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Neil and Risch
Neil Risch is the principal author of a study which analyzes the geographic distributions of mutations among Ashkenazi Jews.
Neil Risch ( 2005 ), who was involved in the research published in the article Genetic Structure, Self-Identified Race / Ethnicity, and Confounding in Case-Control Association Studies, noted: " In a recent study, when we looked at the correlation between genetic structure on microsatellite markers versus self-description, we found 99. 9 % concordance between the two.
Neil Risch states that numerous studies over past decades have documented biological differences among the races with regard to susceptibility and natural history of chronic diseases.

Neil and writes
Neil Forsyth writes that " what distinguishes both Jewish and Christian religious systems [...] is that they elevate to the sacred status of myth narratives that are situated in historical time ".
Also, in The Sandman issue " Calliope " written by Neil Gaiman and pencilled by Kelley Jones, a character, Richard Madoc, writes a book " The Cabaret of Dr. Caligari ", an obvious pseudonym.
BBC presenter Andrew Neil writes: " Being an active part of the GUU " community " was a vital part of becoming an adult — making new friends from a variety of backgrounds, having new experiences, dealing with new challenges.
** Neil Gaiman writes a piece for The Guardian detailing his thoughts on the adapting of comics stories to film.
Neil McInnes writes that Dunlop was, however, " much more tentative " in his conclusions, as were other historians of Khazars, including Peter Golden and Moses Shulvass.
Still a cult favourite at the club, he currently writes a weekly column for the Leicester Mercury and has formed an events company with England Rugby player Neil Back and another business partner.

Neil and presence
Sergeant Neil Howie receives an anonymous letter requesting his presence on Summerisle, a remote Hebridean island famed for its popular and unusually abundant fruit produce, to take the case of a young girl named Rowan Morrison, who has been missing for a number of months.
Testifying before the United States Congress in 2010, Neil Armstrong opposed an administrative scrap of Constellation, stating " a return to the Moon would be a most productive path to expanding the human presence in the Solar System.
Those bands and artists that have inspired a cult following in their fans tend to have a significant tribute band presence as well, such as Status Quo, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Black Sabbath, Genesis, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Styx, Pink Floyd, AC / DC, Iron Maiden, Kiss, Madonna, The Misfits, Queen, Alice in Chains, Grateful Dead, Van Halen, ABBA, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Rammstein, Neil Diamond, and Steely Dan.
The song was played ( without Neil Young's presence ) at Buffalo Springfield's induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Ince became a strong presence in the United midfield alongside long serving captain Bryan Robson and ( when he wasn't out of the team injured ) fellow new midfielder Neil Webb.
As Neil enters the fortress, Murder senses his presence and silently orders Madeleine to kill Neil.
Instead of playing in his usual position in the middle of the pitch, Juninho was often deployed on the right by O ' Neill, due to the presence of already established Celtic midfielders Stiliyan Petrov and Neil Lennon.
So prevalent was their presence that in 1904, the government established a Jinricksha Station at the junction of Tanjong Pagar Road and Neil Road.
Neil Herman, who headed the FBI investigation into the attack, noted that despite Yasin's presence in Baghdad, there was no evidence of Iraqi support for the attack.

Neil and four
He had four siblings: Lawrence, Billie, Neil, and Harry Jr.
Bruce's queen, Elizabeth, his daughter Marjorie, his sisters Christina and Mary, and Isabella MacDuff were captured in a sanctuary at Tain, and sent to harsh imprisonment, which included Mary and Isabella being hung in a cage at Roxburgh and Berwick castles respectively for about four years, and Bruce's brother Neil was executed.
Mademoiselle Deluzy-Desportes once was governess to the four children of the Duc de Praslin ( Charles Boyer ) and his wife, the Duchesse de Praslin ( Barbara O ' Neil ) in the last years of the Orleans monarchy in Paris.
Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band ", ( Neil Sanders, James W. Buck, John Burden, Tony Randall ), arranged and conducted by Martin and McCartney ; string section and harp on " She's Leaving Home ", arranged by Mike Leander and conducted by Martin ; harmonium, tabla, sitar, dilruba, eight violins and four cellos on " Within You, Without You ", arranged and conducted by Harrison and Martin ; clarinet trio on " When I'm Sixty Four ", as arranged and conducted by Martin and McCartney ; saxophone sextet on " Good Morning, Good Morning ", arranged and conducted by Martin and Lennon ; and forty-piece orchestra ( strings, brass, woodwinds and percussion ) on " A Day in the Life ", arranged by Martin, Lennon and McCartney and conducted by Martin and McCartney
Also, The Sandman and its spin-offs have won 26 Eisner Awards, including three for Best Continuing Series, one for Best Short Story, four for Best Writer ( Neil Gaiman ), seven for Best Lettering ( Todd Klein ), and two for Best Penciller / Inker ( one each for Charles Vess and P. Craig Russell ).
He was one of just four of this group chosen to command their first Gemini missions, the others being James McDivitt, Neil Armstrong, and Elliot See.
Neil Finn was born the youngest of four children to Dick and Mary Finn in Te Awamutu, New Zealand.
Neil Gaiman, who went on to become a New York Times best-selling novelist, came to prominence four years pre-Vertigo with the launch of The Sandman for DC Comics, a title that became the backbone of the initial Vertigo line-up.
The main characters were four undergraduate students sharing a house: violent punk Vyvyan ( Adrian Edmondson ), pompous would-be anarchist Rick ( Rik Mayall ), long-suffering hippie Neil ( Nigel Planer ), and the suave and diminutive Mike ( Christopher Ryan ).
It was then run by Neil Aspinall on behalf of the four Beatles and their heirs.
Rolling Stone called the album one of the most significant releases of the 1970s and placed him alongside Neil Young, Jackson Browne, and Bruce Springsteen as one of the four most important new artists to emerge in the decade.
Neil Young holds the record for the most nominations without a win, with four.
Sarah Chalke returned for four episodes as a guest star ; Although credited as a guest star, Ken Jenkins appeared in the majority of the season, appearing in nine of the thirteen episodes ; Neil Flynn appeared in the season premiere in a brief cameo ; and Judy Reyes was absent the entire season, making her the only former star not to return to the show.
An American edition of all four was published in 2005, with an introduction by Neil Gaiman.
The Saturday night primetime show initially followed the audition process, as hopefuls sang before four judges ( record producer and music executive Pete Waterman, music executive and music manager Simon Cowell, music promoter and music manager Nicki Chapman and Radio DJ and television personality Neil " Dr " Fox ) at various locations around the UK.
* The song " Ronnie and Neil " on the Drive-By Truckers ' album Southern Rock Opera includes the line " church blows up in Birmingham, four little black girls killed, for no goddamn good reason ".
Currie Cup heroes like Faffa Knoetze, Calla Scholtz and steam-rolling wing Neil Burger ensured that the trophy remained in the shadow of Table Mountain for a further four years before again heading north.
Another four new halls, opened in September 1998 by Neil Kinnock, European Commissioner for Transport, took the total space to 190, 000 m < sup > 2 </ sup > ( 2, 045, 142 square feet ).
This mission, again flown by Squadron Leader Neil McDougall in XM597, attacked and destroyed a Skyguard fire-control radar of the army's 601 Anti-aircraft battalion on 3 June, killing four radar operators, an officer, a sergeant and two privates.
The Constantines recorded four Neil Young covers for the LP, while The Unintended performed four Gordon Lightfoot songs.
Rush in Rio was the first live album released by the band to not follow the pattern of releasing a live album after every four studio releases, and was also the first to feature a complete setlist without any changes in song order, including Neil Peart's drum solo.
Bale was ultimately omitted due to injury, but Ramsey was joined by four other Welshmen in Stuart Pearce's 18-man squad ; Swansea City's Joe Allen and Neil Taylor, as well as Manchester United's Ryan Giggs and Liverpool's Craig Bellamy, who were included as over-age players.
However, at 14 – 13, Higgins rediscovered his form to win four consecutive frames to clinch the match 18 – 13 to secure his second World title at 12: 54 a. m., the latest finish to a World final ( equalled when Neil Robertson beat Graeme Dott in 2010 ); and nine years after his first title – the longest time span between successes since Alex Higgins ( 1972, 1982 ), and the longest at The Crucible.

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