), controlled effectively by the Greek Communist Party ( KKE ).
But later that evening, back in Tehran, the minister heard on the radio that Imam Khomeini had issued a statement supporting the seizure and calling it " the second revolution ", and the embassy an " American spy den in Tehran ".
In the second half of March 1939, Goerdeler together with Dr. Schacht and Hans Bernd Gisevius visited Ouchy, Switzerland to meet with a senior French intelligence agent representing the Premier Édouard Daladier Goerdeler told the Deuxième Bureau agent that the strain of massive military spending had left the German economy on the verge of collapse, that Hitler was determined to use the Danzig issue as an excuse to invade Poland, which in itself was only a prelude for a German seizure of all of Eastern Europe, that a forceful Anglo-French diplomatic stand could deter Hitler, and that if Hitler were deterred long enough, then the economic collapse of Germany would cause the downfall of his regime.
The second Nootka Convention, known as the Nootka Claims Convention, was signed in February 1793 and awarded compensation to John Meares for the Spanish seizure of his ships at Nootka in 1789.
However, the seizure of power by the new political structure National Salvation Front ( FSN ), which " emanated " from the second tier of the Communist Party leadership with help of the plotting generals, was not yet complete.
The second theory is that Dmitry stabbed himself in the throat during an epileptic seizure, while playing with a knife ( this version was supported by historians Mikhail Pogodin, Sergei Platonov, V. K. Klein, Ruslan Skrynnikov and others ).
Widowed for the second time on the 24 March 1908, she died after a seizure at the Sandown Races in Esher Park, Surrey on 15 July 1911, aged 79, and was interred at Edensor, Derbyshire.
A second mode for seizure of power was invented and discovered ; while this type of power was Stochastic, this brand new version of power mutated from previous versions in the past which transformed into " massifying ", not individualizing as in previous cases.
He then organised a bombing party, and led the group in the seizure of a second machine gun post.
Presidential and parliamentary elections were held in the Central African Republic on March 13, 2005 ( first round ) and May 8, 2005 ( second round ), marking the end of the transitional process that began with the seizure of power by François Bozizé in a March 2003 coup.
For exceptional meritorious service in the seizure and occupation of the Marshall Islands and in the assault and capture of Saipan and Tinian, General Schmidt was awarded a Distinguished Service Medal and a Gold Star in lieu of a second Distinguished Service Medal.
John Marshall also captained the Scarborough on her second voyage transporting convicts to Australia, but the convicts coming aboard were in poor health and many did not survive the voyage ; this, combined with an attempted seizure of the ship by the convicts, deterred him from any further voyages of transportation.
Lennox – Gastaut syndrome ( LGS ), also known as Lennox syndrome, is a difficult-to-treat form of childhood-onset epilepsy that most often appears between the second and sixth year of life, and is characterized by frequent seizures and different seizure types ; it is often accompanied by developmental delay and psychological and behavioral problems.
The most frequently occurring seizure types are: tonic, which are often nocturnal ( 90 %); the second most frequent are myoclonic seizures, which often occur when the person is over-tired .< ref name = tired_bad >

second and power
The second Council of Nicaea, AD 787, recognized the right of abbots to ordain their monks to the inferior orders below the diaconate, a power usually reserved to bishops.
During the second half of the day, John Young and Charlie Duke again entered the Lunar Module to power it up and check its systems, as well as perform housekeeping tasks in preparation for lunar landing.
As part of that theory, Newton considered that drag was due to the dimensions of a body, the density of the fluid, and the velocity raised to the second power.
The second problem was how to determine the power needed for sustained flight.
Critics do, however, acknowledge that the author of Daniel was familiar with the history of Near Eastern imperial power from the sixth to the second centuries.
Bromenshenk said it is not yet clear whether one condition weakens the bees enough to be finished off by the second, or whether they somehow compound the other ’ s destructive power.
Indeed, in those cases where no clear consensus exists on a given norm, the drafting of criminal law by the group in power to prohibit the behaviour of another group may seem to some observers an improper limitation of the second group's freedom, and the ordinary members of society have less respect for the law or laws in general — whether the authorities actually enforce the disputed law or not.
Constitutional laws may often be considered second order rulemaking or rules about making rules to exercise power.
Over such, the second death has no power, but they will be priests of God and of Christ, and will reign with him a thousand years.
Over such the second death has no power.
A second consulship could only be attempted after an interval of 10 years to prevent one man holding too much power.
We will call the first the furnace and the second the refrigerator .” Carnot then explains how we can obtain motive power, i. e. “ work ”, by carrying a certain quantity of heat from body A to body B.
The Council of Chalcedon also elevated the See of Constantinople to a position " second in eminence and power to the Bishop of Rome ".
Accordingly, “ moved by the same purposes ” the fathers “ apportioned equal prerogatives to the most holy see of new Rome ” because “ the city which is honored by the imperial power and senate and enjoying privileges equaling older imperial Rome should also be elevated to her level in ecclesiastical affairs and take second place after her .” The framework for allocating ecclesiastical authority advocated by the council fathers mirrored the allocation of imperial authority in the later period of the Roman Empire.
As the core of the second generation leaders Deng shared his power with the two most powerful men after him: Li Xiannian and Chen Yun.
This leads to the second usage of the word divine ( and a less common usage of divinity ): to refer to the operation of transcendent power in the world.
In other words, deutero ( second ) applies to authority or witnessing power, whereas in Roman Catholicism, deutero applies to chronology ( the fact that these books were confirmed later ), not to authority.
In 1637, Pierre de Fermat scribbled on the margin of his copy of Arithmetica: " It is impossible to separate a cube into two cubes, or a fourth power into two fourth powers, or in general, any power higher than the second into two like powers.
* ~ 624 E < nowiki > eV </ nowiki > (): energy needed to power a single 100 watt light bulb for one second.
In the second half of the twentieth century, however, there has been a gradual shift of political and economic power to Flanders, which, having modernized its economy, is now more wealthy and prosperous than its southern counterpart .< ref >" Belgium.
It was powered by the 4. 2 L Fairlane engine with a Colotti transaxle, the same power plant was used by the Lola GT and the single-seater Lotus 29 that came in a highly controversial second at the Indy 500 in 1963.
On 19 October 1983 the military under Hudson Austin took power in a second coup and formed a military government to run the country.
It became a great power and its navy went from being negligible to second only behind the Royal Navy in less than a decade.

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