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from Brown Corpus
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water and boiling
Clean it meticulously in boiling water and detergent, rinse thoroughly.
His right hand was cut off, his teeth and hair were pulled out, one of his eyes was gouged out, and, among many other sufferings, boiling water was thrown in his face, punishment probably associated with his handsomeness and life of licentiousness.
They would heat rocks directly in a fire and then add the bricks to a pot filled with water until it came to a boil so that it would cook the meat or vegetables in the boiling water.
He determined the dependence of the boiling of water with atmospheric pressure which was accurate even by modern day standards.
His thermometer was calibrated with a value of 100 ° for the freezing point of water and 0 ° for the boiling point.
Boiling water. The boiling point of a substance is the temperature at which the vapor pressure of the liquid equals the pressure surrounding the liquid and the liquid changes into a vapor.
The insulating action of the water helps to keep contents of the inner pot from boiling or scorching.
When the working liquid is water and the bain-marie is used at sea level, the maximum temperature of the material in the lower container will not exceed 100 degrees Celsius ( 212 F ), the boiling point of water at sea level.
* A bain-marie can be used to re-liquify hardened honey by placing a glass jar on top of any improvised platform sitting at the bottom of a pot of gently boiling water.
New inventions and technologies, such as pottery for holding and boiling water, expanded cooking techniques.
Fats can reach temperatures higher than the boiling point of water, and are often used to conduct high heat to other ingredients, such as in frying or sautéing.
Carboxylic acids tend to have higher boiling points than water, not only because of their increased surface area, but because of their tendency to form stabilised dimers.
The couscous that is sold in most Western supermarkets has been pre-steamed and dried, the package directions usually instruct to add 1. 5 measures of boiling water or stock and butter to each measure of couscous and to cover tightly for 5 minutes.
Depending on Cheka committees in various cities, the methods included: being skinned alive, scalped, " crowned " with barbed wire, impaled, crucified, hanged, stoned to death, tied to planks and pushed slowly into furnaces or tanks of boiling water, or rolled around naked in internally nail-studded barrels.
* Sources: Warnings about possible cholera contamination should be posted around contaminated water sources with directions on how to decontaminate the water ( boiling, chlorination etc.
* Water purification: All water used for drinking, washing, or cooking should be sterilized by either boiling, chlorination, ozone water treatment, ultraviolet light sterilization ( e. g. by solar water disinfection ), or antimicrobial filtration in any area where cholera may be present.
Dill seeds can be used as a herbal tea in the amount of two teaspoons for one glass of boiling water.
In some versions, Daedalus himself poured boiling water on Minos and killed him.
Laboratory display of distillation: 1: A heating device 2: Still pot 3: Still head 4: Thermometer / Boiling point temperature 5: Condenser 6: Cooling water in 7: Cooling water out 8: Distillate / receiving flask 9: Vacuum / gas inlet 10: Still receiver 11: Heat control 12: Stirrer speed control 13: Stirrer / heat plate 14: Heating ( Oil / sand ) bath 15: Stirring means e. g. ( shown ), boiling chips or mechanical stirrer 16: Cooling bath.

water and on
Morgan filled the dipper from the water bucket on the shelf, went back into the front room, lifted the girl's head, and held the edge of the dipper to her mouth.
Morgan returned to the kitchen, built a fire, and carried in several buckets of water from the spring which he poured into the copper boiler that he had placed on the stove.
The dangerous current upon the prairie ceased, but the water stood and kept on rising.
He examined the water marks on the iron tires when the animals were finished.
For a brief period each year, the rays of the sun are warm enough to melt some of the snows piled a mile deep at the base of the headwalls, and then the pinnacles glisten in the daytime at high noon, and billions of gallons of water begin their slow seepage under the glaciers and across the rockstrewn hanging valleys on their long, meandering journey to the sea -- running east past the sky-carving massifs of Gurla Mandhata and Kemchenjunga, then turning south and curling down through the jungles of Assam, past the Khasi Hills, and into Bengal, past Sirinjani and Madaripur, until the hard water of the melting snows mingles with the soft drainage of fields and at length fans out to meld with the teeming salt depths of the Bay of Bengal.
The knife, an ammunition pouch, and a half-filled bottle of purified water hung on his belt.
Awkwardly with one hand Matsuo got the cap back on the water bottle.
Not long ago an acquaintance, a slick-headed water rat of a lad up from the maw of the city, stood on the balcony puffing his first cigarette in weeks.
Here, on the hottest day, it is cool beneath the stone and fresh from the water flowing in the sluices at the bottom of the vaults.
To return now to the four-element physics, a mixture of muddy, frothy water will, when standing in a jar, separate out with earth at the bottom, water on top, and the air on top of that.
Born a Congregationalist, he had been baptized as a tiny baby in the usual manner by having a few drops of water sprinkled on his head, yet nowhere in the whole of the New Testament could he find a description of anybody being baptized by sprinkling.
In the audience a man named Ferguson lost his head and tried to rescue a little girl from the mob, on the same principle which had led Miss Harris to demand water.
He was sitting on top of a log which was spinning round and around in the water.
And put water on to boil and then searched through the icebox.
Argiento made him lie down on the bed, brought a pan of hot water, dipped some clean white linen cloth and applied it to extract the splinter.
A mist was walking on the water, white as cotton, but with a blending and merging grace.
He found tepid water in a pitcher and a last bit of soap, and he lathered his face and stood stropping the razor on his broad leather belt, its buckle held firm by a knob of the bedpost.
Then she went back to the wicker chair and resolutely adjusted her eyes to the glare on the water.
It was one with the desolate rocks and the alien water on those days when she hated the sea.
Mark's thoughts must have been keeping silent pace beside his own, climbing the same crags in dirty white sneakers, clambering out on top of the headland and coming upon the sudden glinting water at the same instant.

water and fire
Find out whether fire protection, sewage system, gas, water mains, and electrical lines are available in the locality.
`` But the point is '', Charlotte said, `` there he was, freezing, naked in a little stream of water at Ryusenji, all in worship of Fudo, the god of fire ''.
In 1661, natural philosopher Robert Boyle published The Sceptical Chymist in which he argued that matter was composed of various combinations of different " corpuscules " or atoms, rather than the classical elements of air, earth, fire and water.
Modern experiments have tested claims that Archimedes designed machines capable of lifting attacking ships out of the water and setting ships on fire using an array of mirrors.
Fire breaks out and spreads in downtown Grand Forks, but high water levels hamper efforts to reach the fire, leading to the destruction of 11 buildings.
Most fundamentally all substances are matter, a theme taken up by science, which postulated one or more matters, such as earth, air, fire or water ( Empedocles ).
Vases filled with water used to start fires were known in the ancient world, and metaphorical significance was drawn ( by the early Church Fathers, for instance ) from the fact that the water remained cool even though the light passing through it would set materials on fire.
Lord Cutts ’ column – who by 10: 00 had expelled the enemy from two water mills upon the Nebel – had already deployed by the river against Blenheim, enduring over the next three hours severe fire from a heavy six-gun battery posted near the village.
The fire rapidly spread through the admiral's cabin and into a ready magazine that stored carcass ammunition that was designed to burn more fiercely in water than in air.
Herbert, worried that they might try to scuttle the steamer, ordered his men to open fire with small arms, killing all in the water.
Derleth also attempted to connect the deities of the Mythos to the four elements ( air, earth, fire, and water ), but was forced to adopt artistic license and create beings to represent certain elements ( air and fire ) to legitimise his system of classification.
Derleth matched earth against fire and air against water, which is inconsistent with the classical elements pairings.
His theory attempted to explain the universe in terms of basic forces in nature: the complementary agents of yin ( dark, cold, female, negative ) and yang ( light, hot, male, positive ) and the Five Elements or Five Phases ( water, fire, wood, metal, and earth ).
Two other commonly used representational allegories of yin and yang are water and fire.
Initial theories of transformation of materials were developed by Greek philosophers, such as the Four-Element Theory of Empedocles stating that any substance is composed of the four basic elements – fire, water, air and earth.
The pancha mahabhuta, or " five great elements ", of Hinduism are kshiti or bhūmi ( earth ), ap or jala ( water ), tejas or agni ( fire ), marut or pavan ( air or wind ), vyom ; or shunya or akash ( aether or void ).
In the Pali literature, the mahabhuta (" great elements ") or catudhatu (" four elements ") are earth, water, fire and air.
The earliest Buddhist texts explain that the four primary material elements are the sensory qualities solidity, fluidity, temperature, and mobility ; their characterization as earth, water, fire, and air, respectively, is declared an abstraction — instead of concentrating on the fact of material existence, one observes how a physical thing is sensed, felt, perceived.
The four properties are cohesion ( water ), solidity or inertia ( earth ), expansion or vibration ( air ) and heat or energy content ( fire ).

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