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Into and 1990s
Into the 1990s, Lucky Dube was one of the best-selling artists in South African history, especially his 1990 album Slave.
Into the 1990s, Thione Seck, a griot descended from those of Lat Dior, the king of Kayor, arose to solo stardome from Baobab, eventually forming his own band called Raam Daan ( crawl slowly towards your goal ).
In 1996, Booth published ' Into the 1990s With Green Anarchist '( ISBN 0-9521226-4-2 ), a book explaining Green Anarchist doctrines and history.
Into the 1990s, as ties got wider again, increasingly unusual designs became common.
Into the 1990s and beyond poets such as Johan de Wit ( poet ), Sean Bonney, Jeff Hilson, and Piers Hugill have surfaced after direct involvement in the Cobbing-led Writers Forum workshop.
" Contemporary British Photography: Into the 1990s.
Robyn St. Clare, whose composition " Into Your Arms " was a hit for popular 1990s act The Lemonheads ( with Dalton on bass guitar ), has recorded with Ratcat and Sneeze.
Into the 1990s, the label had continued success with Seal, k. d.
In the 1990s, he wrote three novels inspired by his experiences at Stanford: Toward What Bright Glory ?, Into What Far Harbor ?, and Public Men.
He served as band leader on Rick Dees ' short-lived late night talk show " Into the Night " on ABC in the early 1990s.
Into the 1990s, the label had continued success with Seal, k. d.
* After Expansion, a Time for Diversity: The Universities Into the 1990s ( ACACE, 1978 ) ISBN 0-906436-00-1.
The band had particular success in the early 1990s, and their first four albums, Into the Grave, You'll Never See ..., Soulless and Hating Life, cemented their reputation as one of Sweden's foremost death metal bands.
Into the West was one of many acclaimed films to come from Ireland during the 1990s, such as My Left Foot, The Miracle, The Commitments, and The Crying Game.
The band reached stardom during the early 1990s with hit singles like " Don't Treat Me Bad " " Reach For The Sky " and " All She Wrote ", as well as their signature ballads " I Live My Life for You ", " Love of a Lifetime ", and " When I Look Into Your Eyes ".
He began performing in the late 1990s, appearing in several television films and series, and became known as a film actor after roles in Lords of Dogtown, The Emperor's Club, The Girl Next Door, Alpha Dog, and Into the Wild.
* Into The 1990s ( 1990
Into the 1990s and 2000s, the music grew to reflect the area with locals such as Luther Campbell of the 2 Live Crew pioneering the Miami bass genre which dominated Southern hip hop music during the decade.
* Into the Night with Rick Dees ( early 1990s )
Casey was featured in a 2006 documentry about the 1990s comic boom and bust called Adventures Into Digital Comics.

Into and while
Grissom died while putting the finishing touches on Gemini: A Personal Account of Man's Venture Into Space ; he had been heavily involved in the engineering of the spacecraft.
* In " Guy Walks Into a Psychiatrist's Office ...", the Season Two premiere of The Sopranos, the character Dr. Jennifer Melfi is shown seeing patients at the " Anthony Wayne Motel " in Wayne, New Jersey, while on the lam, in fear for her life.
In truth, a few songs sounded like solo efforts, while Lodge's " Survival ", Hayward's appropriate closing " The Day We Meet Again " and Pinder's lone final contribution and lead vocal, " One Step Into The Light " ( curiously as the band is depicted as doing so on the cover photo – where Pinder is perhaps significantly barely glimpsed at all and almost out of focus ) were all high points on the album.
" Maybe " was used as the opening theme in Fallout ( 1997 ), while also being played alongside their songs, " I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire " and " Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall " on the in-game radio station Galaxy News Radio in Fallout 3.
Note that, while the overall timing of " Deathmask / Into the Void " is approximately correct, the apportioning of time of " Deathmask " to " Into the Void " may be arbitrary, as the 3: 08 mark of the song falls during " Into the Void "' s middle-8 vocal (" Freedom fighters sent off to the sun ...").
During the original broadcast of the show, a commercial faded in the Nine Inch Nails NIN logo on a black screen while playing a combination of music that started as a solo piano piece and morphed into an electronic / industrial beat ( which would later found out to be the songs " La Mer " and " Into the Void ," which share many melodic components and can be considered variations on a theme ) and ended with Trent Reznor screaming " Tried to save myself, but myself kept slipping away " and the word " ninetynine " in the trademark NIN reversed-N font.
Into the 2000s, the school came under criticism for keeping the entirety of the increasingly taxed Norval property while so little of it was actually used ; this argument is gained increased credence in light of the consistent yearly tuition hikes and mounting legal costs.
However, while working on the follow-up album to Into The Gap, Bailey suffered a nervous breakdown.
Into late Classical times ( as by Pausanias, for example ), Cadmus was remembered as having been a Phoenician, or at least backed by a Phoenician army, and there may be a nugget of political reality at the heart of the myth, that a Phoenician colony established along the Boeotian coast had displaced some of the area's aboriginal inhabitants while absorbing others.
" John Dougan of Allmusic says that Into the Unknown is " a bit off-putting at first blush, mainly because the tempos are slower and more deliberate, and because of the use of swirling organs and pianos ", while he calls it a " terrific record that was perhaps more daring than anyone realized at the time of its release.
It appeared in Animal House ( Mayor Carmine DePasto owns an Oldsmobile dealership and allows his vehicles to be used during the parade ), Trading Places ( Duke & Duke limousine ), Thriller ( Jackson's car ), Twilight Zone: The Movie ( during Prologue ), Into the Night ( Diana's brother's car ), The Blues Brothers ( while driving through the mall, Elwood said: " The new Oldsmobiles are in early this year "), The Three Amigos ( during scenes in Santo Poco ), and Oscar.
In many Landis movies, there are also car crashes: the final sequence in Animal House ; in many scenes in The Blues Brothers and Blues Brothers 2000 ; during the final sequence near Piccadilly Circus in American Werewolf ; during the opening sequence in Into the Night ( while the crew's credits are showing ); during the final sequence in Innocent Blood ( when Macelli was run down by bus and taxi ); and during one scene in The Stupids ( cars crash because of Mrs. Stupid ).
In the television version of Trading Places, Clarence Beeks drugs a security guard and steals the crop report while Sunset Boulevard is showing ; in Into the Night in Hamid's apartment, the movie Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein is playing while Ed is looking for Diana and later, when Mr. Morris fighting with Mr. Williams.
On the ' Better Than A Dream ' 7 inch vinyl and CD singles, there's another track entitled ' Dreamstone Overture no. 5 ', this version is different from the Music Cube re-release, in which it's actually an orcestrial version of ' Into The Sunset ', while the Dreamstone Overtures on the Music Cube re-release are small selections of orchestrial tracks from the original TV series, half used in few episodes in Season 3 and 4.
" Fade Into You " peaked at No. 44 to become their first Billboard Hot 100 single, while also reaching a career-high peak of No. 3 on the Modern Rock Tracks chart.
Jay played in Bad Religion for three 1 / 2 years ( between 1979 and 1983 ), and left while the band was in the midst of writing and recording their 2nd album, Into the Unknown.
*" Into You "-released as the lead single from the album in Japan in late 2003, its accompanied music video is a combination of concert and " behind-the-scenes " footage from the band while on tour.
He wrote, produced and starred in " Do Not Throw Cushions Into The Ring ," which while never released, led to his receiving the plum position of directing The Honkers, starring James Coburn, with whom he had appeared in In Like Flint.
The Into Employment program teaches youth valuable job-skills while providing youth a network of prospective employers.
Dalachinsky's books include " A Superintendent's Eyes " ( Hozomeen Press 2000 ), his PEN Award Winning book The Final Nite & Other Poems: Complete Notes From A Charles Gayle Notebook 1987-2006 ( Ugly Duckling Presse, 2006 ), a compendium of poetry written while watching saxophonist Charles Gayle perform throughout New York City in that time period, and " Logos and Language ", co-authored with pianist Matthew Shipp ( RogueArt 2008 ) and Reaching Into The Unknown, a collaboration with French photographer Jacques Bisceglia ( RogueArt 2009 ).
* In Into the Gauntlet, a novel by Margaret Peterson Haddix, the characters Amy and Dan meet the other Cahills there while watching a performance of Romeo and Juliet.

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