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star and ",
Asteroids ( from Greek ἀστεροειδής-asteroeidēs, " star-like ", from " star " and " like, in form ") are a class of small Solar System bodies in orbit around the Sun.
In Mesopotamia, it was linked to the god Enlil, and also known as Shudun, " yoke ", or SHU-PA of unknown derivation in the Three Stars Each Babylonian star catalogues and later MUL. APIN around 1100 BC.
The people of Micronesia called Altair as Mai-lapa, " big / old breadfruit ", while the Māori people called this star as Poutu-te-rangi, " pillar of heaven ".
Chaplin built a story around the idea of walking a tightrope while besieged by monkeys, which became the film's " climactic incident ", and turned The Tramp into the accidental star of a circus.
Today, the film is seen by the British Film Institute as one of Chaplin's " great features ", while David Robinson says it shows the star at " his unrivalled peak as a creator of visual comedy.
" Chaplin replaced the Tramp ( while wearing similar attire ) with " A Jewish Barber ", a reference to the Nazi party's belief that the star was a Jew.
Hevelius chose the name Asterion ( from the Greek ' αστέριον, meaning the " little star ", the diminutive of ' αστηρ the " star ", or adjective meaning " starry ") for the northern dog and Chara ( from the Greek χαρά, meaning " joy ") for the southern dog, as Canes Venatici, the Hunting Dogs, in his star atlas.
In the " hop across ", the most popular variation, each player puts his / her own colored pieces on one of the six points or corners of the star and attempts to race them all " home " to the opposite corner.
During Advent and all the way until Epiphany, or the baptism of Jesus ( Sunday of January 6 ), the " gwiazdory ", or the star carriers walk through the villages.
The band, who all wore white shirts with a big, black S painted on the front, pulled black ties from around the backs of their necks to form a dollar sign, then started playing a new song titled " Pull My Strings ", a barbed, satirical attack on the ethics of the mainstream music industry, which contained the lyrics, " Is my cock big enough, is my brain small enough, for you to make me a star ?".
Epsilon Delphini, called Deneb Dulfim, meaning " tail of the Dolphin ", is a star of spectral class B6 III and magnitude 4.
A girlfriend recalled his " scrawling notes on a cocktail napkin about a crazy rock star named Iggy or Ziggy ", and on his return to England he declared his intention to create a character " who looks like he's landed from Mars ".
For instance, in the 55 Cancri system the first planet – 55 Cancri b – was discovered in 1996 ; two additional farther planets were simultaneously discovered in 2002 with the nearest to the star being named 55 Cancri c and the other 55 Cancri d ; a fourth planet was claimed ( its existence was later disputed ) in 2004 and named 55 Cancri e despite lying closer to the star than 55 Cancri b ; and the most recently discovered planet, in 2007, was named 55 Cancri f despite lying between 55 Cancri c and 55 Cancri d. As of April 2012 the highest letter in use is " j ", for the unconfirmed planet HD 10180 j ( HD 10180 h is the confirmed planet with the highest letter ).
The Targum connects the name with the Persian word for " star ", ستاره setareh, explaining that Esther was so named for being as beautiful as the Morning Star.
In the Talmud ( Tractate Yoma 29a ), Esther is compared to the " morning star ", and is considered the subject of Psalm 22, because its introduction is a " song for the morning star ".
He also released a new single, " Good Ride Cowboy ", as a tribute to his late friend, rodeo star and country singer, Chris LeDoux.
"), with the duo ( and sometimes a guest star sitting between Buck and Roy ) ' dueling ' by playing guitar and banjo to the tune of " Cripple Creek ", telling jokes and reciting one-liners.
" You used to be a great star ", he said, " What are you now?

star and according
This word, transliterated hêlēl or heylel, occurs only once in the Hebrew Bible and according to Strong's Concordance means " shining one, morning star, Lucifer ".
In 813, according to medieval legend, the light of a bright star guided a shepherd who was watching his flock at night to the burial site in Santiago de Compostela.
This appearance may be recalled in the representation of Tigranes the Great, an Armenian king who is depicted on coins with a crown that features, according to V. G. Gurzadyan and R. Vardanyan, " a star with a curved tail may represent the passage of Halley's Comet in 87 BCE.
* Possible birthdate of Jesus, according to appearance of a very bright triple conjunction of the royal star Jupiter and Saturn in the sign of Pisces ( land in the west ) in May until December of that year since 854 years, with a retrogradation and stationing in November 12, 7 BC.
These binaries are classified as low-mass or high-mass according to the mass of the donor star.
Iachen was known in Minoan Crete as I-wa-ko, who became the Greek torch bearing son of Persephone-Iakchos, who was also associated with Sirius, as ‘ the light bearing star of the nocturnal mysteries ’ according to Kerenyi.
The eighth star of the big dipper is according to his later reference to RV 3. 56. 2 in connexion with RV 1. 164. 15 not the unseen fourth star of the handle forming a double star sytem but the Pole Star around which the big dipper rotates.
Fomalhaut / Earthwork B in Mounds State Park near Anderson, Indiana lines up with the rising of the star Fomalhaut in the fall months, according to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.
* Alpha, the brightest star in a constellation according to the Bayer designation
An exhibit was dedicated to Fountain, and he received a star on the museum " Walk of Fame " sidewalk, according to the office of Louisiana Secretary of State Jay Dardenne.
A recent ABC News article on May 19, 2004 noted that according to the Armenian and Italian researchers the " symbol on his crown that features a star with a curved tail may represent the passage of Halley's Comet in 87 BC.
As a warm and moving herb, star anise is used to assist in relieving cold-stagnation in the middle jiao, according to Traditional Chinese medicine.
Rank was unhappy at this time also that Stewart Granger was pursuing his young star and, ( according to the actor's account ), confronted Granger (" a shop-worn thirty-four "), at a meeting at the Dorchester Hotel saying that what was going on was wrong since he was a married man with two children.
The group also met producer J-Swift around this time, as he was Reggie Andrews's " star pupil " according to the book Check the Technique.
The words pentacle and pentagram ( a five-point unicursal star ) are essentially synonymous, according to the Online Oxford English Dictionary ( 2007 revision ), which traces the etymology through both French and Italian back to Latin, but notes that in Middle French the word " pentacle " was used to refer to any talisman.
In high school, he was a popular student and the star of the basketball team ( according to his autobiography, Malden broke his nose twice while playing, taking elbows to the face and resulting in his trademark bulbous nose ).
Lucia Victor, Gower Champion's assistant and a director of several revivals, including Hello Dolly !, was hired as director, but resigned shortly thereafter, due to " artistic differences " with the musical's star, Angela Lansbury, and the authors, according to The New York Times.
The Book of Abraham also contains the only reference in the Latter-day Saint canon to the star Kolob, which, according to the text, is the star closest to where God lives.
" The National Flag of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is rectangular in shape, its width is equal to two thirds of its length, in the middle of fresh red background is a bright five-pointed golden star ," according to the 1992 constitution.
In April 2010, sources reported that Kennedy would very likely return to the Scream franchise to star in the fourth installment ; however, according to Scream screenwriter Kevin Williamson there were never plans for him to rejoin the franchise, attributing the misinformation to a fabrication by Kennedy.
Two sets of independent follow-up spectroscopy data suggested that this was again another optical transient rather than a supernova, possibly an outbursting Luminous Blue Variable star according to one spectrum, as earlier predicted from the nature of the candidate mid-infrared progenitor.

star and Stuart
* Marty Stuart, country music entertainer and Grand Ole Opry star
In March 2006, BBC Scotland documentary Happy Birthday Oor Wullie celebrated his 70th birthday with celebrity guests including Karen Dunbar, Sanjeev Kohli, Kaye Adams, Iain Robertson, Tony Roper, Tam Cowan, Stuart Cosgrove and Dominik Diamond, and was narrated by Lord of the Rings star Billy Boyd.
* Stuart Whitman appears in 13 episodes as Sergeant Walters, and went on to star in television and movies.
Martin Henderson who portrayed Stuart Neilson from 1992 – 1995 went on to star in The Ring and starred alongside James Franco in Flyboys and Cate Blanchett in Little Fish.
The story follows a British journalist, Arthur Stuart ( Christian Bale ), who revisits his own past while writing an article about the mysterious disappearance of a former glam-rock star, Brian Slade ( Jonathan Rhys Meyers ), for an American periodical.
The show was created by Roy Winsor and was first written by Agnes Nixon ( who was then known professionally as " Agnes Eckhardt ") for thirteen weeks ( although star Mary Stuart disputed this in her autobiography, Both Of Me, saying the cast made up the first few weeks of scripts because they were poorly written ) and, later, by Irving Vendig.
Stuart, Jefferson Davis, Thomas " Stonewall " Jackson, and two additional Richmond natives " Father of the Seas " Matthew Fontaine Maury, and Arthur Ashe, an international tennis star.
In spite of his important sounding position, Stuart is often asked to do demeaning tasks like babysit Georgia, have suits dry-cleaned and order gift baskets for star talent.
Akron businessmen George S. Hoffman and Stuart Lichter formed an ownership group, named Al Miller general manager and former Force star Kai Haaskivi player-coach.
This release credited Stuart Damon as the star, with Alexandra Bastedo and William Gaunt receiving co-star credits.
Edna May Oliver's most popular star vehicles were mystery-comedies starring Oliver as spinster sleuth Hildegarde Withers from the popular Stuart Palmer novels.
Along with star players Dominic Noel, Stuart MacRae, and Stephen Dixon, the Screaming Eagles reached the league's conference final in 2002, only to lose in 5 games to Acadie-Bathurst Titan.
* The characters of " Richie ", played by Stuart Fratkin and " Louis ", played by Tony Longo from the first Prehysteria !, were brought back to star in another Moonbeam Production, " Remote ", because they've done so well as comedic thugs in Prehysteria.

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