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One and useful
One useful application of SWNTs is in the development of the first intermolecular field-effect transistors ( FET ).
One example is the First Things First manifesto which was launched within the graphic design community and states " We propose a reversal of priorities in favor of more useful, lasting and democratic forms of communication – a mindshift away from product marketing and toward the exploration and production of a new kind of meaning.
One useful result of this very simple approach ( without schedule models and actual cost accumulation ) is to compare EV curves of similar projects, as illustrated in Figure 5.
One view sees memes as providing a useful philosophical perspective with which to examine cultural evolution.
One of the most versatile small German military vehicles, the Kettenkrad, a curious but useful blend of tractor and motorcycle, was powered with a 1. 4 L Olympia four-cylinder engine.
One useful application of calculating the rank of a matrix is the computation of the number of solutions of a system of linear equations.
One particularly useful condition is that the length of the sequence is finite and each quotient module M < sub > i </ sub >/ M < sub > i + 1 </ sub > is simple.
For example, no new evidence will demonstrate that the Earth does not orbit around the sun ( heliocentric theory ), or that living things are not made of cells ( cell theory ), that matter is not composed of atoms, or that the surface of the Earth is not divided into solid plates that have moved over geological timescales ( the theory of plate tectonics )... One of the most useful properties of scientific theories is that they can be used to make predictions about natural events or phenomena that have not yet been observed.
One promising application is the development of anticlotting drugs based on saliva molecules, which might be useful for approaching heart-related diseases, because they are more user-friendly blood clotting inhibitors and capillary dilators.
One possible drawback of the mass driver is that it has the potential to send solid reaction mass travelling at dangerously high relative speeds into useful orbits and traffic lanes.
One structural unit that is still useful to playwrights today is the " french scene " which describes any character entrance or exit.
One species, A. crystallopoietes, has been shown to reduce hexavalent chromium levels in contaminated soil, suggesting that it may be useful in bioremediation.
One such group, Exodus International, argues that conversion therapy may be a useful tool for decreasing same-sex desires.
One example where it is useful is calculating the average speed for a number of fixed-distance trips.
One particularly useful feature of the 8051 core was the inclusion of a boolean processing engine which allows bit-level boolean logic operations to be carried out directly and efficiently on select internal registers and select RAM locations.
One useful aspect of ex nihilo object creation is to ensure that a new object's slot names do not have namespace conflicts with the top-level Object object.
One of the moons of Yuggoth holds designs that are sacred to the Mi-go ; these are useful in various processes mentioned in the Necronomicon.
One of the most useful post-construction evaluation tools has been the use of thermography using digital thermal imaging cameras for a formal quantitative scientific energy audit.
One useful mission for this near-term technology would be to deflect an asteroid that could collide with the earth, depicted dramatically in the 1998 film Deep Impact.
One useful development for the silk industry are silkworms that can feed on food other than mulberry leaves, including an artificial diet.
One of his principles was never to allow the soldiers to be idle, and to employ them in time of peace on useful works, such as the planting of vineyards in Gaul, Pannonia and other districts, in order to restart the economy in these devastated lands.
One increasingly popular application is for screensavers to activate a useful background task, such as a virus scan ( for example, Avast comes with this feature, and it shows a screensaver your computer, you can choose it with an overlaying blue window showing the progress.
One reviewer of the product, vet Sophia Yin stated " it's not very useful because the translations aren't trustworthy and most don't make sense.
One term is ' ceiling ', maximum ceiling being the height a projectile would reach if fired vertically, not practically usefully in itself as few AA guns are able to fire vertically, and maximum fuze duration may be too short, but potentially useful as a standard to compare different weapons.

One and applications
One effect of the spirited give-and-take of these discussions was to focus attention on practical applications and the necessity of being armed with the facts: knowledge of the destructive force of even the tiniest `` tactical '' atomic weapon would have a bearing on judgments as to the advisability of its use -- to defend Berlin, for example ; ;
One of the most gratifying applications of an important technique of submarine detection is in the exploration of the human body.
One of the more popular desktop applications was the PageMaker desktop publishing software.
One of the most studied applications has been the use of mistletoe extracts in cancer therapy.
One of the most obvious applications of catalysis is the hydrogenation ( reaction with hydrogen gas ) of fats using nickel catalyst to produce margarine.
* One of the early applications for code division multiplexing is in GPS.
One of the key aims was to make the data independent of the logic of application programs, so that the same data could be made available to different applications.
One of the cases involves two men, Smith and Jones, who are awaiting the results of their applications for the same job.
One of the earliest public key encryption applications was called Pretty Good Privacy ( PGP ).
One of the first applications of spatial analysis in epidemiology is the 1832 " Rapport sur la marche et les effets du choléra dans Paris et le département de la Seine ".
One of the first applications of key frame animation was the award-wining 1974 animated short film, Hunger.
One of the single largest applications for lubricants, in the form of motor oil, is protecting the internal combustion engines in motor vehicles and powered equipment.
One of the most important applications of MNT would be medical nanorobotics or nanomedicine, an area pioneered by Robert Freitas in numerous books and papers.
One of the more interesting applications of the MIPS architecture is its use in massive processor count supercomputers.
PL / I (" Programming Language One ", pronounced " pee-el-one ") is a procedural, imperative computer programming language designed for scientific, engineering, business and systems programming applications.
One patent cites use of these indicators for wall coating applications for light colored paints.
One of the considered practical applications of phrenology was education.
One of the practical applications being researched in this area is medical imaging of the brain with magnetoencephalography ( MEG ).
One year after his discovery, Oenslager had found hundreds of applications for his additive.
One of FDM's most common applications is cable television.
One of the first robust applications was the Navy's Common Operational Modeling, Planning and Simulation Strategy ( COMPASS ).
One of its primary applications was usage in Technicolor's dye imbibition printing ( dye transfer ).
One of the most celebrated of the earliest agricultural applications developed by Lysenko was a process of increasing the success of wheat crops by soaking the grain and storing the wet seed in snow to refrigerate over the winter (" vernalization ").
One of the contrasts between the two men was that Newton was primarily a pioneer in mathematical analysis and its applications as well as optical experimentation, while Hooke was a creative experimenter of such great range, that it is not surprising to find that he left some of his ideas, such as those about gravitation, undeveloped.

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