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At and State
At the State Department, hard-bitten Russian experts complained that the Capitol was out of its wits.
At a closed-door session on Capitol Hill last week, Secretary of State Christian Herter made his final report to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on U.S. affairs abroad.
At one extreme are the systems of upper New York State, where libraries in two or more counties combine to serve a large, sparsely populated area.
In his journal for November 6, 1860, he wrote: " At Town House, and cast my vote for Lincoln and the Republican candidates generally — the first vote I ever cast for a President and State officers.
At the Central Committee meeting of 22 November 1982, Kirilenko lost his membership in the Politburo ( after a decision within the Politburo itself ), and Nikolai Ryzhkov, the Deputy Chairman of the State Planning Committee, was elected to the Secretariat.
At around the same time a league from Glassboro State College also formed a similar baseball league and had its first draft in 1976.
At present, there are five living former first ladies: Rosalynn Carter, wife of Jimmy Carter ; Nancy Reagan, widow of Ronald Reagan ; Barbara Bush, wife of George H. W. Bush ; current Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, wife of Bill Clinton ; and Laura Bush, wife of George W. Bush.
At the age of 21, Prince Harry was appointed as a Counsellor of State and began his royal duties by first serving in that capacity when the Queen was abroad to attend the 2005 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Malta.
It was initially known under the working name of the Ohio State Normal College At Kent ,< ref >
At a site simply named " The Sinks " in Sinks Canyon State Park, the river flows into a cave in a formation known as the Madison Limestone, and then rises again a half-mile down the canyon in a placid pool.
At, Grand Isle State Park contains camping facilities, a sand volleyball court, a nature walk trail, a horseshoe pit and a play area.
At the conference, United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Secretary of State Cordell Hull declared the Good Neighbor Policy, which opposed U. S. armed intervention in inter-American affairs.
At, it is the third-highest mountain in Washington State and the fifth-highest in the Cascade Range, if Little Tahoma Peak, a subpeak of Mount Rainier, is not counted.
At that time, Dejima was no longer in the possession of the Dutch East Indian Company but was kept running by the Dutch State, because of political reasons.
At the turn of the 20th century, the Majeerteen Sultanate, Sultanate of Hobyo, Warsangali Sultanate and Dervish State employed cavalry in their battles against the imperialist European powers during the Campaign of the Sultanates.
At the beginning of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, Egyptian forces entered the former British Mandate of Palestine from Sinai to support Palestinian and other Arab forces against the newly declared State of Israel.
At the time, encryption algorithms were classified as munitions by the United States government ; exporting encryption to other countries was considered an issue of national security, and had to be approved by the State Department.
At the north end of Seneca Lake is the city of Geneva, New York, home of Hobart and William Smith Colleges and the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, a division of Cornell University.
At the USA's San Jose State TV studios in 1970, Willoughby Sharp began the “ Videoviews ” series of videotaped dialogues with artists.
* March 5 – At the opening of the new State Duma in St. Petersburg, Russia 40, 000 demonstrators are dispersed by Russian troops.
At the Labor Archives of Washington State, University of Washington Libraries Special Collections.
At the Labor Archives of Washington State, University of Washington Libraries Special Collections.
At the Labor Archives of Washington State, University of Washington Libraries Special Collections.
At the Labor Archives of Washington State, University of Washington Libraries Special Collections.

At and College
) At this late date, it is impossible for St. Michael's College to find a suitable replacement for me.
At the age of 18, Clement received a bachelor's degree from Transvaal University College in Pretoria ( now the University of Pretoria ).
* 1776 – At The College of William and Mary, Phi Beta Kappa is founded and becomes the first American college fraternity.
At about the same time, the College adopted its " Dartmouth Plan " of academic scheduling, permitting the student body to increase in size within the existing facilities.
At the time, Guthrie's brother, Frederick, was a student of Augustus De Morgan at University College.
At the same time Bragg's Cavendish Laboratory was also effectively competing with King's College London, whose Biophysics department was under the direction of Sir John Randall.
At Eton he played tricks on John Crace, his Master in College, among which was to enter a spoof advertisement in a College magazine implying pederasty.
( At the College Park, Maryland, USA, store there is an interactive digital display which tells the history of a tavern which used to exist where the store is currently located.
At the time, apothecaries ' weights and measures were regulated " in England, Wales, and Berwick-upon-Tweed " by the London College of Physicians, and in Ireland by the Dublin College of Physicians.
At the age of 19, during his second year at Deccan College in Poona ( now Pune ), he met a very old Muslim woman, a spiritual master named Hazrat Babajan, who kissed him on the forehead.
* 1660 – At Gresham College, 12 men, including Christopher Wren, Robert Boyle, John Wilkins, and Sir Robert Moray decide to found what is later known as the Royal Society.
* 1825 – At Union College in Schenectady, New York a group of college students form Kappa Alpha Society, the first college social fraternity.
At the age of fourteen, he began receiving tutoring in Latin and Greek from his church pastor to prepare for entrance to Yale College.
At the time of his election to the papacy in July 1153 he was Dean of the College of Cardinals and probably the oldest member of that body.
At the time of his election, he was the only Franciscan friar in the College of Cardinals.
At the University of Oxford bumping races were first organised in 1815 when Brasenose College and Jesus College boat clubs had the first annual race while at Cambridge the first recorded races were in 1827.
At the time this accreditation was gained, all business programs at the college were brought together in 2003 to form St. John Fisher College ’ s first professional school, which was named the Bittner School of Business.
At the United States Naval Observatory, a radio receiver was lifted 3 kilometers above the ground in a dirigible tuned to a wavelength between 8 and 9 kilometers, using a " radio-camera " developed by Amherst College and Charles Francis Jenkins.
At the University of California, Santa Cruz, there is a section of dormitories named " Biko House " located in the Oakes College Multicultural Theme Housing.

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