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# and give
# Options are contracts that give the owner the right, but not the obligation, to buy ( in the case of a call option ) or sell ( in the case of a put option ) an asset.
The song " Boadicea ", also from this album, would later be sampled by The Fugees on their single " Ready or Not " ( 1996 ), causing a brief stir because the group neither sought permission from Enya nor gave her credit initially, and by Mario Winans, who did give her credit ( the Winans track, " I Don't Wanna Know " which features a rap by P. Diddy and is officially credited to all three artists, became Enya's highest charting single in the US, when it peaked at # 2 on the Hot 100 in 2004 ).
# The giver must declare to Allah his intention to give the Zakat.
# States have to give up part of their sovereignty, which weakens the state's ability to assert its authority.
# And where do I recover my business from ... Will the business center give me space to work, or would it be flooded by many people queuing up for the same reasons that I am.
# Redistribute-the right to share copies of the original content, your revisions, or your remixes with others ( e. g., give a copy of the content to a friend )
# Prime ministerial elections, in order to give the PM popular support and strengthen his role in government.
# The principal – agent problem: an investor ( the principal ) who allocates money to a portfolio manager ( the agent ) must properly give incentives to the manager to run the portfolio in accordance with the investor's risk / return appetite, and must monitor the manager's performance.
# to give answers to Catholics throughout the world who may consult the Commission
# If a vessel on port tack is unable to determine the tack of the other boat, she should be prepared to give way ( Rule 12 )
# Sailing vessels must give way to vessels engaged in fishing, those not under command, those restricted in their ability to manoeuvre and should avoid impeding the safe passage of a vessel constrained by her draft.
# Postal authorities should give equal treatment to foreign and domestic mail
# God's Desire for Man and Creation: God's desire for man and creation is eternal and unchanging ; God wants men and women to fulfill three things: first, each to grow to perfection so as to be one in heart, will, and action with God, having their bodies and minds united together in perfect harmony centering on God's love ; second, to be united by God as husband and wife and give birth to sinless children of God, thereby establishing a sinless family and ultimately a sinless world ; and third, to become lords of the created world by establishing a loving dominion of reciprocal give-and-take with it.
# In the Republican period, the senate had to give approval for a triumph based on the above mentioned requirements.
# If coming to be and passing away do not give out, it is only because that from which things come to be is infinite.
# Most of all, a reason which is peculiarly appropriate and presents the difficulty that is felt by everybody-not only number but also mathematical magnitudes and what is outside the heaven are supposed to be infinite because they never give out in our thought.
# Performance coaching where a manager intervenes to give feedback and adjust performance
# Do not give opinions or advice unless you are asked.
# Layer V, the Internal Pyramidal layer, contains large pyramidal neurons ( such as the Betz cells in the primary motor cortex ); it is the principal source of subcortical efferents, as such, there are large pyramidal cells which give rise to axons leaving the cortex and running down through the basal ganglia, the brain stem and the spinal cord.
# Many sources, even Taiwanese official ones, give March 18, 1910 as his birthday, but this actually refers to the traditional Chinese lunar calendar
# Dassati me ti danam deti: one also may give with the hope of getting a similar favor for oneself in the future.
# Imam me danam dadato kalyano kittisaddo abbhuggacchati ti danam deti: some give alms to gain a good reputation.
# Cittalankara-cittaparikkarattham danam deti: still others give alms to adorn and beautify the mind.
# Participants have to give way to the truck and lorries.

# and description
# The description of nature is essentially probabilistic, with the probability of an event related to the square of the amplitude of the wave function.
# The quantum mechanical description of large systems will closely approximate the classical description.
A hydrogen radio frequency discharge, the first element inside a # Hydrogen maser | hydrogen maser ( see description below )
# REDIRECT definite description # Russell's analysis
# A field of science ( and major component of systematics ) that encompasses description, identification, nomenclature, and classification ;
# The description must be based on at least one name-bearing type specimen.
# Seaport district — characterized by century-old low-rise buildings and South Street Seaport ; the seaport is " quiet, residential, and has an old world charm " according to one description.
# A description of a heuristic that performs adaptation by identifying and recombining " building blocks ", i. e. low order, low defining-length schemata with above average fitness.
# Interpretation: This is the stage where the supported PDLs ( Page description languages ) are translated into a private internal representation of each page.
# The abstract, mathematical nature of that description.
# A description of the phonology of the language in question.
# A description of the morphology of words belonging to that language.
# A description of the syntax of well-formed sentences of that language.
# A description of lexical derivations.
* Fuzzy Systems Journal http :// www. elsevier. com / wps / find / journaldescription. cws_home / 505545 / description # description
# REDIRECT Page description language
A common classification is numbering from 1 to 3 ( larger to smaller ) with a description of the use for example: # 1 Heavy or # 1 Medium / Light.
# Planning and scheduling: A plan is a description of the logically necessary, partially ordered set of activities required to accomplish a specific goal given certain starting conditions.
# input description: the information, material and energy required to complete the step
# output description: the information, material and energy produced by the step and provided as input to downstream steps.

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