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Each and issue
Each issue is a collection of contributions from different authors, often featuring game design discussions, rules variants, write-ups of game sessions, reviews, and comments on others contributions.
Each issue is designed, in its entirety, by a prominent artist, one usually working outside his / her expected field.
Each issue contained biographical information on many major costumed characters ; these biographies were a precursor to Marvel's series of reference material, The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, which followed shortly on the heels of Contest of Champions.
# Each legal category has one or more choice of law rules to determine which of the competing laws should be applied to each issue.
Each time a spouse invokes the application of foreign law, the process of divorce slows down, as the parties are directed to brief the issue of conflict of laws and provide translations of the foreign laws.
Each year a new issue would be produced, but would expire at the end of the year.
Each issue literally changed the history of the fictional world in which it was set.
Each issue included character sheets for new heroes and villains and updated material for the existing ones for use with the game.
Each issue contained many special " freebies " as well as articles on the history of the magazine and the founding of Games Workshop.
Each issue comprises a number of Philes: stand-alone text files of very technical or counter-cultural content.
Each divided security constitutes a separate asset, which is legally distinct from each other security in the same issue.
Each state allowed to issue coins may also mint one commemorative coin each year.
Each issue contained several inspirational renderings by Hank Ketcham himself.
Each issue tended to feature a single story, as opposed to the story papers, and many of them were devoted to single characters.
Each of William's sons did become earl of Pembroke and marshal of England, and each died without issue.
Each issue contained programs, utilities, and games and was a forerunner of today's computer magazines that come packaged with CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs.
Each edition usually focused on a specific issue such as food, health, economics, genetic engineering, psychology, land and so on, from an anarchist viewpoint.
Each issue features interactive elements and ' pages ' that can be ' turned '.
Each issue had 40 pages-about 15, 000 words.
Each instalment cost a shilling, with the exception of the last, a double issue which cost two shillings.
Each part had different taxation, privileges and military arrangements ; in practice, the level of taxation in many of the more peripheral provinces was less than that in Castile, but the privileged position of the Castilian nobility at all senior levels of royal appointment was a contentious issue for the less favoured provinces.
Each side alleged later that the other had taken an oath to the agreement and then broke it, a potentially serious issue in the propaganda war that would accompany future relations.
Each issue, the strip consisted of three pages ; the first two in colour and the third in black and white.
Each issue has several reviews of books on varying topics.
Each issue came with small cards depicting historic people, places, events and customs as well as a collection of timelines.

Each and features
Each Journal contained articles of professional and clinical interest, and departments devoted to military medical news, reviews of new books, and other features of interest to officers of the medical services.
Each illustration features an animal from the animal kingdom ( A is for alligator, B is for butterfly, etc.
Each episode features a few interstitial scenes in which they view videos in this manner, their commentary improvised by Judge, with the rest of the episode depicting them embarking on some scheme or adventure.
Each major release cycle has introduced a single new major feature generally layering on top of the earlier features to add functionality to the product.
Each spoken consonant can be distinguished by several phonetic features:
Each was placed in its own monotypic family ( Raphidae and Pezophapidae, respectively ), as it was thought that they had evolved their similar features independently.
Each had special features that the others did not.
Each guestroom features a work area, sitting area, and high speed wireless Internet access, as well as flat-panel TVs, and in-room safes.
Each of the hubs features new levels, one secret level per hub, and new puzzles based on the quest items from the original game ( no new quest artifacts were added ).
Each of the major features of a display has both a resolution and a range that are tied to each other but very different.
Each roundabout contains unique features to enliven the streetscape.
Each of these ranges has important distinguishing features.
Each type has a distinct set of associated physiological, neurological, and psychological features.
Each possible combination of features ( e. g., a card with three striped green diamonds ) appears precisely once in the deck.
Each of the six geographical regions differs from the others in population, basic resources, natural features, and level of social and economic development.
Each manufacturer implemented extensions to the language to support features of their hardware.
Each offers slight improvements and additional features over the original Yacc, but the concept has remained the same.
Each exchange between wolf and pig features ringing proverbial phrases, namely:
Each card features a monster from Japanese mythology and a character from the hiragana syllabary.
Each playing card in the deck features a character from the hiragana syllabary and a creature from Japanese mythology ; in fact, obake karuta means ghost cards or monster cards.
Each Gazetteer treats one nation or empire, and has three basic elements: cultural and geographic background, features, and adventures.
Each financial institution, to exchange banking transactions, must have a banking relationship by either being a bank or affiliating itself with one ( or more ) so as to enjoy those particular business features.
Each of its three ten-minute sections features a Spreschstimme soprano who sings fragments of Schoenberg's 21 selections accompanied by flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano.
Each weekly episode features three or four young contestants ( or acts ) under the age of 16.
Each of these segments features at least one song that is heard in the various versions of Splash Mountain.

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