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Vesoul and was
Other important cities are Dole ( capital before the region was conquered by Louis XIV in the late 17th century ), Vesoul ( capital of Haute-Saône ), Arbois ( the " wine capital " of the Jura ), and Lons-le-Saunier ( capital of Jura ).
Alexis Thérèse Petit ( 2 October 1791, Vesoul, Haute-Saône-21 June 1820 in Paris ) was a French physicist.
Petit was born in Vesoul, Haute-Saône.
Jean-Léon Gérôme was born at Vesoul, Haute-Saône.

Vesoul and ),
In addition to the title song, the album included " Vesoul ", " Je suis un soir d ’ été " ( I am a summer's eve ), and " Un enfant " ( A child ).

Vesoul and produced
" Suleiman also produced a short film in 1997, entitled War and Peace in Vesoul.

Vesoul and .
Even the department's capital, Vesoul, still had a population below 20, 000 in 2010.
Classic regional and national trains complete this offer to Montbéliard, Besançon, Mulhouse, Vesoul, Épinal and Nancy.
The liberation of southern France occurred rapidly, with the corps taking Besançon on 7 September 1944, and fighting its way into Vesoul less than one week later.
Vesoul is a commune in the Haute-Saône department in the region of Franche-Comté in eastern France.
Vesoul has schools of higher education.
This happened to Aaron of Lincoln in England, Ezmel de Ablitas in Navarre, Heliot de Vesoul in Provence, Benveniste de Porta in Aragon, etc.

was and birthplace
The influence of Mass was less pervasive than that of the congested, slum tenements among the bawdy houses, honkytonks, and sawdust saloons of his birthplace ; ;
One tempest was stirred up last March when Udall announced that an eight-and-a-half-foot bronze statue of William Jennings Bryan, sculpted by the late Gutzon Borglum, would be sent `` on indefinite loan '' to Salem, Illinois, Bryan's birthplace.
In association with his birthplace, Mount Cynthus on the island of Delos, Apollo was called Cynthius ( ; Κύνθιος, Kunthios, literally " Cynthian "), Cynthogenes ( ; Κύνθογενης, Kunthogenēs, literally " born of Cynthus "), and Delius ( ; Δήλιος, Delios, literally " Delian ").
In ancient times, the sea was the birthplace of two ancient civilizations the Minoans of Crete and the Mycenean Civilization of the Peloponnese.
The last Assyrian city to fall was Harran in south east Anotolia, this city was also the birthplace of the last king of Babylon, the Assyrian Nabonidus and his son and regent Belshazzar.
Aventinus, whose name was real name is Johann or Johannes Turmair ( Aventinus being the Latin name of his birthplace ) wrote the Annals of Bavaria, a valuable record of the early history of Germany and the first major written work on the subject.
For example, Alfonso halted his army in pious respect before the birthplace of a Latin writer, carried Livy or Caesar on his campaigns with him, and his panegyrist Panormita even stated that the king was cured of an illness when a few pages of Quintus Curtius Rufus ' history of Alexander the Great were read to him.
He was an honorary citizen of Zwickau and had a street named for his Audi cars in both Zwickau and his birthplace Winningen.
Thrace was Ares ' birthplace, true home, and refuge after the affair with Aphrodite was exposed to the general mockery of the other gods.
His body was returned to his birthplace in Borgonovo, where he was interred close to his parents.
The campaign seeks to gain World Heritage Status for the iconic Angus landmark that was the birthplace of one of Scotland's most significant documents, the Declaration of Arbroath.
Aberdare was the birthplace of the Second World War poet Alun Lewis, and there is a plaque commemorating him, including a quotation from his poem The Mountain over Aberdare.
Abersychan was the birthplace of the politicians Roy Jenkins, Don Touhig and Paul Murphy ( MP for Torfaen ), and of the rugby footballers Wilfred Hodder, Candy Evans and Bryn Meredith.
* Ansbach was the birthplace of the early chemist, Georg Ernst Stahl.
* Ansbach was the birthplace of the pre-Linnean botanist, Georg Christian Oeder.
* Hermann Fegelein SS Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler's Adjutant and Adolf Hitler's brother in law was a great admirer of his birthplace, Ansbach.
From 1597 to 1794, Bonn was the residence of the Archbishops and Prince-electors of Cologne, and is the birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven ( born 1770 ).
He is referring to the twinned monasteries of Monkwearmouth and Jarrow, near modern-day Newcastle, claimed as his birthplace, there is also a tradition that he was born at Monkton, two miles from the monastery at Jarrow.
Biblical tradition holds that Bethlehem is the birthplace of David, the second king of Israel, and the place where he was anointed king by Samuel.
The 1910 census, taken in May before his birthday, further confirms his birth year as 1893, and indicated the family was farming northwest of Wortham, near Lemon Jefferson's birthplace.
Balmoral Castle was the birthplace of Victoria Eugenie of Spain, a granddaughter of Queen Victoria.
Bayonne was the birthplace of:

was and Jean-Léon
After several applications, his enrollment in the École des Beaux-Arts was accepted in 1885, and he studied there under Jean-Léon Gérôme and Alexandre Cabanel.
Since women could not yet attend the École des Beaux-Arts, she applied to study privately with masters from the school and was accepted to study with Jean-Léon Gérôme, a highly regarded teacher known for his hyper-realistic technique and his depiction of exotic subjects.
Such disdain did not prevent the Société des Peintres Orientalistes (" Society of Orientalist Painters ") being founded in 1893, with Jean-Léon Gérôme as honorary president ; the word was less often used as a term for artists in 19th century England.
Jean-Léon Gérôme ( 11 May 1824 10 January 1904 ) was a French painter and sculptor in the style now known as Academicism.
He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the son of Stephen James Ferris, a portrait painter and a devotee of Jean-Léon Gérôme ( after whom he was named ) and Mariano Fortuny.
The Reception of the Ambassadors From Siam at the Château de Fontainebleau was one such example, documented by Jean-Léon Gérôme in 1864.
Julius studied under Eduardo Zamacois as a teenager, under Jean-Léon Gérôme at the École des Beaux-Arts, and later was a pupil of Raymondo de Madrazo.
He was a pupil of Léon Bonnat and of Jean-Léon Gérôme, at Paris.

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