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After and defeat
After the Union defeat at the First Battle of Bull Run and the retirement of the aged Winfield Scott in late 1861, Lincoln appointed Major General George B. McClellan general-in-chief of all the Union armies.
After this Confederate defeat at the Battle of Mill Springs, Davis sent Johnston a brigade and a few other scattered reinforcements, and he sent Gen. P. G. T.
After his government's defeat, Mackenzie remained Leader of the Opposition for another two years, until 1880.
After another defeat before Verona, Alaric left Italy, probably in 403.
After Ali ibn Yusuf's death in 1143, his son Tashfin ibn Ali lost ground rapidly before the Almohads, and in 1146 he was killed by a fall from a precipice while attempting to escape after a defeat near Oran.
* 1945 – World War II: Führerbunker: After learning that Soviet forces have taken Eberswalde without a fight, Adolf Hitler admits defeat in his underground bunker and states that suicide is his only recourse.
After defeat in 310 BC he took the desperate resolve of breaking through the blockade and attacking the enemy in Africa.
After arriving at the Tines homeworld and allying with Woodcarver to defeat Steel, Pham initiates the Countermeasure, which extends the " Slow Zone " – the inner region of the galaxy where the highest technologies, such as artificial intelligence and superluminal travel, are impossible – by thousands of light-years to enclose the Blight.
After the Padres ' defeat at the hands of the Milwaukee Brewers on September 29, the Diamondbacks secured both the NL West title and home field advantage throughout the NL playoffs.
After the defeat at Ai, Joshua lamented before the Ark ( Josh.
After their first defeat at Eben-ezer, the Israelites had the Ark brought from Shiloh, and welcomed its coming with great rejoicing.
After the defeat of Paoli, the Comte de Marbeuf began to meet with some leading Corsicans to outline the shape of the future and enlist their assistance.
After engineering the defeat of a Liberal Reform Bill introduced by Gladstone in 1866, Disraeli and Derby introduced their own measure in 1867.
After Pompey's defeat former allies began to align themselves with Caesar as some came to believe the gods favored him, while for others it was simple self-preservation.
After their disastrous defeat at Blenheim in 1704, the next year brought France some respite.
After Duke Eudes's defeat, Aquitaine pledged allegiance formally to the new rising Carolingian dynasty, but still remained out of Frankish central rule until 768 ( Duke Waifer defeated ).
After the Helvetian defeat at Bibracte, the influential Aedui tribe allowed the Boii survivors to settle on their territory, where they occupied the oppidum of Gorgobina.
After the defeat there Douglas escaped, but left a number of his men either slain or captive, including his first cousin latterly the 3rd Earl of Douglas, Archibald the Grim.
After this defeat, Catus Decianus fled to Gaul.
After the defeat of the French Campaign in the Battle of the Nile, in 1801, the British Museum acquired more Egyptian sculpture and in 1802 King George III presented the Rosetta Stone – key to the deciphering of hieroglyphs.
After the defeat of the French forces under Napoleon at the Battle of the Nile in 1801, the Egyptian antiquities collected were confiscated by the British army and presented to the British Museum in 1803.
After the defeat of his liberal army at the Battle of Lircay on April 17, 1830, Freire, like O ' Higgins, went into exile in Peru.
After defeat by the Assyrians he fled to his protectors in Elam.
After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Eisenhower was assigned to the General Staff in Washington, where he served until June 1942 with responsibility for creating the major war plans to defeat Japan and Germany.

After and Zurich
After the French invasion, on 19 March 1798, the governments of Zurich and Bern agreed to the creation of the short lived Canton of Baden in the Helvetic Republic.
After Emperor Constantine ’ s reforms in AD 318, the border between Gaul and Italy ( two of the four praetorian prefectures of the Roman Empire ) was located east of Turicum, crossing the River Linth between Lake Walen and Lake Zurich, where a castle and garrison looked over Turicum ’ s safety.
After taking a teaching post for a few years, he left Göttingen for Zürich to take the chair of mathematics in the ETH Zurich, where he was a colleague of Albert Einstein, who was working out the details of the theory of general relativity.
After a year as Privatdozent at Göttingen, he turned to the study of Philosophy in Zurich.
After an attempt was made to sell the codex in both New York and Paris, it was acquired by the Carl Gustav Jung Institute in Zurich in 1951, through the mediation of Gilles Quispel.
After promising to meet Sick Boy in Cannes, Renton instead goes to Zurich to empty their joint account to start a new life in San Francisco.
After graduating from a secondary school ( gymnasium ) with very high academic standards and an emphasis on classical languages and literature, Rosenstock-Huessy pursued law studies at the universities of Zurich, Heidelberg, and Berlin.
After Vienna Einstein visited relatives in Germany while Marić returned to Zurich.
They had negotiated a settlement whereby the Nobel Prize money that Einstein anticipated he would soon receive was to be placed in trust for their two boys, while Marić would be able to draw on the interest, but have no authority over the capital without Einstein's permission, After Einstein married his second wife in June, he returned to Zurich to talk to Marić about the children's future, taking Hans Albert on Lake Constance and Eduard to Arosa for convalescence.
After the opening of the Lake Zurich right bank railway from Zürich to Rapperswil in 1894 the village blossomed.
After this, he was the conductor for Radio Zurich until 1967, when he took over the Bern Symphony Orchestra from Paul Kletzki, where he stayed for eleven years.
After 1531 Küsnacht was governed by Zurich.
After service in the Upper Rhine valley and the Netherlands, he joined André Masséna in Switzerland in 1799, and fought at the battles of Winterthur and First Zurich.
After he had completed a secondary school in Warsaw ( 1904 ), he started studying chemistry in Germany: at first at the University in Leipzig, and then in Heidelberg and Zurich.
After a psychotic episode in Toronto he seeks out the help of Jungian psychoanalysts in Zurich.
After the First Battle of Zurich, the old Confederation between the French and the Austrians was divided.
After completing the album with help from Sam Zurich and Mike Kinsella, Tim Kinsella decided that since all three had played in Joan Of Arc, it should bear the name Joan of Arc.
After having completed his apprenticeship, Carigiet sought work in Zurich and started a job as a practical trainee with Max Dalang ’ s advertisement agency in 1923, where he soon learned the techniques of graphic design and was hired as a regular employee.
After having won several competitions and having gained a reputation, Carigiet opened his own graphic atelier in Zurich in 1927, employing up to six people at times, due to the constantly large volume of orders his business received.
After some years at Reichenau, and the dependent priory of Bollingen, on Lake Zurich, he embraced an eremitical life and established his hermitage on the slopes of Etzel ( mountain ), taking with him a wonder-working statue of Our Lady which he had been given by the Abbess Hildegarde of Zurich.
After the Russian invasion, they escape to Zurich where he starts womanizing again.
After he left the camps, he lived in Zurich where he met and was influenced by Georg Kaiser, another exiled playwright.
After graduation, Kasarova joined the ensemble at Zurich Opera in 1989 and made her professional stage debut in Wagner ’ s Götterdämmerung as the 2nd Norn and Wellgunde.

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