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saw and opportunity
Some anti-organization Democrats saw in the program an opportunity to end the bitter internal fight within the Democratic party that has been going on for the last three years.
In, the National League club adopted an all-white uniform, and the American League team saw an opportunity.
The Balkan countries saw this as an opportunity to attack the Ottoman Empire and fulfill their desires of expansion.
Also, citizens of the polis saw obligations to the community as an opportunity to be virtuous, it was a source of honour and respect.
The Irish Republican Brotherhood ( IRB ) saw an opportunity to create an armed organisation to advance its own ends, and on 25 November 1913 the Irish Volunteers, whose stated object was " to secure and to maintain the rights and liberties common to all the people of Ireland ", was formed.
William had already acquired the reputation of being the main champion in Europe of the Protestant cause against Catholicism and French absolutism ; in the developing English crisis he saw an opportunity to prevent an Anglo-French alliance and bring England to the anti-French side, by carrying out a military intervention directed against James.
When, in 1881, the Republicans nominated a slate of particularly disreputable machine politicians, the Democrats saw the opportunity to gain the votes of disaffected Republicans by nominating a more honest candidate.
Democratic party leaders saw the Republicans ' choice as an opportunity to take back the White House for the first time since 1856 if the right candidate could be found.
The author and lead developer, Marco Pesenti Gritti, endorsed them and saw the rewrite as an opportunity to make Galeon simpler.
Visiting Ireland also gave him the opportunity to preach against what he saw as the excesses of the Roman Catholic Church, in particular the use of ritual.
Having lost its colonial empire, France saw a good opportunity for revenge against Britain in signing an alliance with the Americans in 1778, and sending an army and navy that turned the American Revolution into a world war.
Since France had been defeated on these two fronts, states previously conquered and controlled by Napoleon saw a good opportunity to strike back.
Shortly after Humayun had marched on Gujarat, Sher Shah saw an opportunity to wrest control of Agra from the Mughals.
Elagabalus saw this as an opportunity to install Elagabal as the chief deity of the Roman pantheon.
At that time, the British also supported the creation and the training of Palmach, as a unit that could withstand a German offensive in the area, with the consent of Yishuv which saw an opportunity to get trained units and soldiers for the planned Jewish state and during 1944-1945, the most mainstream Jewish para-military organization, Haganah, cooperated with the British authorities against the Lehi and Etzel.
In pursuit of his Iraq project, Ribbentrop strongly pushed for German aid to the Rashid Ali al-Gaylani government in Iraq, where he saw a great opportunity for striking a blow at British influence in the Middle East.
Many stayed, as did most of the Indian traders and small businessmen who saw opportunity in the opening up of the interior of Kenya.
Britain saw Mubarak's desire for an alliance as an opportunity to counteract German influence in the region and so agreed.
::" Outside forces saw instability in Afghanistan as an opportunity to press their own security and political agendas.
Tirpitz saw this once again as an opportunity to press for naval expansion and the continuation of the four capital ships per year building rate into 1912.
The Kwantung Army and its homeland allies saw this as an opportunity to seize northern China.
Frustrated and unhappy, he left his homeland reluctantly in 1937 as he saw his opportunity for any future building commissions vanish, accepting a residential commission in Wyoming and then an offer to head the department of architecture of the newly established Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.
It began: Inasmuch as Tarquinius neither obtained the sovereignty in accordance with our ancestral customs and laws, nor, since he obtained it — in whatever manner he got it — has he been exercising it in an honourable or kingly manner, but has surpassed in insolence and lawlessness all the tyrants the world ever saw, we patricians met together and resolved to deprive him of his power, a thing we ought to have done long ago, but are doing now when a favourable opportunity has offered.
But when the US became engaged in Vietnam around this time, Kim saw an opportunity.
Pope Clement V canonized Celestine in 1313 at the urging of King Philip IV of France, who saw it as an opportunity to demean Pope Boniface VIII, whom Philip despised.

saw and reverse
The loss marked a major turning point in Northern Territory politics, a result which was exacerbated when, at the 2005 NT election, the ALP won a second landslide victory, reducing the once-dominant party to a total of just four members in the Legislative Assembly. The 2008 saw the CLP reverse its earlier election losses, increasing its representation from four to 11 members.
Thus, the Samis saw no change or a transformation of their name, for example: some Sire became Siri, Hætta Jáhkoš Ásslat became Aslak Jacobsen Hætta — as it was the norm until recently, when integration into the EU and accelerated international exchanges pushed many people to reverse the order of their full name to given name-surname, so that they are not called Ms. Rauha ( a first name ), just like Japanese, some Koreans, Chinese or some Vietnamese do, for the same reason.
Adams interpreted history as a process moving towards " equilibrium ", but he saw militaristic nations ( he felt Germany pre-eminent in this class ) as tending to reverse this process, a Maxwell's demon of history.
Adams interpreted history as a process moving towards " equilibrium ", but he saw militaristic nations ( he felt Germany pre-eminent in this class ) as tending to reverse this process, a " Maxwell's Demon of history.
However, it never saw wartime service with the Allies, as the designs and specifications had deliberately been destroyed upon the outbreak of war and there was no time for reverse engineering.
The competition saw this design used for 40 years until the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich became the first Games with a different design for the reverse side of the medal.
2010 saw the introduction of the Lincoln Cent with the new Union Shield reverse which replaced the familiar Lincoln Memorial reverse used from 1959 to 2008.
The party members were expecting that Papandreou could reverse the slide in the opinion polls which saw the opposition New Democracy ( ND ) Party, under Kostas Karamanlis, 7 % ahead at the start of the year.
Bruce was featured in an episode of Top Gear ( series 10, episode 3 ), which saw her sharing a lift with presenter of the show, Jeremy Clarkson and then having to push him out ( as he was stuck in a Peel P50, which has no reverse gear ).
When he saw her in the evening, these episodes — there were sometimes over 100 — were systematically " reeled off " by Pappenheim in reverse temporal order.
The 2003 models also saw new headlights which now featured a blacked-out interior, and the taillight lenses had a cleared turn signal and reverse light.
James finally proclaimed the new Union Flag on 12 April 1606, but it was greeted without a great deal of enthusiasm, especially by the Scots, who seeing a St. George's Cross superimposed upon a St. Andrew's Saltire sought to create their own ' Scotch ' design which saw the reverse superimposition take place.
This trade, unlawful in China since it was outlawed by the Qing dynasty in 1729, helped reverse the trade imbalances resulting from the British imports of tea, which saw large outflows of silver from Britain to China.
After several issues edited by Knight failed to reverse the circulation slide ( many sf magazines saw a drop in circulation after the 1957 launch of Sputnik, probably for a variety of reasons ), Quinn sold the title to Robert Guinn, publisher of Galaxy, where it continued with H. L.
* 1998: Base, XE, GXE, ( new ) SE, GLEThe 1998 model year saw a minor redesign of the rear light assembly, primarily the reverse indicator lights.
November 1975 saw the introduction of the MSG-type four-speed, reverse on this transmission was to the ' right and back ' position.
The year 1814 then saw the merger of Columbia University Medical School into the College of Physicians and Surgeons, a move that was made in an attempt to reverse what then was perceived as a period of decline for the medical school.
: Rifleman Thaman Gurung then crept forward to the summit of the position, from which he saw a party of Germans, well dug in on reverse slopes, preparing to throw grenades over the crest at the leading section.
In the fifties the pageboy generally stopped above the shoulders but later renditions saw the hair cut to just below the ear, where it curls under ; in a reverse pageboy, the hair is curled outwards.
The rifle never saw service with the Allies, however, because the drawings and specifications had been destroyed by the Poles during the invasion of Poland ; reverse engineering would have required too much time.
None of the many specialists he saw there were able to reverse or even explain the loss of his powers.
Snart then committed a series of non-lethal crimes, on one occasion placing the city in suspended animation in an attempt to force Iris West to marry him as he had fallen in love with her when he saw her in the prison, but the Flash got through a wall of ice and was able to reverse the process.
May 2012 saw the passage of Louisiana's 2012 Coastal Master Plan, a comprehensive 50-year document that lays out a suite of projects designed to slow and ultimately reverse coastal land-loss.

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