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line and Durand
In the year 1893, during rule of Amir Abdur Rahman Khan, a Royal Commission for setting up of Boundary between Afghanistan and British Governed India was set up to negotiate terms with the British, for the agreeing to the Durand line, and the two parties camped at Parachinar, now part of FATA Pakistan, which is near Khost, Afghanistan.
Category: Durand line
* Durand line
Category: Durand line
With the creation of an independent Pakistan, the Durand line conflict with the British colonialists was inherited by the two countries.
As a result of this violation, the Afghan government declared that it recognized " neither the imaginary Durand nor any similar line " and that all previous Durand Line agreements were void.
Category: Durand line
This longitude passes through the eastern end of the main north Japanese island of Hokkaidō and through the eastern end of New Guinea, which is where Frédéric Durand placed the demarcation line.
The single-page agreement which contains seven short articles was signed by H. M. Durand and Amir Abdur Rahman Khan, agreeing not to exercise interference beyond the frontier line between Afghanistan and the adjoining regions of what was then colonial British India ( now Pakistan ).
Some scholars have suggested that the Durand Line was never intended to be a boundary demarcating sovereignty, but rather a line of control beyond which either side agreed not to interfere unless there were an expedient need to do so.
As a result of this violation, the Afghan government declared that it recognized " neither the imaginary Durand nor any similar line " and that all previous Durand Line agreements were void.
They also announced that the Durand ethnic division line had been imposed on them under coercion / duress and was a diktat.
During Operation Cyclone, the ISI with full support / funding from the Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA ) and the White House in the United States recruited huge numbers of mujahideen militant groups on the Pakistani side of the Durand line to cross into Afghanistan's territory for missions to destroy the Soviet-backed Afghan government.
After the collapse of the pro-Soviet Afghan government in 1992, Pakistan being well aware of its Durand Line Agreement violation ( specifically article 2 where it mentions " The Government of India ( Pakistan ) < u > will at no time exercise interference </ u > in the territories lying beyond this line on the side of Afghanistan ") created a puppet state in Afghanistan run by the Taliban.
Afghan Geodesy and Cartography Head Office ( AGCHO ) depicts the line on their maps as a de facto border, including naming the " Durand Line 2310 km ( 1893 )" as an " International Boundary Line " on their home page.
Much of the northern and central Durand line is quite mountainous, where crossing the border is often only practical in the numerous passes through the mountains.
Sixty percent of the Afghan population is Pakhtun ( Pathan ) and Afghanistan has steadfastly refused to accept the old Afghan-British Durand line of 1893 as a suitable permanent boundary between the Pathans of Afghanistan and of Pakistan, while Pakistan refused to draw a new frontier.
Only this group in the three valleys of Birir, Bumburet and Rumbur escaped conversion, because they were located east of the Durand line in the Princely State of Chitral.
Durand line
* Durand line, a poorly marked boundary between Afghanistan and Pakistan
Burhanuddin Rabbani and the late Ahmad Shah Massoud's closest advisers joined Dostum in his demands to change the presidential system into parliamentary, to negotiate with armed groups and to recognize the Durand line.

line and Line
Yet after long and earnest discussion Stalin accepted the Curzon Line and even agreed voluntarily that there should be digressions from that line of five to eight kilometers in favor of Poland in some regions.
* 1890: Extension of the rail line ( now the Tōhoku Main Line ) from Ueno to Akihabara.
But these are physical representations of the corresponding mathematical entities ; the line and the curve are idealized concepts whose width is 0 ( see Line ).
The estate was conveniently located within easy walking distance of Bletchley railway station, where the " Varsity Line " between the cities of Oxford and Cambridge – whose universities supplied many of the code-breakers – met the ( then-LMS ) main West Coast railway line between London and Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow.
The extension beyond Lechmere is in progress and the Red and Blue subway line connection is being designed ; the status of the Arborway Line is unclear.
A major programme of remedial work on the West Coast Main Line started in 1997 and finished in 2009, far over budget (£ 10bn ), many years late and still not bringing the line up to the standards originally proposed by Railtrack.
The Broadway Surface Railroad's Broadway Line, a cable car line, opened on lower Broadway ( below Times Square ) in 1893, and soon became the core of the Metropolitan Street Railway, with two cable branches: the Broadway and Lexington Avenue Line and Broadway and Columbus Avenue Line.
Bodmin Parkway railway station is served by main line trains and is situated on the Cornish Main Line about 3½ miles ( 5½ km ) south-east from the town centre.
Line printers, as the name implies, print an entire line of text at a time.
As a consequence of its use for transporting strawberries to market, the since-closed Cheddar Valley line became known as The Strawberry Line after it opened in 1869.
At each point, the derivative of is the slope of a Line ( geometry ) | line that is tangent to the curve.
Another way is IPTV, that is receiving TV via Internet Protocol, relying on Digital Subscriber Line ( DSL ) or optical cable line.
* 1927 – The Ginza Line, the first subway line in Asia, opens in Tokyo, Japan.
The London Docklands Development Corporation ( LDDC ), needing to provide public transport cheaply for the former docks area to stimulate regeneration, considered several proposals and chose a light rail scheme using dock railway infrastructure to link the West India Docks to Tower Hill and to run alongside the Great Eastern line out of London to a northern terminus at, where a disused bay platform at the west of the station was available, for interchange with the Central Line and main lines.
Line numbers are specified using numerals, and operations are specified using single-character alphabetic commands ( e. g. " 5d " instructs the program to delete the 5th line of the file ).
* Pass 1: Line 0 ( the top-most line ) from each strip.
The population of Frobisher Bay increased rapidly during the construction of the Distant Early Warning Line ( DEW line, a system of radar stations, see North American Aerospace Defense Command ( NORAD )) in the mid-1950s.
Misha Black was appointed design consultant for the 1960s Victoria Line, contributing to the line's uniform look, while the 1990s extension of the Jubilee line featured stations designed by leading architects such as Norman Foster, Michael Hopkins, Will Alsop and Ian Ritchie.
* Line serving the most stations – District line, serving 60 stations.
* Line serving the fewest stations – Waterloo & City line, serving 2 stations.
* Line 4 ( Budapest Metro ), the fourth line of Budapest Metro, Hungary
The Maginot Line (, ), named after the French Minister of War André Maginot, was a line of concrete fortifications, tank obstacles, artillery casemates, machine gun posts, and other defenses, which France constructed along its borders with Germany and Italy, in light of its experience in World War I, and in the run-up to World War II.

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