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July and 1520
In July 1520, when scarcely four and a half years old, she entertained a visiting French delegation with a performance on the virginals ( a type of harpsichord ).
* July 7 – King Sigismund II Augustus of Poland ( b. 1520 )
* July 7 – Madeleine of Valois, queen of James V of Scotland ( b. 1520 )
Rome, 8 July 1520
* July 2 – Vincenzo Galilei, Italian composer ( b. 1520 )
* July 7 – Pernette Du Guillet, poet ( b. c. 1520 )
* Anna ( 1 July 1515 – 8 May 1520 )
* Mary Boleyn ( c. 1499 – 19 July 1543 ); Lady Mary Carey ( 1520 – 1528 ); Lady Stafford ( 1534 – 1543 )
In a bloody nocturnal action of 1 July 1520, known as La Noche Triste, Alvarado led the rear-guard and was badly wounded.
Christian II ( 1 July 1481 – 25 January 1559 ) during the Kalmar Union was King of Denmark and Norway 1513 – 1523 and of Sweden 1520 – 1521 where he often has been called Kristian Tyrann (" Christian the Tyrant ").
William Oldys was the son of John Oldys b. 13 July 1563 who was son of John Oldys b. 1520 who was son of John Oldys, Bishop of Clanmacknoise, Ireland in 1444 who was son of Richard Oldys b. 1366.
1520 – 2 July 1591 ) was an Italian lutenist, composer, and music theorist, and the father of the famous astronomer and physicist Galileo Galilei and of the lute virtuoso and composer Michelagnolo Galilei.
Madeleine of France ( 10 August 1520 – 7 July 1537 ), also known as Magdalene of Valois, was a French princess who became Queen of Scots as the first spouse of King James V of Scotland.
He held various Offices of State, including from 28 November 1520 that of Lieutenant of Calais and from 14 July 1524 that of Chancellor of the Exchequer to King Henry VIII.
* July 2-Vincenzo Galilei, Italian scientist and musician ( born 1520 )
William was educated at the great West Country college of Exeter, at Oxford, arriving there in 1520 when he was about 14 ( the usual age at that time ), from whence he was elected Fellow of All Souls in 1523 where he graduated Bachelor of Civil and Canon Law on 2 July 1526 ( both colleges were generously endowed by him later ).
Anne Askew ( née Anne Ayscough, married name Anne Kyme ) ( born 1520 / 1521 – died 16 July 1546 ) was an English poet and Protestant who was condemned as a heretic.
* July 2 – Vincenzo Galilei, Italian composer, lutenist and music theorist, father of Galileo ( born 1520 )
On that " Sad Night ," July 1, 1520, the Spanish forces exited the palace first with their indigenous allies close behind, bringing as much treasure as possible.

July and Dürer
Very soon after his return to Nuremberg, on 7 July 1494, at the age of 23, Dürer was married to Agnes Frey following an arrangement made during his absence.
Having secured his pension, Dürer finally returned home in July 1521, having caught an undetermined illness — perhaps malaria — which afflicted him for the rest of his life, and greatly reduced his rate of work.
Woodcut by Albrecht Dürer commemorating the double wedding at the First Congress of Vienna, on 22 July 1515.

July and made
Very soon after his arrival in Little Rock, Pike had joined one of the most influential organizations in town, the Little Rock Debating Society, and it was with this group that he made his debut as an orator, being invited to deliver the annual Fourth of July address the club sponsored every year.
The second test mailing ( to 100 companies ) was made in July, 1960.
In July, Alcott announced their plans in The Dial: " We have made an arrangement with the proprieter of an estate of about a hundred acres, which liberates this tract from human ownership ".
On 19 July 2007, the Newport Pagnell plant rolled out its last car, a Vanquish S. Nearly 13, 000 cars had been made there since 1955.
John Flamsteed, from measurements made in 1689 and succeeding years with his mural quadrant, similarly concluded that the declination of the Pole Star was 40 ″ less in July than in September.
As of July 2002, the fate of the Minas Gerais was still unknown, with China having reportedly made a surprise bid for its purchase.
The law was made official on 6 July 1880, and the Ministry of the Interior recommended to Prefects that the day should be " celebrated with all the brilliance that the local resources allow ".
InterBase 6. 0 was made available as an open source product in July 2000.
Sanofi-Pasteur's BCG vaccine products, made with the Glaxo 1077 strain, were recalled in July 2012 due to noncompliance in the manufacturing process.
The decision was reportedly made at a meeting on 2 July 2006 and The Vanguard newspaper of Nigeria reported the decision to secede.
This fact was not made public until 21 July 1937.
The constitution established a National Assembly made up of 52 elected deputies, elected in July 1987.
On July 11, 2006, the bans were made permanent by the AACCA rules committee:
In July 1975, according to the IISS Military Balance, the FAZ was made up of 14 infantry battalions, seven " Guard " battalions, and seven other infantry battalions variously designated as " parachute " ( or possibly " commando "; probably the units of the new parachute brigade originally formed in 1968 ).
Between July 1898 and 1901 the Romanian professor Gheorghe Marinescu made several science films in his neurology clinic in Bucharest: The walking troubles of organic hemiplegy ( 1898 ), The walking troubles of organic paraplegies ( 1899 ), A case of hysteric hemiplegy healed through hypnosis ( 1899 ), The walking troubles of progressive locomotion ataxy ( 1900 ) and Illnesses of the muscles ( 1901 ).
This term was first used by AT & T in commerce on July 5, 1960 and then was introduced to the public on November 18, 1963, when the first push-button telephone was made available to the public.
EDuke was released as a patch for Atomic Edition users on July 28, 2000, and included a demo mod made by several beta testers.
On the 24 July he was made a Freeman of Huddersfield.
From July 1, 1941 to June 6, 1969, when the Army stopped publishing awards of the DSM in Department of the Army General Orders, over 2, 800 further awards were made.
On July 4, Allen and Warner made their case to New York's Provincial Congress, which, despite the fact that the Royal Governor had placed a price on their heads, agreed to the formation of a regiment.
But Griffith's first use of cross-cutting in The Fatal Hour, made in July 1908, has a much stronger suspense story served by this construction than those in the earlier Pathé examples.
On 11 July 1789, after Necker published an inaccurate account of the government's debts and made it available to the public, the King fired him, and completely restructured the finance ministry at the same time.
He made multiple stops on his way toward the tip of Africa, eventually rounded the Cape of Good Hope, and reached Sierra Leone by 22 July 1580.

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