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Melencolia and I
His well-known works include the Knight, Death, and the Devil ( 1513 ), Saint Jerome in his Study ( 1514 ) and Melencolia I ( 1514 ), which has been the subject of extensive analysis and interpretation.
Melencolia I ( 1514 ), engraving.
However, in 1513 and 1514 Dürer created his three most famous engravings: Knight, Death, and the Devil ( 1513, probably based on Erasmus's treatise Enichiridion militis Christiani ), St. Jerome in his Study, and the much-debated Melencolia I ( both 1514 ).
16th century claw hammer from Albrecht Dürer | Dürer's " Melencolia I " ( 1514 )
Melencolia I by Albrecht Dürer.
A famous allegorical engraving by Albrecht Dürer is entitled Melencolia I.
* Albrecht Dürer makes his famous engraving Melencolia I.
" Melencolia I ", engraving by Albrecht Dürer, one of the most important printmakers.
Melencolia I, 1514, Dürer
The book ( whose early draft, quite different from the final form, circulated in manuscript long before it was published ) is often cited in discussions of Albrecht Dürer's famous engraving Melencolia I ( 1514 ).
* Melencolia I, by Albrecht Dürer
* Melencolia I by Albrecht Dürer
Albrecht Dürer's engraving Melencolia I, ca.
He also put forward an original excellent interpretation of the engraving Melencolia I of Albrecht Dürer.
16th century claw hammer from Albrecht Dürer | Dürer's " Melencolia I " ( 1514 )
An early claw hammer is seen in Albrecht Dürer's etching " Melencolia I ," dated 1514, halfway up the left side.
Among his best known works are Melencolia I, the Four Horsemen from his woodcut Apocalypse series, and Death, the Knight, and the Devil.

I and by
In the brief moment I had to talk to them before I took my post on the ring of defenses, I indicated I was sickened by the methods men employed to live and trade on the river.
I saw the clergyman kneel for a moment by the twitching body of the man he had shot, then run back to his position.
They, and the two large fans which I could dimly see as daylight filtered through their vents, down at the far end of the hall, could be turned on by a master switch situated inside the office.
This light did not penetrate very far back into the hall, and my eyes were hindered rather than aided by the dim daylight entering through the fan vents when I tried to pick out whatever might be lying, or squatting, on the floor below.
When I asked him what, if anything, I could do about it, he surprised me by referring me to the director of the hall.
I stopped by the counter.
But, by gosh, I want him and I'm going to have him!!
At once my ears were drowned by a flow of what I took to be Spanish, but -- the driver's white teeth flashing at me, the road wildly veering beyond his glistening hair, beyond his gesticulating bottle -- it could have been the purest Oxford English I was half hearing ; ;
I sat by her on the divan.
I worked for my Uncle ( an Uncle by marriage so you will not think this has a mild undercurrent of incest ) who ran one of those antique shops in New Orleans' Vieux Carre, the old French Quarter.
Sometimes I wondered vaguely what he did about women for my Aunt, by blood, had died some years ago, but neither of us said anything.
True, she was my Aunt, married to an Uncle related to me only by marriage, but why she had married a man twice her age, and more, perhaps, I did not know or much care.
I was puzzled by the remark, then I recalled the voice of mild Professor Howard Griggs three years ago in a university lecture on primitive societies.
Our lifeboat was filling rapidly and despite what I had heard of the inhabitants of Eromonga, I was glad to see a long and graceful outrigger manned by three bronzed girls glide out of a lagoon into the open sea and toward our craft.
My friends and I come from a ship which was destroyed by fire.
In the hut to which I was assigned -- Max had his own quarters -- my food was brought to me by a wrinkled crone with bare drooping breasts who seemed to enjoy conversing with me in rudimentary phrases.
`` I got Margaret Rider in one of them old box cars down there by the quarry ''.
When I question them as to what they mean by concepts like liberty and democracy, I find that they fall into two categories: the simpler ones who have simply accepted the shibboleths of their faith without analysis ; ;

I and Albrecht
af: Albrecht I van Brandenburg
cs: Albrecht I. Medvěd
de: Albrecht I.
* 1686: Christian I Albrecht
* January 18 – German King Albrecht I makes his son Rudolf King of Bohemia.
* June 11 – Albert I of Brandenburg, also called, The Bear ( Ger: Albrecht der Bär ), becomes the founder of the Margraviate of Brandenburg, Germany and the first Margrave.
als: Albrecht I.
cs: Albrecht I. Habsburský
de: Albrecht I.
et: Albrecht I ( Saksa kuningas )
id: Albrecht I dari Jerman
nl: Albrecht I ( Rooms-koning )
no: Albrecht I av Tyskland
pl: Albrecht I Habsburg
sk: Albrecht I.
Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor portrayed by Albrecht Dürer 1519
Albert, Duke of Prussia | Albrecht Hohenzollern receives the Duchy of Prussia in fief from Poland's King Sigismund I the Old, 1525
Ottokar was defeated by Rudolph I of Germany, and at the meeting at Augsburg in 1282, he gave in fief to his sons Albrecht and Rudolf the province of Carniola, but it was leased to Meinhard, count of Gorizia-Tirol.
Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen ( 2 May 1892 – 21 April 1918 ), also widely known as the Red Baron, was a German fighter pilot with the Imperial German Army Air Service ( Luftstreitkräfte ) during World War I.
Adolf Frederick was also a 13th-generation descendant of Erik V of Denmark ; a 13th-generation descendant of Sophia of Denmark and Valdemar I of Sweden ; and an 11th-generation descendant of Euphemia of Sweden, Duchess of Mecklenburg and her husband the duke Albrecht.

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