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goal and 3
A field goal scores two points for the shooting team if a player is touching or closer to the basket than the three-point line, and three points ( known commonly as a 3 pointer or three ) if the player is behind the three-point line.
Centered at each shortline is a 3. 5 m wide and 2. 1 m high goal cage and in front of the cage is a half-circular penalty area with a 17 m radius.
with the goal of tabulating the values p ( 0 ), p ( 1 ), p ( 2 ), p ( 3 ), p ( 4 ), and so forth.
" Then in Col 3: 16, Paul's goal is that the Colossians themselves to in some manner continue in this ministry and admonish and test each other, ' one another ' as Paul did for them.
At each end is a goal 2. 14 m ( 7 feet ) high and 3. 66 m ( 12 ft ) wide measured from the inner sides of the posts and crossbar, and an approximately semi-circular area 14. 63 m ( 16 yd ) from the goal known as the shooting circle ( or D or arc ), bounded by a solid line, with a dotted line 5 m ( 5 yd 6 in — this marking was not established until after metric conversion ) from that, as well as lines across the field 22. 90 m ( 25 yd ) from each end-line ( generally referred to as the 23 m lines ) and in the center of the field.
Hagi scored three times in the tournament, including a memorable goal in their 3 2 surprise defeat of South American powerhouse and previous runners-up Argentina.
It looked like a 3 2 win for England with Hurst as the hero with the winning goal but in the last seconds, as the Germans were pushing everyone forward to seek the equalizer, Moore cleared his lines with a long ball over the German defence.
Hurst played a part in a goal for Peters which put England 2 0 up, but the Germans forced their way back and won 3 2 after extra time.
He officially joined Nagoya Grampus Eight after playing his final game for Spurs on 2 May 1992, when he scored the consolation goal in a 3 1 defeat by Manchester United on the last day of the season.
To mention a few of the memorable milestones on the road to the scudetto: a decisive win against Juventus ( 2 0 ), with a goal scored by Elkjær after having lost a boot in a tackle just outside the box, set the stage early in the championship ; an away win over Udinese ( 5 3 ) ended any speculation that the team was losing energy at the midway point ; three straight wins ( including a hard fought 1 0 victory against a strong AS Roma side ) served notice that the team had kept its polish and focus intact during their rival's final surge ; and a 1 1 draw in Bergamo against Atalanta secured the title with a game in hand.
The 2008 season saw the two teams meet twice again ; on November 23 the two teams battled to a 20-20 tie until Vinatieri booted a 51-yard field goal on the final play and a 23-20 Colts win ; the Colts surged to 12-4 but lost the AFC South title to the Titans ; they thus had to travel to meet the 8-8 Chargers on January 3.
For a long time, the goal was 3 meetings a year, with 2 in North America and 1 in either Europe or Asia ( alternating between them every other year ).
The goal ratio is currently, during a two year period, to have 3 in North America, 2 in Europe and 1 in Asia.
The Chicago Fire would put together an onslaught of scoring opportunities, putting 10 shots on goal, including 3 in the final 10 minutes.
In the first round, the Wizards would defeat the Colorado Rapids in the aggregate goal series, 3 1.
In the first round of the playoffs, the Wizards would lose the first game to defending champions San Jose Earthquakes, 2 0, putting in a seemingly impossible situation to score 3 goals and concede none in game 2 of aggregate goal series.
Plus, they were 0 13 3 when giving up the first goal.
His final goal had come three years earlier, in a 3 0 home league win over Nottingham Forest on 18 April 1987.
His 30th and final international goal had been two years earlier, on 14 November 1984, in a 3 1 win over Spain in a World Cup qualifier, also at Hampden Park.
Dalglish guided Liverpool to victory over Everton in the second all-Merseyside FA Cup final in 1989, winning the match 3 2 after extra time, but was deprived of a second Double in the final game of the season, when Arsenal secured a last-minute goal to steal the title from Liverpool.
In 2006 President Hennessy launched a five-year campaign called the Stanford Challenge, which reached its $ 4. 3 billion fundraising goal in 2009, two years ahead of time, but continued fundraising for the duration of the campaign.
As of 2010, after 10 years of data collection, SETI @ home has listened to that one frequency at every point of over 67 percent of the sky observable from Arecibo with a least 3 scans ( out of the goal of 9 scans ), which covers about 20 percent of the full celestial sphere.
This set up Tony Franklin's 36-yard field goal 1: 19 into the first quarter after 3 incomplete passes by Tony Eason ( the first of which starting tight end Lin Dawson went down with torn ligaments in his knee ).

goal and
* 1989 Ron Hextall becomes the first goaltender in NHL history to score a goal in the playoffs.
It is a legitimate goal therefore for philosophers of being to try to find a principle or element a " something " accounting for the presence of the object over the other possibility, its non-presence.
A hat-trick in the 8 1 rout of Switzerland in June 1963 took Charlton's England goal tally to 30, equalling the record jointly held by Tom Finney and Nat Lofthouse and Charlton's 31st goal against Wales in October the same year gave him the record alone.
England drew the opening game of the tournament 0 0 with Uruguay, and Charlton scored the first goal in the 2 0 win over Mexico.
This was his 48th goal for his country his 49th and final goal would follow a month later in a 4 0 win over Colombia during a warm-up tour for the 1970 World Cup, designed to get the players adapted to altitude conditions.
On October 22, 2008, the soccer team snapped a 201-game losing streak with a last-second goal against Cal Lutheran University, 1 0.
This time they were successful, beating Burnley 1 0, Chris Duffy scoring the only goal of the day.
Through the decade, with Mickey Redmond having two 50 goal seasons and Marcel Dionne starting to reach his prime ( which he did not attain until he was traded to the Los Angeles Kings ), a lack of defensive and goaltending ability continually hampered the Wings.
That season, with John Ogrodnick scoring 42 times and Ivan Boldirev and Ron Duguay also with 30 goal seasons, Detroit made the playoffs for the first time in six years.
In practice, this means rejecting " proprietary software ", which imposes such restrictions, and promoting free software, with the ultimate goal of liberating everyone " in cyberspace " that is, every computer user.
* 1980 Gordie Howe of the then Hartford Whalers makes NHL history as he scores his 800th goal.
When the World Cup began, Banks was in goal as England got through their group containing Uruguay, Mexico and France, drawing 0 0 with the former and clinching 2 0 victories over the latter.
Brazil still won the game 1 0 Jairzinho guided a shot past Banks in the second half but England missed chances to get something, with Jeff Astle putting the ball wide of an open goal and Alan Ball striking the crossbar.
The goal was disallowed for ungentlemanly conduct and England won 1 0, but Banks was left feeling rather embarrassed.

goal and 1
( Chapter 1 is the first of three important moments in Joshua marked with major speeches and reflections by the main characters ; here first God and then Joshua make speeches about the goal of conquest of the Promised Land ; at chapter 12, Joshua looks back on the conquest ; and at chapter 23 Joshua gives a speech about what must be done if Israel is to live in peace in the land ).
If a group has an involution with a 2-component that is a group of Lie type of odd characteristic, the goal is to show that it has a centralizer of involution in " standard form " meaning that a centralizer of involution has a component that is of Lie type in odd characteristic and also has a centralizer of 2-rank 1.
Ineligible receivers may receive a forward hand off only if they are 1 yard behind the line of scrimmage and facing their own goal line.
After arriving in Portuguese Malacca in October of that year and waiting three months in vain for a ship to Makassar, he gave up the goal of his voyage and left Malacca on 1 January 1546, for Ambon Island where he stayed until mid-June.
The Special Programme for Food Security is FAO's flagship initiative for reaching the goal of halving the number of hungry in the world by 2015 ( currently estimated at close to 1 billion people ), as part of its commitment to the Millennium Development Goals.
He commented ; " I score more than 1, 000 goals in my life, but the goal I don't score they remember.
He was the team's second-leading scorer, helping the Sounders make it to the playoffs for the first time in their brief history, with 8 goals and 4 assists in 23 regular season games, and 1 goal in the playoffs.
On the last day of the league season, his goal in a 1 0 away win over Chelsea gave Liverpool their 16th league title.

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