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novel and was
Lewis was spending his mornings, with the help of two secretaries, on the galleys of that long novel, making considerable revisions, and the combination of hard work and hard frivolity exhausted him once more, so that he was compelled to spend three days in the Harbor Sanatorium in the last week of January.
Krim was able to get an advance for a novel, and time and opportunity to write at Yaddo, but it was no good.
He was thinking his way into a new novel, a big one, one that people had been waiting for.
His lordship was concerned in the management of Drury Lane but, if there were no opportunities there, would he read and criticize her novel??
Postmaster General J. Edward Day, who must deal with matters of postal censorship, is himself author of a novel, Bartholf Street, albeit one he was obliged to publish at his own expense.
A year ago it was bruited that the primary character in Erich Maria Remarque's new novel was based on the Marquis Alfonso De Portago, the Spanish nobleman who died driving in the Mille Miglia automobile race of 1957.
Mr. Remarque's conception of this novel was sound and perhaps even noble.
the book was a fine historical novel about Edward 3,, and I did a week of research to get the details just right: the fifteenth-century armor, furnishings, clothes.
As a first step, Algerian literature was marked by works whose main concern was the assertion of the Algerian national entity, there is the publication of novels as the Algerian trilogy of Mohammed Dib, or even Nedjma of Kateb Yacine novel which is often regarded as a monumental and major work.
Significantly, Huxley also worked for a time in the 1920s at the technologically advanced Brunner and Mond chemical plant in Billingham, Teesside, and the most recent introduction to his famous science fiction novel Brave New World ( 1932 ) states that this experience of " an ordered universe in a world of planless incoherence " was one source for the novel.
According to Burgess, the novel was a jeu d ' esprit written in just three weeks.
In 1950 it was combined with " War of Nerves " ( 1950 ), " Discord in Scarlet " ( 1939 ) and " M33 in Andromeda " ( 1943 ) to form the novel The Voyage of the Space Beagle ( 1950 ).
He wrote a mainstream novel that was set in Communist China, The Violent Man ( 1962 ); he said that to research this book he had read 100 books about China.
According to a research report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Oran was decimated by the plague in 1556 and 1678, but outbreaks after European colonization, in 1921 ( 185 cases ), 1931 ( 76 cases ), and 1944 ( 95 cases ), were very far from the scale of the epidemic described in the novel.
The scenes at the end of the novel, when Oran's gates are reopened, recall the jubilant scenes in Paris when the city was liberated in 1944.
Her first appearance in a full-length novel was in The Murder at the Vicarage in 1930.
The novel was not published until shortly after Christie's death in 1976, some thirty-six years after it was originally written.
This first film was based on the 1957 novel 4: 50 from Paddington ( U. S. title, What Mrs. McGillicuddy Saw!

novel and only
recently only Keith Wheeler's novel, Peaceable Lane, has openly faced the problem.
A man in a novel who is defeated in his childhood and condemned by unconscious forces within him to tiredly repeat his earliest failure in love, only makes us a little weary of man ; ;
Ortega's hope that modern psychology might yet bring forth a last flowering of the novel has only been partially fulfilled.
The work as it stands is not the entire book that Malraux wrote at that time -- it is only the first section of a three-part novel called La Lutte avec l'Ange ; ;
In this novel arrangement the `` pill '' is much smaller and contains only a resonant circuit in which the capacitor is formed by a pressure-sensing transducer.
Dickens not only reveals character through gesture, he makes hands a crucial element of the plot, a means of clarifying the structure of the novel by helping to define the hero's relations with all the major characters, and a device for ordering such diverse themes as guilt, pursuit, crime, greed, education, materialism, enslavement ( by both people and institutions ), friendship, romantic love, forgiveness, and redemption.
Sir Julian Huxley in his book Uniqueness Of Man makes the novel point that just as man is unique in being the only animal which requires a long period of infancy and childhood under family protection, so is he the only animal who has a long period after the decline of his procreativity.
One looked forward to Mr. Remarque's ninth book if only because not even a reasonably good novel has yet been written grounded on automobile racing, as dramatic a sport as mankind has devised.
The historic roots of Algerian literature goes back to the Numidian era, when Apuleius wrote The Golden Ass, the only Latin novel to survive in its entirety.
Several later books were original in Europe, and at least one novel has only ever appeared in Italian, no English version yet published.
The large amount of travel done by Christie and Mallowan has not only made for a great writing theme, as shown in her famous novel: The Murder on the Orient Express, but also tied into the idea of archaeology as an adventure that has become so important in today ’ s popular culture as described by Cornelius Holtorf in his book Archaeology is a Brand.
* Dr. Bernard Rieux: Dr. Bernard Rieux is the narrator of the novel, although this is only revealed at the end.
Rather he disguises himself, referring to himself in the third person and only at the end of the novel reveals who he is.
In 1994, scholar Brian Stonehill suggested that Thomas Pynchon's 1973 novel Gravity's Rainbow " not only curses but precurses what we now glibly dub cyberspace.
Catullus's poems and the closing section by Suetonius are the only documents in the novel which are not imagined.
Severin also provides evidence in his book that another publicised case of a real-life marooned Miskito Central American man named only as Will may have caught Defoe's attention, inspiring the depiction of Man Friday in his novel.
* The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket ( 1838 ) – Poe's only complete novel
The novel provides motivation and backstory to Snake and Hauk — both disillusioned war veterans — deepening their relationship that was only hinted at it in the film.
Immersive virtual musical instruments, or immersive virtual instruments for music and sound aim to represent musical events and sound parameters in a virtual reality so that they can be perceived not only through auditory feedback but also visually in 3D and possibly through tactile as well as haptic feedback, allowing the development of novel interaction metaphors beyond manipulation such as prehension.
It is less generally realized that his Letters to Malcolm: Chiefly on Prayer ( 1964 ) was a similar exercise, exploring theological questions through correspondence addressed to a fictional recipient, " Malcolm ", though this work may be considered a " novel " only loosely in that developments in Malcolm's personal life gradually come to light and impact the discussion.
Film editing is described as an art or skill, the only art that is unique to cinema, separating filmmaking from other art forms that preceded it, although there are close parallels to the editing process in other art forms like poetry or novel writing.
* In the timeline of Robert Heinlein's utopian novel For Us, the Living – written in 1939 but only published posthumously in 2003 – LaGuardia is elected President in 1951 and serves two terms as a militant reforming president, effectively nationalizing the banking system and instituting a system of Social Credit.
At the novel's end, the question of whether or not the Time Lords will be restored remains unanswered, although if the events of the novel are to tie in with later events in the TV series it must be assumed that Gallifrey was at some point restored, only to be destroyed again during the events of the Time War.

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