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from Brown Corpus
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We and ran
We ran out of money and we haven't eaten for two days ''.
We quickly ran into the same trouble that plagued Bill Ruger in his first experiments: Three or four bullets would be placed well in a six-inch bull at 100 yards and then, unaccountably, one could stray far out of the group.
`` We ran into a guy at the Pagan Room who guarantees we can beat the wheel.
We have no greater justification for being cruel to the miserable object, than for being cruel to a WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE or an ISAAC NEWTON ; but he passes away before an immeasurably better and higher power that of Christianity than ever ran wild in any earthly woods, and the world will be all the better when this place knows him no more.
It is said that he ran the entire distance without stopping, but moments after proclaiming his message " Nenīkēkamen " (" We have won!
The initial " We Got Next " advertisement ran before each WNBA season until it was replaced with the " We Got Game " campaign.
News of the two deaths broke almost simultaneously and some newspapers ran an obituary of Howerd in which Hill was quoted as regretting Howerd's passing, saying " We were great, great friends ".
The album's release was delayed when the band ran into conflict with their label over the content of songs such as " We Can Be Together " and " Uncle Sam Blues " and the planned title of the album, Volunteers of Amerika.
Years later, in 1981, he told Tex Maule in an interview for The Runner magazine, " We had thought that 3: 39 would win and I ran under that.
He then ran the from the battlefield near Marathon to Athens to announce the Greek victory over Persia in the Battle of Marathon ( 490 BC ) with the word νικωμεν ’ ( nikomen –" We have won "), as stated by Lucian " chairete, nikomen " (" hail, we are the winners ") to then collapse and die.
* When We Were Forty-One Broadway production opened at the New York Roof Theatre on June 12 and ran for 66 performances
The French newspaper of record, Le Monde, ran a front-page headline reading " Nous sommes tous Américains ", or " We are all Americans ".
She also completed a stage adaptation of We the Living that ran briefly in early 1940.
We ran like banshees through that house, and Mike would hide behind doorways and jump out and scare us .” Melissa said about Landon who took the script in a new direction, “ He put frogs in his mouth, we had a script supervisor.
The Chicago Reader ran a derisive column, " BobWatch: We Read Him So You Don't Have To ," penned pseudonymously by Chicago Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg.
He conceded, " We also ran out of common interests ".
When asked why the popular show ended, Broderick Crawford said, " We ran out of crimes.
Ovett ran the last lap almost nine seconds quicker than Byers but finished second by 0. 53s, later commenting " We ran like a load of hacks.
His show Kilroy started on 24 November 1986 as Day To Day and ran until 2004, when it was cancelled by the BBC after an article entitled ' We owe Arabs nothing ' by Kilroy-Silk was published in the Sunday Express on 4 January of that year.
We only had a couple of intense, 1-or 2-week writing sessions and really, we just ran out of time.
We ran into a tight gap in the path of all came to an abrupt halt, as it was a dead end.
< center > We have lately been toldOf two admirals bold, Who engag'd in a terrible Fight: They met after Noon, Which I think was too soon, As they both ran away before Night .</ center >

We and east
At the time the two of us were in Heliopolis and we both witnessed the extraordinary phenomenon of the moon hiding the sun at the time that was out of season for their coming together ... We saw the moon begin to hide the sun from the east, travel across to the other side of the sun, and return on its path so that the hiding and the restoration of the light did not take place in the same direction but rather in diametrically opposite directions ..."
Then, they were ranked to the east, when they were buried in the 5th and later to the beginning of the 6th c. We can notice a strong Anglo-Saxon influence in the middle of the period, that disappears later.
We Chinese communists seek this arrow for no other purpose than to hit the target of the Chinese revolution and the revolution of the east.
We rode about one league to the east the Presidio, one to the east-southeast, and one to the southeast, going over hills covered with bushes, and over valleys of good land.
We pointed out our latest aggressor to them ... and we went west while they went east ... and just a little later we heard the thunder of their guns.
At the end of the nineteenth century Sia consisted of two large villages, Tunuma and Sia proper, located at a few hundred meters from each other on a narrow spit of land bounded by 8 to 10 feet deep ravines on either side, carved by the We ( Houët ) river to the east and by its tributary Sanyo to the west, and three small satellite villages lying beyond this natural border.
Soon afterwards the French created an administrative settlement near them, on the east side of the We river, which became the headquarters of a district (" cercle ") carrying the same name, Bobo-Dioulasso.
We have indeed said that in the east, to the coasts of the ocean, a number of races in such needy conditions exist ; but this also applies to the races of peoples which are called the large and small Ghaucen, which we have seen in the north.
We are also providing specific and targeted support in those areas facing the greatest recruitment challenges, namely schools in the south east and east of the country, faith schools and rural primary schools.
: We also received from the east many letters full of goodwill, inviting us to come to their lands and offering the best of advantages.
We have also granted to the same men a free common in all our northern wood, that is to say, in the whole forest of Coydebech, and all that common pasture in the marsh of Thalacharn which is called Menecors along the marks and boundaries as it is perambulated, and also all that free common from the rivulet which is named Mackorellis on proceeding upwards as far as Greensladeshead, and so towards the east over Eynonsdown by the way that leads to Brangweys, and from there to Corranshead and so upwards to Horilake and from there to the top of Tadhill, and so downwards to Passenant ’ s Lake and so towards the east to the bounds between Moldhill and that carrucate of land that formerly belonged to Rice, the son of William and downwards to the water of the Taf and so to Heming ’ s well and from there upwards to Horestone and so to Pensernes and from there downwards to Blindwell and so to Rochcomb and so downwards to the ancient whirlpool of the Taf and from there to Howelscroft and so upwards to the Burch and Mere, and so downwards to the long rock which is near our virgate of Thalacharn.
We then sailed WSW, a corrected course for the SW because the needle was off by 22º to the east.
::“ We are not able, at the moment, to send out envoys and Imperial troops so, in spite of their good wishes, each kingdom seek help, as they please, wherever they can, to the east, west, south, or north .”
We knew we could no longer run cargo ships or even fast destroyer transports to any front on the north coast of New Guinea, east of Wewak.
Una wrote to Julian that their mother's grave was " on a sunny hillside looking towards the east ... We had a head and footstone of white marble, with a place for flowers between, and Rose and I planted some ivy there that I had brought from America, and a periwinkle from papa's grave.
We got a PA and set it up in a church, a really huge church in Stratford, east London, just beside a huge traffic island, so we had to do it late at night when there was no traffic!
In the Qur ' an ` s story of Dhul-Qarnayn, " God gave him unto every thing a road " ( or more literally, " We gave him the means of everything " 18: 84 ) He travels as far as the ends of the Earth, to the place on the Earth where the Sun sets ( the west ) and the place on the Earth where the Sun rises ( the east ).
We were detailed to fight north and east of the town.
We learn of the Norwegian man Hallfreðr who becomes one of the original settlers of Iceland, arriving on the east coast around the year 900 with his teenage son Hrafnkell, a promising young man.
We may contemplate the history of this people, existing so long in that dark region, as a type of the inextinguishable Light of Christ ’ s religion ; and in this sense it may be truly said,We have seen his Star in the east ".
" Calvert later wrote, " We had taken into account that landing site Chowringhee was to the east of the Irrawaddy while Broadway was west of the river.

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