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when and Holiness
Most scholars see chapters 1 – 16 ( the Priestly code ) and chapters 17 – 26 ( the Holiness code ) as the work of two related schools, but while the Holiness material employs the same technical terms as the Priestly code, it broadens their meaning from pure ritual to the theological and moral, turning the ritual of the Priestly code into a model for the relationship of Israel to God: as the tabernacle is made holy by the presence of the Lord and kept apart from uncleanliness, so He will dwell among Israel when Israel is purified ( made holy ) and separated from other peoples.
The king of Spain wrote to his ambassador at Rome " that His Holiness had hitherto played a double game and that all his zeal to drive the French from Italy had been only a mask "; this reproach seemed to receive some confirmation when Leo held a secret conference with Francis at Bologna in December 1515.
In 1896, three Tennessee evangelists ( William Martin, Joe M. Tipton, and Milton McNabb ) with links to Benjamin H. Irwin's Fire-Baptized Holiness Church brought the message of entire sanctification to the western North Carolina countryside when they held a revival in the Schearer Schoolhouse near Camp Creek in Cherokee County.
Both magazines were published until 1999, when they were discontinued in favor of Holiness Today, a new publication.
It was a time when the Holiness Movement caught fire, with the revitalized interest of men and women in Christian perfection.
A black faille fascia is worn by priests, deacons, and major seminarians, while a purple faille fascia is used by bishops, protonotaries apostolic, honorary prelates, and chaplains of His Holiness, when wearing a cassock with coloured trim.
The Pentecostal Holiness Church distinguishes the initial evidence of Spirit baptism which all believers experience when Spirit baptized from the gift of tongues, which is not given to every Spirit-filled believer.
While it is commonly held that he belonged to the Methodist Episcopal Church South, there are no records to support that claim or that he joined that movement, or any movement, when he was dropped from the membership of the Pentecostal Holiness Church of North Carolina in 1910.
The Calvary Holiness Church began in 1963 when the Philadelphia Brethren in Christ congregation ( org.
According to the Holiness Code and the Deuteronomic Code of the Torah, farmers should leave the corners of their fields unharvested, and they should not attempt to harvest any left-overs that had been forgotten when they had harvested the majority of a field.
Originating when the African American members of the integrated Fire-Baptized Holiness Church withdrew to form their own organization, the church was founded at Greer, South Carolina in 1908.
C. P. Jones retained its Holiness emphasis when other early African-American leaders such as C. H. Mason embraced Pentecostalism.
It was a time when the Holiness Movement caught fire, with the revitalized interest of men and women in Christian perfection.
These congregations were the culmination of Warner's desire for non-sectarian Holiness congregations, of which he had dreamed of since January 31, 1878 when he noted in his diary: " On the 31st of last January the Lord showed me that holiness could never prosper upon sectarian soil encumbered by human creeds and party names, and he gave me a new commission to join holiness and all truth together and build up the apostolic church of the living God.
It was a time when the Holiness Movement caught fire, with the revitalized interest of men and women in Christian perfection.
According to the book's promotional website, " Basing itself on extensive evidence taken from EWTN ’ s own content, and comparing that content to the perennial belief and practice of the Church, the book shows that EWTN ’ s ' moderately Modernist ' version of the Faith is precisely what St. Pius X had in view when he condemned Modernism in all its forms, including what His Holiness called ' the Modernist as reformer '".
The style may be used alone or followed by title and name ; when speaking about a current Pope either " His Holiness visited the shrine ..." or " His Holiness Pope Benedict visited the shrine ...".
1999 when Edgy produced a CD for the Office of Tibet – a compilation of His Holiness ' symposia in Hawaii, with rare traditional Tibetan music performed by artists living in exile around the world, Hawaiian chants, and remarks by the late Reverend Abraham Akaka and kumu hula John Lake.
announce to the Directory the defeat of the Papal troops ), to acquaint you with the capture of Mantua, the news of which I received yesterday evening by a courier from Mantua itself I thought it necessary to announce this circumstance, because General Bonaparte, who is occupied in Bomagna annihilating the troops of his Holiness, may probably have been ignorant of this fact when his courier departed.

when and Pope
In 1453 when the last vestige of ancient Roman power fell to the Turks, the city officially shifted religions -- although the Patriarch, or Pope, of the Orthodox Church continued to live there, and still does -- and became the capital of the Ottoman Empire.
There would be changes made, and Signor Raymond should understand that when the Pope died it was like the end of a regime in Rome.
An allocution of the Pope often takes the place of a manifesto when a struggle between the Holy See and the secular powers has reached an acute stage.
Pope Innocent III espoused the cause of Ingeborg ; but Philip did not submit until 1200, when, nine months after interdict had been added to excommunication, he consented to a separation from Agnes.
Algardi's first major commission came about in 1634, when Cardinal Ubaldini ( Medici ) contracted for a funeral monument for his great-uncle, Pope Leo XI, the third of the Medici popes, who had reigned for less than a month in 1605.
This attitude he showed clearly when he attended the Council of Basel as legate of Pope Eugene IV, and defended the primacy of the Roman Pontiff and adjured the council not to " rend asunder Christ's seamless robe ".
In Gregory ’ s day, history was not recognized as an independent field of study ; it was a branch of grammar or rhetoric, and historia ( defined as ‘ story ’) summed up the approach of the learned when they wrote what was, at that time, considered ‘ history .’ Gregory ’ s Dialogues Book Two, then, an authentic medieval hagiography cast as a conversation between the Pope and his deacon Peter, is designed to teach spiritual lessons.
The arrangement of the Psalms in the Rule of St. Benedict had a profound impact upon the breviaries used by secular and monastic clergy alike, up until 1911 when Pope St. Pius X introduced his reform of the Roman Breviary.
He received some votes in the 1605 conclaves which elected Pope Leo XI, Pope Paul V, and in 1621 when Pope Gregory XV was elected, but only in the second conclave of 1605 was he papabile.
In Evangelium Vitae, Pope John Paul II suggested that capital punishment should be avoided unless it is the only way to defend society from the offender in question, opining that punishment " ought not go to the extreme of executing the offender except in cases of absolute necessity: in other words, when it would not be possible otherwise to defend society.
Pope Paul VI abolished all administrative rights cardinals had with regard to their titular churches, though the cardinal's name and coat of arms are still posted in the church, and they are expected to preach there if convenient when they are in Rome.
An example of this secular politicization is seen when Conrad II, Holy Roman Emperor supported Pope Benedict IX, the most corrupt of any of the popes of the era.
Pope Cyril IV established very friendly relations with other denominations, to the extent that when the Greek Patriarch in Egypt had to absent himself for a long period of time outside the country, he left his Church under the guidance of the Coptic Patriarch.
Furthermore, the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church similarly became independent of the Ethiopian Tewahedo Church in 1994, when four bishops were consecrated by Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria to form the basis of a local Holy Synod of the Eritrean Church.
In 1998, the Eritrean Church gained its autocephelacy from the Coptic Orthodox Church when its first Patriarch was enthroned by Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria.
Many historians maintain that the main concern of Pope Urban II, when calling for the First Crusade, was the threat to Constantinople from the Turkish invasion of Asia Minor in response to the appeal of Emperor Alexios I Komnenos.
It is in the form of a letter submitted to Pope John XXII, dated 6 April 1320, intended to confirm Scotland's status as an independent, sovereign state and defending Scotland's right to use military action when unjustly attacked.
That dynasty ended in 1626 when Pope Urban VIII incorporated Urbino into the papal dominions.
Attempts to conquer Prussian land began in 997, when Bolesław I Chrobry, at the urging of the Pope, sent a contingent of soldiers and a missionary ( Adalbert of Prague ) to the pagan Prussians on a crusade of conquest and conversion.
The history of Italian cinema began just a few months after the Lumière brothers had patented their Cinematographe, when Pope Leo XIII was filmed for a few seconds in the act of blessing the camera.
The dogmatic constitution states that the Pope has " full and supreme power of jurisdiction over the whole Church " ( chapter 3: 9 ); and that, when he " speaks ex cathedra, that is, when, in the exercise of his office as shepherd and teacher of all Christians, in virtue of his supreme apostolic authority, he defines a doctrine concerning faith or morals to be held by the whole Church, he possesses, by the divine assistance promised to him in blessed Peter, that infallibility which the divine Redeemer willed his Church to enjoy in defining doctrine concerning faith or morals " ( chapter 4: 9 ).

when and John
I never met John Dewey, whose style was a sort of verbal fog and who had written asking me to go to Mexico with him when he was investigating the cause of Trotsky ; ;
Gov. John M. Dalton, himself a lawyer and a man of long service in government, spoke with rich background and experience when he said in an address here that lawyers ought to quit sitting in the Missouri General Assembly, or quit accepting fees from individuals and corporations who have controversies with or axes to grind with the government and who are retained, not because of their legal talents, but because of their government influence.
During the month of November hardly a day passed when there was not some mention of John Brown in the Rhode Island newspapers.
Thus, when Dartmouth's Winter Carnival -- widely recognized as the greatest, wildest, roaringest college weekend anywhere, any time -- was broadcast over a national television hookup, Prexy John Sloan Dickey appeared on the screen in rugged winter garb, topped off by a tam-o'-shanter which he confessed had been acquired from a Smith girl.
It was the first time we've been ahead this season ( when John Richey kicked what proved to be the winning field goal ) ''.
Momentarily the Reds were back in the ball game, trailing only 6-3, but the drive fizzled when John Edwards fouled out with men on second and third and two out.
In the end the good man, John Proctor, expresses what the audience has already come to feel when he says, `` A fire, a fire is burning!!
A year ago today, when the Democrats were fretting and frolicking in Los Angeles and John F. Kennedy was still only an able and ambitious Senator who yearned for the power and responsibility of the Presidency, Theodore H. White had already compiled masses of notes about the Presidential campaign of 1960.
Linda accepted the reproach, which was something she did rarely in all her life and most rarely in that summer of 1936 when she was by all odds the prettiest and brightest young woman west of the Allegheny Mountains, and John was surely one of the handsomer and brighter young men around Pittsburgh.
Some people said Linda had just announced the engagement to jolt John into some action, but when John came home from a business trip to Cleveland with Edythe, with Edythe his bride, it could no longer be John-and-Linda even to sentimental wishful thinkers.
She was almost sick when Bobbie came home with the news that Poor John had won the job.
However, its intermediate result storage mechanism, a paper card writer / reader, was unreliable, and when inventor John Vincent Atanasoff left Iowa State College for World War II assignments, work on the machine was discontinued.
This incident shows the strong position of a bishop in the Western part of the empire, even when facing a strong emperor — the controversy of John Chrysostom with a much weaker emperor a few years later in Constantinople led to a crushing defeat of the bishop.
In any case, it existed by 635, when Gunzo appointed John of Grab bishop.
Yet another chronicler, John of Worcester, mentions nothing of any trouble in Rome, and when discussing the appointment of Wulfstan, says that Wulfstan was elected freely and unanimously by the clergy and people.
The inauguration of John Balliol as king on 30 November 1292 ended the six years of interregnum when the Guardians of Scotland governed the land.
However, this situation changed drastically when Alexios ' first son John II Komnenos was born in 1087: Anna's engagement to Constantine was dissolved, and she was moved to the main Palace to live with her mother and grandmother.
Amathus still flourished and produced a distinguished patriarch of Alexandria, St. John the Merciful, as late as 606-616, and a ruined Byzantine church marks the site ; but it declined and was already almost deserted when Richard Plantagenet won Cyprus by a victory there over Isaac Comnenus in 1191.
A related argument is from conscience ; John Henry Newman argued that the conscience supports the claim that objective moral truths exist because it drives people to act morally even when it is not in their own interest.
The Ark of the Covenant was said to be have been kept in the Basilica of St. John Lateran, surviving the pillages of Rome by Genseric and Alaric I but lost when the basilica burned.
John V. Luce notes that when he writes about the genealogy of Atlantis's kings, Plato writes in the same style as Hellanicus and suggests a similarity between a fragment of Hellanicus's work and an account in the Critias.
This became the dominant form in the Restoration, when composers such as Henry Purcell ( 1659 – 1695 ) and John Blow ( 1649 – 1708 ) wrote elaborate examples for the Chapel Royal with orchestral accompaniment.
* 1800 – The United States Library of Congress is established when President John Adams signs legislation to appropriate $ 5, 000 USD to purchase " such books as may be necessary for the use of Congress ".

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