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Dorfl and do
" After his Chem is destroyed, Dorfl tells Dragon King Of Arms the Vampire that Dorfl could crush him, essentially killing him, but will not because it would be immoral to do so.

Dorfl and all
Dorfl arrests him despite tenuous evidence and Vimes burns down all the heralds ' records of the nobility as a sort of punishment.

Dorfl and golems
Carrot and Dorfl, one of the golems, fight and defeat the golem king at the candlestick factory.
The first free golem, Dorfl, had the plan to buy other golems and give them to themselves.
Older golems have names, often somewhat Yiddish sounding, such as Dorfl, Meshugah, Bobkes, Shmata and Klutz.
Dorfl joined the Watch during the events of Feet of Clay, at which time he was set free by Captain Carrot, sustained considerable damage fighting the golem king, and was rebuilt to a considerable degree, granting him a voice ( which had been considered blasphemous for golems to possess, prior to Dorfl's argument with the Council of Churches, Temples, Sacred Groves and Big Ominous Rocks ).

Dorfl and most
") Fellow watchman and Omnian Constable Visit continues to present the Omnian case before him, and unlike most people, Dorfl welcomes the continued debate.

Dorfl and is
In the end, Vetinari has recovered completely, Dorfl is sworn in as a watchman, Vimes gets a pay rise, and the watch house gets a new dart board.
Near the conclusion of Feet of Clay, Dorfl is rebaked with a tongue and gains the ability to talk.

Dorfl and .
The other members of the Watch join and protest against Colon, but eventually it dwindles to just Nobby, Visit, zombie Constable Reg Shoe and golem Constable Dorfl.
Dorfl could be an exception since the whole top of his head was sheared off in his fight with Meshugah, perhaps destroying any strictures which were " hard coded.
Dorfl quickly became the Disc's first ceramic atheist, to the displeasure of at least one god, and has been issued an official chit to label him " alive " to avoid interference in this state of affairs.
Part of the events at the end of Feet of Clay leave Dorfl with a destroyed chem.
They were saved only by the intervention of Dorfl, the first free golem, who, despite terrible bodily damage and the loss of his chem, managed to kill the king by destroying its head.
An excerpt from the Cenotine " Book of Truth " was the Chem of the golem Dorfl, until Carrot Ironfoundersson purchased him and set him free by replacing it with the receipt of the purchase.

speaks and With
With justified bitterness the author speaks of `` what seems to me to have been an inexcusable body of ignorance about the nature of the Russian Communist movement, about the history of its diplomacy, about what had happened in the purges, and about what had been going on in Poland and the Baltic States ''.
However, regardless of whether conservative Islam permits hip-hop or not, Islamic influences on hip-hop continue to shape the future of Hip Hop globally, as it speaks to the more than 1 billion believers in the religion .< ref > BBC News: " Making Music With a Message ".
With further reference to the " sign of life ", i. e. the infinity symbol and its connection with the number 8, it may be remembered that Christian Gnosticism speaks of rebirth in Christ as a change " unto the Ogdoad.
According to Austin's original exposition in How to Do Things With Words, an illocutionary act is an act ( 1 ) for the performance of which I must make it clear to some other person that the act is performed ( Austin speaks of the ' securing of uptake '), and ( 2 ) the performance of which involves the production of what Austin calls ' conventional consequences ' as, e. g., rights, commitments, or obligations ( Austin 1975, 116f., 121, 139 ).
With the battle over, Charley speaks to Sue in private, telling her he must leave.
With regard to justification by faith and sanctification Wesley said that although reason cannot produce faith, when impartial reason speaks we can understand the new birth, inward holiness, and outward holiness.
With Ruthie present, David speaks to his friend Larry and tells him he will not be coming home for a while.
Reception of this work of John Paul II range from “ With the humility and generosity of spirit for which he is well known, John Paul speaks forthrightly to all people ” to “ the Pope emerges as the master of the flat statement, the bland certainty.
With these technologies the British Empire quickly conquers the Earth, and he is regarded as a god by everyone on Earth, even to the point where when he speaks out against Queen Victoria she is overthrown and he is chosen to lead.
With the arrival of Tajik's from neighbouring Tajikistan, a sizeable number of the population speaks Tajik as well.

speaks and Every
Every move he makes or word he speaks is calculated to achieve a desired effect.
Every one speaks of the gallantry of yourself and men.
Every Man Out contains an allusion to John Marston's Histriomastix in Act III, scene i, a play that was acted in the autumn of 1599 ; the clown character Clove speaks " fustian " in mimicry of Marston's style.
Every year he speaks to corporations and organizations throughout the world about creativity and vision.

speaks and Word
It is noteworthy that in the " Dialogue " he no longer speaks of a " seed of the Word " in every man, and in his non-apologetic works the emphasis is laid upon the redeeming acts of the life of Christ rather than upon the demonstration of the reasonableness and moral value of Christianity, though the fragmentary character of the latter works makes it difficult to determine exactly to what extent this is true and how far the teaching of Irenaeus on redemption is derived from him.
This is laid out in the Lutheran formula of holy absolution: the " called and ordained servant of the Word " forgives penitents ' sins ( speaks Christ's words of forgiveness: " I forgive you all your sins ") without any addition of penances or satisfactions and not as an interceding or mediating " priest ," but " by virtue of office as a called and ordained servant of the Word " and " in the stead and by the command of Lord Jesus Christ " Lutheran Hymnal, ( St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1941 ), p. 16.
Because Isaiah speaks in the present tense (" we are healed "), Word of Faith teaches that believers should accept the reality of a healing that is already theirs.
Clement of Alexandria ( 2nd century, philosopher and commentator on pagan and Christian information ) speaks of the Word as " the Alpha and the Omega of Whom alone the end becomes beginning, and ends again at the original beginning without any break " ( Stromata, IV, 25 ).
In his Letter to Florinus, which survives as a fragment, Irenaeus speaks of " Polycarp having thus received from the eye-witnesses of the Word of life " and of John as " that blessed and apostolical presbyter ".
* Canon 1 is prefatory ; it contains a brief confession of faith in the Trinity, and especially in the Word, the Son of God ; and it speaks of the expulsion of heretics from the Church.
** His direct instruction is found in the Word of the Old and New Testament, and the Word of His Second Coming, written through Emanuel Swedenborg, who was prepared mentally and spiritually by the Lord to receive the Revelation of the Lord's Holy Spirit, which reveals the answers to the mysteries of faith, leads into all truth, and speaks of the Father plainly.
The Deplorable Word, as used in The Magician's Nephew, by author C. S. Lewis, is a magical curse which ends all life in the fictional world of Charn except that of the one who speaks it.
In this silence, unbearable to the " outer " man, the Father speaks to us his incarnate Word, who suffered, died, and rose ; in this silence the Spirit of adoption enables us to share in the prayer of Jesus.
" According to the Master this reference has an esoteric meaning, and the Word which Jesus speaks of is the inner Sound Current.

speaks and Being
* Padam-Probably the most lyrical section where the dancer " speaks " of some aspect of love: devotion to the Supreme Being ; or of love of mother for child ; or the love of lovers separated and reunited.
Being possessed by Audrid is doubly embarrassing for him as she mainly speaks on womanly subjects such as her feelings of love and motherhood.

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