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Most and military
Most air shows feature warbirds, aerobatics, and demonstrations of modern military aircraft, and many air shows offer a variety of other aeronautical attractions as well, such as wing-walking, radio-controlled aircraft, water / slurry drops from firefighting aircraft, simulated helicopter rescues and sky diving.
Most is from the U. S. military occupation of the island from 1942 to 1946.
Most U. S. conservatives prefer Republicans over Democrats, and most factions favor a strong foreign policy and a strong military.
Most CCC work, except for wildland firefighting, was shifted onto U. S. military bases to help with construction.
Most of the features of BIND 9 were funded by UNIX vendors who wanted to ensure that BIND stayed competitive with Microsoft's DNS offerings ; the DNSSEC features were funded by the US military, which regarded DNS security as important.
Most military accidents took place while clearing the minefields in the immediate aftermath of the 1982 conflict or in the process of trying to establish the extent of the minefield perimeters, particularly where no detailed records existed.
Most of Carías's first term in office was devoted to efforts to avoid financial collapse, improve the military, engage in a limited program of road building, and lay the foundations for prolonging his own hold on power.
Most presidents in such countries are selected by democratic means ( popular direct or indirect election ); however, like all other systems, the presidential model also encompasses people who become head of state by other means, notably through military dictatorship or coup d ' état, as often seen in Latin American, Middle Eastern and other presidential regimes.
Most notably, the “ British exploited the political weakness of the Mughal state, and, while military activity was important at various times, the economic and administrative incorporation of local elites was also of crucial significance ”.
Most historians sharply criticize Davis for his flawed military strategy, his selection of friends for military commands, and his neglect of homefront crises.
Most of them were military officers, but there were also intelligentsia, doctors, and priests for a total of over 22, 000.
Most influential was Book 6, which describes the military and political organization of Rome ; it presented Rome as a state in which monarchical, aristocratic, and popular elements were in a stable equilibrium.
Most modern radar systems use this principle into doppler radar and pulse-doppler radar systems ( weather radar, military radar, etc ...).
Most countries have additional regulations to control which parts of each band are available for civilian or military use.
Most important, Yeltsin's faction led elements in the " power ministries " that controlled the military, the police, and the KGB to refuse to obey the orders of the coup plotters.
Most officers are graduates of the United Kingdom's Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, with others having attended the United States Military Academy at West Point, the Royal Military College, Duntroon and St. Cyr, the military academy of France.
Most of the competitors were members of the military and it became clear at this competition and in the subsequent years, that there was no uniformity of rules for the sport.
Most of these are centered around the capital, Islamabad, and have been founded by former military and intelligence personnel.
Most marching bands use some kind of uniform ( often of a military style ) that include the school or organization's name or symbol, shakos, pith helmets, feather plumes, gloves, and sometimes gauntlets, sashes, and / or capes.
Most of the warlords in the coalition, with a few exceptions, sought the increase of personal military power in the time of instability instead of seriously wishing to restore the Han Dynasty's authority.
Most, though not all, are named after two brothers: military hero George Rogers Clark in the Midwest, and explorer William Clark in the West.
Most historical autocrats depended on their nobles, the military, the priesthood or other elite groups.
Most of the novels in the series are action and sexual adventures, with many of the military engagements borrowing liberally from historic ones, such as the trireme battles of ancient Greece and the castle sieges of medieval Europe.

Most and civilian
Most were wearing civilian clothes and were armed with sledgehammers and axes, and soon went to work on the destruction of Jewish property.
Most of the wartime civilian workforce was furloughed, dropping to 600 from a wartime high of around 4, 400.
Most commonly associated with Glengarry and Balmoral or Tam O ' Shanter caps, they still continue to be worn by pipers of civilian and military pipe bands.
) Most AVG pilots became transport pilots in China, went back to America into civilian jobs, or rejoined the military services and fought elsewhere in the war.
Most of the fifth generation of civilian leadership, born in the postwar years 1945 to 1955, were educated at top Chinese universities.
Most of these treaties were passed because scientists in many different countries noticed spikes in radiation levels in civilian areas.
Most civilian aircraft are ex-military.
Most Communist forces wore either Nationalist uniforms or civilian clothes.
Most Fire Inspectors are experienced firefighters / fire officers, but there are also several civilian fire inspectors.
Most of Petawawa's residents work as civilian employees, or as members of the Canadian Forces at CFB Petawawa which is home to 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group, and 2 Area Support Unit
Most United States manufacturers adopted the PA-101 military standard for their civilian production of Boxer primers.
Most military ration can openers have a very simple design and have also been produced for civilian use in many countries.
Most military courtesies have similar manners in the civilian world.
He is a Commander Third Class of the Most Noble Order of the Crown of Thailand, only the second sportsman to get the country's most prestigious civilian honour.
Parker ’ s period advertising called it “ The World ’ s Most Wanted Pen ,” and this assertion was true although a little deceptive ; the U. S. A. entered World War II in December 1941, and the War Production Board placed severe restrictions on production of pens for civilian sale.
Most superweapons are used to destroy civilian morale on the opposing side.
Most of the international community considers Israeli settlements to violate the Fourth Geneva Convention's prohibition on the transfer of an occupying power's civilian population into occupied territory.
Most military bases are restricted to the general public and usually only authorized personnel may enter them ( be it military personnel or their relatives and authorized civilian personnel ).
Most Civil Guard volunteers are armed with M1 Carbines and personal handguns ( if the member has a civilian gun license ).
Most military PVS's have a civilian equivalent model number
Most civilian EFIS displays also show CAS.
Most existing K-ration stocks were declared surplus, and distributed to civilian feeding programs overseas.
Most civilian positions in the federal government of the United States are part of the competitive service, where applicants must compete with other applicants in open competition under the merit system administered by the Office of Personnel Management.

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