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These and tapes
These files are kept on hard disks, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, and tapes.
These tapes were soon replaced by CD + Gs, but a plug-n-play karaoke microphone that housed a factory built-in songchip loaded with hundreds of karaoke songs quickly became a favourite.
These products are very flexible and are produced in wide, continuous sheets that are either shipped, rolled, or cut into ribbons or tapes, or trimmed to specified dimensions.
These aggressive tapes are generally used for UV and water-based inks due to the inks ' lower viscosities.
These devices served the sole purpose of rewinding VHS tapes.
These can handle VHS tapes of more than one standard.
These were released through the Science Museum, London, as Pioneers of Computing, a set of cassette tapes.
( These tapes were re-released by Second Sight in 1999, with a small music edit made to the episode featuring Jamus Bondus.
These may even glow in the dark, using luminous tapes.
These tapes were duplicated and given to tens of thousands of people in Cairo.
These master tapes were then taken to a commercial recording studio for the final mix down.
These tapes have thought to been taped over or destroyed.
These early demo tapes were recorded with ( at various times ) Brad Delp on vocals, Barry Goudreau on guitar, Jim Masdea on drums, and Scholz on guitar, bass and keyboards.
These Nagra tapes are the source for most of the bootlegs from these sessions.
These recordings were initially issued in 1955 on special stereophonic reel-to-reel tapes and then, beginning in 1958, on vinyl LPs with the logo " Living Stereo.
These tapes, records or compact discs were accompanied by a cue sheet which gave the disc jockey a written guideline of the content and length of each segment of the program.
These tapes were circulated among other musicians at the time, and hits were made of " Too Much of Nothing " and " Mighty Quinn " as recordings by other artists, Peter, Paul and Mary and Manfred Mann respectively.
These extra-thin, extra-long tapes are rare and expensive.
These tapes featured their earliest material and the first recordings of some songs that were later on their 1994 release, Trailer, including " Intense Thing ", " Get Out ", " Obscure Thing ," and their future single, " Jack Names the Planets ".
These tapes have been subsequently transferred to the National Sound Archive for safekeeping.
These tapes were later to influence the talk-poems of David Antin, one of the key developments in the emergence of performance poetry.
These days, linear video editing systems have been superseded by non linear editing ( NLE ) systems which can output EDLs electronically to allow autoconform on an online editing system – the recreation of an edited programme from the original sources ( usually video tapes ) and the editing decisions in the EDL.
These youths have been forced to smell ammonia, describe humiliating scenarios, or engage in other uncomfortable acts, while looking at nude pictures, listening to audio tapes describing sexual situations, or describing their own fantasies.
These are of specific note, because these versions were sourced from the master tapes rather than amateur vinyl transfers.

These and contained
These plans, like Du Pont's, contained provisions for passing the vote on Du Pont's General Motors shares on to the ultimate stockholders of Du Pont, Christiana, and Delaware, except that officers and directors of the three companies, their spouses, and other people living in their households, as well as other specified persons, were to be totally disenfranchised.
These were increased both in number and in size, contained prominent nucleoli, and were distributed throughout the fiber ( Figs. 2 - 5 ).
These large pterosaurs were the last representatives of a declining group that contained 10 families during the mid-Cretaceous.
These periodicals contained mostly reprints and a few original stories.
These extracts, which he called nadnerczyna, contained adrenaline and other catecholamines.
These specifications are contained in an executive order which, strictly speaking, governs only flags made for or by the U. S. federal government.
These are contained in the report, " Opportunity not Opportunism: Improving conduct in Australian Franchising " tabled by a Parliamentary inquiry into franchising on 4 December 2008.
These gardens were laid out with hedges and vines and they contained a wide variety of flowers, including acanthus, cornflowers and crocus, cyclamen, hyacinth, iris and ivy, lavender, lilies, myrtle, narcissus, poppy, rosemary and violet.
These oral histories often contained folk-tale motifs and demonstrated a moral, yet they also contained substantial facts relating to geography, anthropology and history, all compiled by Herodotus in an entertaining style and format.
These were operated by the flames, which contained carbon monoxide, playing on the ore and reducing the oxide to metal.
These elements were often taken to reflect Page's interest in the occult, which resulted in accusations that the recordings contained subliminal satanic messages, some of which were said to be contained in backmasking: claims generally dismissed by the band and music critics.
These were of the nature of both a treaty and constitution which contained minority rights clauses that provided for the right of petition and adjudication by the International Court.
These laws, contained in sections 5311 through 5332 of Title 31 of the United States Code, require financial institutions, which under the current definition include a broad array of entities, including banks, credit card companies, life insurers, money service businesses and broker-dealers in securities, to report certain transactions to the United States Treasury.
These became essential with the appearance of complex synthesizers such as the Yamaha FS1R, which contained several thousand programmable parameters, but had an interface that consisted of fifteen tiny buttons, four knobs and a small LCD.
These masques contained songs and dances.
These became well known in the media when an ingredient many contained, Olestra, was linked in some individuals to abdominal discomfort and loose stools.
These figures were extracted through an analysis of the papers contained within the MEDLINE database.
These provinces contained three-sevenths of the population and more than half the cattle of the colony.
These tombs, which date to the Early Dynastic IIIa period ( approximately in the 25th or 24th century BC ), contained immense amounts of luxury items made out of precious metals, and semi-precious stones all of which would have had to been imported from long distances ( Iran, Afghanistan, India, Asia Minor, the Persian Gulf ).
These services are contained in The United Methodist Hymnal and The United Methodist Book of Worship ( 1992 ).
These hubs contained the rotating token that never left the hub itself.
These special purpose rooms usually contained video projectors interlinked with numerous PCs ; however, electronic meeting systems have evolved into web-based, any time, any place systems that will accommodate " distributed " meeting participants who may be dispersed in several locations.
These files dealt with the financing of MKUltra projects and contained few project details, however much more was learned from them than from the Inspector General's 1963 report.

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