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was and long-time
Deppy is Despina Messinesi, a long-time member of the Vogue staff who, although born in Boston, was born there of Greek parents.
The proposal was made by Dr. David S. Jenkins after he and Mrs. D. Ellwood Williams, Jr., a board member and long-time critic of the superintendent, argued for about fifteen minutes at this week's meeting.
Regarding institutional reforms, the party was a long-time supporter of presidentialism and a plurality voting system, and came to support also federalism and to fully accept the alliance with Lega Nord, although the relations with that party were tense at times, especially about issues regarding national unity.
Finally, on 10 November 1989, at the November plenum of BCP Todor Zhivkov was dismissed as a long-time party leader and head of state and the communist regime gave way to democratic elections and government.
On July 14, 2005, Tom Biscardi, a long-time Bigfoot enthusiast and CEO of Searching for Bigfoot Inc., appeared on the Coast to Coast AM paranormal radio show and announced that he was " 98 % sure that his group will be able to capture a Bigfoot which they have been tracking in the Happy Camp, California area.
Baron Haussmann, a long-time prefect of Bordeaux, used Bordeaux's 18th century big-scale rebuilding as a model when he was asked by Emperor Napoleon III to transform a then still quasi-medieval Paris into a " modern " capital that would make France proud.
After the funeral service, a tribute concert was held at the Martin Luther King Center, also in Gainesville, and featured performances by his son and daughter, Anthony McDaniel and Evelyn Kelly, long-time background vocalist Gloria Jolivet, co-producer Scott " Skyntyte " Free, Diddley's touring band, The Debby Hastings Band, and guest artist Eric Burdon.
Among the insurgents was Laurent-Désiré Kabila, who would overthrow long-time dictator Mobutu 30 years later.
He beat out retired French air force officer Mohamed Djaanfari and long-time politician Ibrahim Halidi, whose candidacy was backed by Azali Assoumani, the outgoing president.
The season began with long-time backup George Ratterman at quarterback, but Babe Parilli took his place when the starter was injured.
In addition, long-time ace Carlos Zambrano was pulled from a game against the White Sox on June 25 after a tirade and shoving match with Derrek Lee, and was suspended indefinitely by Jim Hendry, who called the conduct " unacceptable.
Thomas ' obituary in the Times was written by fellow poet and long-time friend, Vernon Watkins.
In 1997, Don Yannias, a long-time associate and investment advisor of Safra, became CEO of Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. A new company, Britannica. com Inc. was spun off in 1999 to develop the digital versions of the Britannica ; Yannias assumed the role of CEO in the new company, while that of Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. remained vacant for two years.
Later, Zhvania's close friend and a long-time ally, Finance Minister Zurab Nogaideli was appointed for the post by President Saakashvili.
Automobile marque DeSoto was a long-time major sponsor.
Ludwig Erhard ( 1897 – 1977 ) was in charge of economic policy as economics director for the British and American occupation zones and was Adenauer's long-time economics minister.
In 1930, Sténio Vincent, a long-time critic of the occupation, was elected President, and the US began to withdraw its forces.
Another version, which Bogart's long-time friend, author Nathaniel Benchley, claims is the truth, is that Bogart was injured while on assignment to take a naval prisoner to Portsmouth Naval Prison in Kittery, Maine.
During the filming, while Bacall was home, Bogart resumed his discreet affair with Verita Peterson, his long-time studio assistant whom he took sailing and enjoyed drinking with.
The 1990s, though, were a turbulent time for graphics development, as the computer industry was collapsing, with long-time computer makers such as Tandy / Radio Shack, Atari, and Commodore / Amiga disappearing, and the PC and Macintosh markets were fighting for dominance.
Although Maududi was educated at Deobandi institution ( s ) his party is a long-time rival of the Deobandi party / group Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam.
He was the original and long-time. us Top-Level Domain administrator.
Instead, Hitler appointed Goebbels Reich Chancellor ; Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz, who was at Flensburg near the Danish border, Reich President ; and Martin Bormann, Hitler's long-time chief of staff, Party Minister.

was and columnist
On April 22, 1971, syndicated columnist Jack Anderson reported allegations that Capp made indecent advances to four female students when he was invited to speak at the University of Alabama in February 1968.
* Margery Eagan and Peter Gelzinis are longtime metro columnists, as is Joe Fitzgerald, who was formerly a sports columnist.
The most recent was in May 2012, when Washington Post columnist Mike Wise published a piece entitled " Fans who yell ‘ Oh !’ during national anthem are tainting a moment meant to unite Americans ".
Likely the most extreme criticism of the practice was given by Sun sports columnist John Steadman suggested that Baltimore forfeit any game where a fan shouts " O!
According to the meeting minutes, Pasternak was denounced as an internal White emigre and a Fascist fifth columnist.
In 2005 and 2006, Charles was a monthly columnist for the Liverpool Echo newspaper.
The first episode was aired on 9 December 1960 and was not initially a critical success ; Daily Mirror columnist Ken Iriwin claimed the series would only last three weeks.
As well as writing comedy, Anderson is also a frequent contributor to newspapers, and was a regular columnist in the Sunday Correspondent.
During the 1920s her only paid work was as a columnist for feminist journals, notably Equal Rights and Time and Tide.
Later, George W. Bush was symbolized by a Stetson hat atop the same invisible point, because he was Governor of Texas prior to his presidency ( Trudeau accused him of being “ all hat and no cattle ”, reiterating the characterization of Bush by columnist Molly Ivins ).
He was the Hearst newspapers ' baseball columnist for many years, beginning in 1911, and his knack for spotting the eccentric and the unusual, on the field or in the stands, is credited with revolutionizing the way baseball was covered.
Fred Reed ( born 1945 in Crumpler, West Virginia ) was a technology columnist for The Washington Times.
Lord Aberdeen died at Argyll House, St. James's, London, on 14 December 1860, and was buried in the family vault at Stanmore. In 1994 novelist, columnist and politician Ferdinand Mount used George Gordon's life as the basis for a historical novel – Umbrella.
When asked by columnist Earl Wilson what the purpose of the group was, Bacall responded " to drink a lot of bourbon and stay up late.
" When asked by syndicated columnist Katherine Hillyer for the Washington Daily News ( or by a bystander, according to another account ) what it was called, Irving answered, " It's a jeep.
For nearly 15 years she was an influential ( if intermittent ) review columnist for The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.
Opened by Charlton Heston and introduced by Frank Sinatra, the ceremony was attended by so many Hollywood stars — said to be more than for any event in history — that one columnist wrote at the time that a bomb in the dining room would have brought about the end of the movie industry.
In an essay appearing in the 14 May 2007 issue of Newsweek, business columnist Robert J. Samuelson argued that China was pursuing an essentially mercantilist trade policy that threatened to undermine the post-World War II international economic structure.
His cover was blown by local columnist Sid Hartman who reported the visit and forced Parseghian to issue denials.
In response to this, the columnist Marc Cassivi of La Presse wrote that " there was only one closet a Quebec artist could never exit and that was the federalist one.
His second wife is Judith Anne Shulevitz, who was a columnist for Slate and The New York Times Book Review ; married on November 7, 1999, they have a son and a daughter.

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