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According and Yemen
According to the International Lesbian and Gay Association ( ILGA ) seven countries still retain capital punishment for homosexual behavior: Afghanistan, Iran, Mauritania, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Yemen.
According to a study by Alternatives to Combat Child Labour Through Education and Sustainable Services in the Middle East and North Africa Region ( ACCESS-MENA ) 30 % of school children living in border villages of Yemen had been smuggled into Saudi Arabia.
According to the United Nations Refugee Agency, there were almost 96, 000 African refugees in Yemen in 2006, including more than 91, 000 Somalis.
According to the United Nations, Yemen ’ s population in 2005 was 27. 3 percent urban and 72. 7 percent rural ; population density was 40 persons per square kilometer.
According to the Associated Press, in 2011 the US government began building an airbase near or in Yemen from which the CIA and US military plans to operate drones over Yemen.
" According to Aburish, this was Nasser's largest pan-Arab triumph at the time and " soon his pictures were to be found in the tents of Yemen, the souks of Marrakesh, and the posh villas of Syria.
According to the US Coast Guard website, they helped the Yemen Coast Guard with their patrol boats: “ US Coast Guard Awards Contract to Build Two 87-foot Protector-class Coastal Patrol Boats for the Yemen Coast Guard.
According to the U. S. government, as of 2004 Yemen had a total of 1, 262 kilometers of pipeline.
According to the 9 / 11 Commission, this refusal of a visa was motivated by general concern by U. S. officials that people from Yemen would illegally overstay their visit and seek work in the United States.
According to the findings of British researcher Tudor Parfitt, the location of Senna was more than likely in Yemen, specifically, in the village of Sanāw within the easternmost portion of the Wadi Hadhramaut.
According to some Islamic sources, such as al-Tabari, Ibn Kathir and al-Tha ' labi, Cain migrated to Yemen.
According to Chemana, the Jews of Cochin " coalesced around the religious fundamentals: devotion and strict obedience to Biblical Judaism and to the Jewish customs and traditions ... Hebrew, taught through the Torah texts by rabbis and teachers who came especially from Yemen ...".
According to the Longriders Guild, the Yemen Government, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabian Government say officially that there has never been an " Ocean of Fire " race.
According to Kanuri tradition, Sef, son of Dhu Ifazan of Yemen, arrived in Kanem in the ninth century and united the population into the Sayfawa dynasty.
According to this version, in 1918, there was a drought in Yemen, which had a severe effect on the Jews, who were generally worse off then the Arabs.
According to Procopius ( Histories 1. 20 ), ' Abraha seized the control of Yemen from Esimiphaeus ( Sumuafa ' Ashawa '), the Christian Himyarite viceroy appointed by Kaléb, with the support of dissident elements within the Aksum occupation force who were eager to settle in the Yemen, then a rich and fertile land.
According to the 9 / 11 Commission, this refusal of a visa was out of general concern by U. S. officials that people from Yemen would illegally overstay their visit and seek work in the United States.
According to Mustaʻlī tradition, after the death of Imām al-Amīr, his infant son, AtTaiyab abi-l-Qasim, about two years old, was protected by al-Malika al-Sayyida ( Hurratul-Malika ), wife of Fatimid Dai of Yemen.
According to Fatimid tradition, after the death of Imām Al-Amir, al-Malika al-Sayyida ( Hurratul-Malika ) instituted Dai al-Mutlaq to run the da ` wah from Yemen in the name of Imaam Taiyab abi al-Qasim.
According to the Peter Gabriel's liner notes, the photograph depicts " the deeply etched patterns of intermittent streams in the Hadhramaut Plateau of South Yemen.

According and Post
According to a survey by The Washington Post, The Thin Blue Line made dozens of critics ' top ten lists for 1988, more than any other film that year.
According to a 2003 report in the New York Post, the Britannica management has eliminated employee 401 ( k ) accounts and encouraged the use of free images.
According to the Washington Post, the FBI " is building a vast repository controlled by people who work in a top-secret vault on the fourth floor of the J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building in Washington.
According to the Washington Post,
According to the Washington Post, in December 2009, after US President Barack Obama announced he would deploy 30, 000 more U. S. soldiers, and that Washington wants others to follow suit, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan reacted with the message that Turkey would not contribute additional troops to Afghanistan.
According to an article in Picture Post, Collins was frustrated by her time at Rank.
According to Smithsonian curator Dr. Jeffrey Post, the element boron may be responsible for causing the blue color of the stones after tests using infrared light measured a chemical spectrum of the gems.
According to journalist Manuel Abramowicz, of the Resistances network, the ultras of the radical right have always had as its aim to " infiltrate the state mechanisms ," including the army in the 1970s and the 1980s, through Westland New Post and the Front de la Jeunesse.
According to the Washington Post, " DHS has given $ 31 billion in grants since 2003 to state and local governments for homeland security and to improve their ability to find and protect against terrorists, including $ 3. 8 billion in 2010.
According to The Washington Post, PETA said an employee of the group filmed primates there being choked, hit, and denied medical attention when badly injured.
Post House / Holloway House ( CE-384 ; 18th Century ): According to Maryland Historical Trust records, the " Post House " is a frame and log construction building, possibly from the 18th century.
According to village records, Painted Post was established as a village in 1803.
According to the National Post, business coaching is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.
According to The Jerusalem Post, a Member of the Knesset is intending to put forward a bill to " prohibit the wearing of a full-body and face covering for women.
According to a Washington Post study, Sununu voted with the Republican Party's position 84 % of the time.
According to the Washington Post, the intercepts showed that the Yugoslav government had ordered security forces to " go in hard " to the Račak area to find and kill the KLA guerrillas responsible for earlier attacks on the Serbian police.
According to The Washington Post, PETA said an employee of the group filmed primates being choked, hit, and denied medical attention when badly injured.
According to the Historical Jewish Press, The Palestine Post was established " as part of a Zionist-Jewish initiative ", and " Zionist institutions considered the newspaper one of the most effective means of exerting influence on the British authorities ".
According to The Washington Post ; " He said it was not he who changed his political philosophy so much as the Democratic Party, which abandoned the hard-headed internationalism of Harry Truman, Kennedy and Jackson.
According to Richard Leiby, of The Washington Post, Riza is " an Oxford-educated British citizen, was born in Tunisia and grew up in Saudi Arabia.
According to an article in the February 7, 1995, Denver Post, Aud Morstol was found guilty by a jury of building-use and zoning violations.
According to the Jerusalem Post on December 23, 2011 the US Justice Department announced that it had reached a settlement with Kaman Corp. which allegedly substituted a fuse in four lots of fuses made for the bombs.
According to José Ortega y Gasset, with Post – Kantian German Idealism, "… never before has a lack of truthfulness played such a large and important role in philosophy.

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