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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 437
from Brown Corpus
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we and accord
Our leadership in a wide economic boycott of South Africa would be not only in accord, it seems, with the moral conscience of America, not to be denied because we also as a people have widespread injustice in the relations of the races in our own country, but also in accord with our law, U.S. Code Title 19, Section 1307, which forbids the importation of goods made by forced or convict labor.
The results we experience will accord with the quality of our actions.
The idea is clear — we know that our time is limited and that we want things in our lives to happen in accord with our wishes.
The mind and body act of their own accord, and we are the witness of them, though the mind often believes it is the doer.
In both alleged recordings and live segments of the show we see objects moving of their own accord which, it is claimed, is a result of poltergeist activity.
In the Eastern Orthodox church, the priest announces, " Let us love one another that with one accord we may confess --" and the people conclude the sentence, " Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the Trinity, one in essence and undivided.
Dumezil's interpretation was: " If it happens that the girl is not nice to you / has no easy relationship with you (" nei ted endo cosmis virco sied "=" ne in te (= erga te ) cosmis virgo sit "), we shall have the obligation of bringing her and you into good harmony, accord, agreement (" asted noisi ... pakari vois "=" at sit nobis ... pacari vobis ").
Now at last we can accord him the dignity he deserves.
* In the yeere of our Lord 1535, vpon Whitsunday, being the 16. of May, by the commandement of our Captaine Iames Cartier, and with a common accord, in the Cathedrall Church of S. Malo we deuoutly each one confessed a selues, and receiued the Sacrament [...].
Wild spaces and dreams of primitive men accord but ill with orderly parterres and velvet lawns, and in the country along the Berkshire border we find again a modern England we all know and some us do not care about, the England of " desirable residences within easy reach of the railway station ", and " on gravel soil ," not forgetting " with fine views "; and the sport if the " sport " of syndicates.
And we, the General Editors of The Life with God Bible, would not want to accord these books the same authority as revealed Scripture.
) In some of the traditional schools, such as those of the post-1688 English or Americans ( many of the writings of the American Founding Fathers, but especially The Federalist ) and their Dutch predecessors ( see Kossmann, E. H. Political Thought in the Dutch Republic, 2004 ) ontology proper is deemed beyond the scope of legal thought, in accord with the modern distinction between society and state ( which some consider based in the distinction the Romans made between themselves and their Italian allies, the socii, but not given the theoretical articulation we recognize today until emphasized by Thomas Hobbes ' Leviathan.
They concluded, " Thus in nearly two-thirds of the New Testament text, the seven editions of the Greek New Testament which we have reviewed are in complete accord, with no differences other than in orthographical details ( e. g., the spelling of names, etc .).
They concluded, " Thus in nearly two-thirds of the New Testament text, the seven editions of the Greek New Testament which we have reviewed are in complete accord, with no differences other than in orthographical details ( e. g., the spelling of names, etc .).

we and its
Thus we are compelled to face the urbanization of the South -- an urbanization which, despite its dramatic and overwhelming effects upon the Southern culture, has been utterly ignored by the bulk of Southern writers.
That John Locke's philosophy of the social contract fathered the American Revolution with its Declaration of Independence, I believe, we generally accept.
I will assume that we are all aware of the continuing struggle, with its limited and precarious success, toward conservatism.
What I am here to do is to report on the gyrations of the struggle -- a struggle that amounts to self-redefinition -- to see if we can predict its future course.
May we state with confidence that in such an exhibition a republic will find its greatest security??
by the same token, we reject any Soviet attempt to impose its system on us or other peoples by force or subversion.
If art is to release us from these postulated things ( things we must think symbolically about ) and bring us back to the ineffable beauty and richness of the aesthetic component of reality in its immediacy, it must sever its connection with these common sense entities ''.
Finally we may note that the idea appears in educational theory where its influence is at present widespread.
Although we have no measures of its strength or intensity, the heritage of the doctrine of inalienable rights is retained.
The Domina sounds real enough, if we could only trust the conditions under which we learn of its use ; ;
The `` fruitful course '' of metropolitanization that you recommend is currently practiced by the town of East Greenwich and had its inception long before we learned what it was called.
The English schools preceded ours, and by the time we got into it they had learned a lot about the techniques of propaganda and its teaching.
We were less than a quarter of a mile from the road, and we could trace its shape from the ribbon of powder smoke and dust that hung over it.
In such a case, however, we would encourage the recipient country to get on with its programing task, supply it with substantial technical assistance in performing that task, and make it plain that an expansion or even a continuation of our assistance to the country's development was conditional upon programing progress being made.
In presenting it to other governments and to the United Nations, we could propose that every nation consider the formation of its own peace corps and that the United Nations sponsor the idea and form an international coordinating committee.
No need to kill an entire city and all its people because we lacked the precision and reconnaissance to selectively disarm the enemy's military force.
One morning, we discovered not only that the pennies were missing from the idol but that a cigarette had been stubbed out in its lap.
On the basis of its life history, we like to think that Andrena is more primitive than the bumblebees.
At the present time we do not know by what biochemical mechanism TSH acts on the thyroid, but for bio-assay of the hormone there are a number of properties by which its activity may be estimated, including release of iodine from the thyroid, increase in thyroid weight, increase in mean height of the follicular cells and increase in the thyroidal uptake of Af.
that is, we may discuss the phenomenon in terms of its departures from the binomial model.
With each vertex we associate certain numerical values, namely the set of positive differences in the parameter T between the vertex and its corresponding forward corner points.

we and place
Two men, together like us, we could do somethin fine out there, maybe find a place where no one's ever been.
Let's hope we come to a safer place ''.
But the fences were still in place fifty-odd years ago, and when we stood on the gate to look over, the sidewalk under our eyes was not cement but two rows of paving stones with grass between and on both sides.
As a means of silencing a discussion which ought to have taken place, the statement is an effective one: we sympathize with the universal confusion which gives rise to such convictions.
The unrelieved stranger eventually turned away from the place of his -- shall we dare say his Waterloo??
My discussion with reference to the resolution was that we should commend those citizens who serve as judges of election and who properly discharge their duty and polling place proprietors who make available their private premises, and not by innuendo criticize them.
I know of no other solution than the one N.C. proposes -- to do what we can for each sufferer as he confronts us, hoping that this will spread beyond him to others at some time and some place.
The extent to which we can persuade the less developed countries to appraise their own resources, to set targets toward which they should be working, to establish in the light of this forward perspective the most urgent priorities for their immediate attention, and to do the other things which they must do to help themselves, all on a realistic long-term basis, will depend importantly on the incentives we place before them.
Now place 12 pieces 1/2'' '' sq. on this edge as we did before and space them with the 5-3/4'' '' long `` tappets '', as they are called.
Based on our experience with clients,, we see 14 major problems which fall into three broad groups -- the market place itself, marketing methods, and marketing management.
If we manage to keep track of a Bombus queen after she has left her feeding place, we may discover the snug little hideout which she has fixed up for herself when she woke up from her winter sleep.
Not always, though, does the development of a bumblebee colony take place in the smooth fashion we have just described.
Having outlined an approach to the theory and practice of preventive casework, we now address ourselves to our final question: What place should brief, crisis-oriented preventive casework occupy in our total spectrum of services??
And suppose that the circumstances have now so changed that the feeling with which we made the remark in the first place has faded.
With the divinities present and our souls in place, we were wished health, happiness, and power.
At 6:00 p.m. we went to the Kyoto Spring dances at the place where these beautiful dances originated.
Starting with the room completely blacked out, as it was when we came in, he unerringly fixed things so that the whole place was bathed in the maximum of light without at any point admitting even so much as a crack of glare.
In any event, it is an irreversible step, and if we are at all honest with ourselves, we will know we have no other alternative than to live in the world in which God has seen fit to place us.
Whereas the primary meanings of the Lo Shu diagram seemed to have been based on its inner mathematical properties -- and we shall see that even its secondary meanings rested on some mathematical bases -- the urgent desire to place everything into categories of fives led to other groupings based on other numbers, until an exaggerated emphasis on mere numerology pervaded Chinese thought.

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