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From and serves
From dusk on into the night, the passage of time and the darkening sky that proceeds Marlow's narrative serves as a preamble to the atmosphere and tone for the events described within his upcomming tale.
From 1870 to 1900 stock raising was the chief industry, but today Midvale serves a diversified farming area.
From Bergen and Stavanger, Widerøe serves Aberdeen Airport and from Stavanger Newcastle Airport.
She also serves as a director of Reader's Digest Association, Inc. From 1995 to 1998, Cheney served as the co-host of the Sunday edition of CNN's Crossfire, replacing Tony Snow.
From the protocol copy the notary extends a fully engrossed execution copy, known as an engrossment ( Fr / Du grosse, It spedizione in forma esecutiva, Sp testimonio, copia autorizada, Ger Ausfertigung ), which serves for all intents and purposes as the genuine document since it contains not only the transactional details but also the formulaic language and wording of notarial acts.
From an educational perspective, the IQP serves to emphasize team-based work and introduces a real-world responsibility absent from courses.
From the early 1960s onwards, Kapuściński published books of increasing literary craftsmanship characterized by sophisticated narrative technique, psychological portraits of characters, a wealth of stylization and metaphor and unusual imagery that serves as means of interpreting the perceived world.
From 75 students in 1971, the program now serves over 300 young people.
From a very prominent family of Thoroughbred racehorse owners and breeders through their Lane's End Farm in Versailles, Kentucky, he serves as the farm's general manager and director of sales.
From 2001 until 2007, Stearns was Chairman of the Commerce, Trade, and Consumer Protection Subcommittee and he still serves on the Subcommittee.
From videos the roll-cage also serves as a carry handle.
From Conway, SC, he currently serves the downtown area of Charleston on the District 20 Constituent School Board.
From the start of the series, the lack of a relationship with her father serves as motivation for Erica's actions.
From a small student loan guarantor with approximately 5, 000 student loans in 1964, it now manages more than $ 100 billion in total assets and serves nearly four million students through its various programs The agency has consistently been listed by the U. S. Department of Education as having one of the lowest default rates among all major guarantors through its highly successful default prevention initiatives.
From the WPR Mission Statement: " WPR s Mission is to realize the Wisconsin Idea by producing, acquiring and delivering high quality audio programming that serves the public s need to discuss ideas and opinions, and that provides cultural enrichment, intellectual stimulation, and intelligent, enlightening entertainment.
From Greensboro, North Carolina to Tuskegee, Alabama, Interstate 85 ( I-85 ) runs parallel with US 29, which along that stretch, serves primarily as a local route.
From Staunton east to Richmond, the U. S. Highway serves as the local complement to Interstate 64 ( I-64 ), roughly following the 18th century Three Notch'd Road through Waynesboro and Charlottesville on its way through the Shenandoah Valley, its crossing of the Blue Ridge Mountains at Rockfish Gap, and the Piedmont.
From Manila, South East Asian Airlines ( SEAIR ) serves Tugdan, three times a week and Zest Airways, also three times a week.
From 1997 to 2007, he served as Edison s chairman and now serves on the board.
From time to time Peter visits Father Vivyan and on such occasions even serves as an altar boy.
The post of Commander, Task Force 20, which was an additional post for the fleet's commander during the fleet's existence, has been maintained as a three-star vice admiral's position who also concurrently serves as the deputy commander of Fleet & Joint Operations, the deputy commander of U. S. Fleet Forces Command and the director of Combined Joint Operations From The Sea, Centre of Excellence.
From Ruokalho to Rauma static inverter plant the electrode line is fixed on a small crossbar above the high voltage conductors of Fenno – Skan and serves as ground conductor.
From this end, West Paces Ferry Road, one of Atlanta's best-known streets, traverses east through some of Atlanta's oldest and wealthiest Buckhead neighborhoods, and serves as the address for the Georgia Governor's Mansion.
From its humble beginnings, Manchester has grown into a modern institution that currently serves almost 2000 students.

From and on
From then on, in keeping with the traditions they had followed since childhood, the whole group settled down to relish their food.
`` From now on, Sally and me and her folks aim to give you our turn when it comes up and fall in behind you and Rod's outfit ''.
From the man who had leaped in from the high bank outside, as the train had slowed on the grade.
From above one could only occasionally catch a glimpse of life on the floor of this green sea: a neighbor's gingham skirt flashing into sight for an instant on the path beneath her grape-arbor, or the movement of hands above a clothesline and the flutter of garments hung there, half-way down the block.
From this time on Heidenstam proceeded to find his deeper self.
One, a reservation on the point I have just made, is the phenomenon of pseudo-thinking, pseudo-feeling, and pseudo-willing, which Fromm discussed in The Escape From Freedom.
From his first bout with the canny Woodruff, Pike had learned that it was better not to attack him directly, so, harping on the theme that the cost of printing was too high, he condemned the governor for permitting such a state of affairs to exist.
From that time to this my religious concern is that I might give effective help to the bringing in of God's kingdom on earth.
From New Jersey, Morgan hastened to the headquarters of Washington at Whitemarsh, Pennsylvania, arriving there on November 18th.
From that day on he never spoke to Harry or to Lew, or to Lew's two boys, Mort and Jimmy.
From 1613 on, if the lists exist, they contain between twenty to thirty names.
From this point of view the `` militant mobs '' of the past, stirred into action by one ideology or another, were all composed of `` intellectuals '' -- and this is not the level on which the essence of mankind can be discovered.
From next New Year's Day let us keep careful account of each successive fatality on the highways, publicizing it on all media of communication.
From this belief is derived the practical orientation of our policy on the `` uncommitted '' ( `` neutralist '', `` contested '' ) nations, especially on those whose leaders make the most noise -- Nehru, Tito, Nkrumah, Sukarno, Betancourt, etc..
From the saddlebags, hung on a Hitchcock chair, David took out a good English razor, a present from John Hunter.
From the moment that Hino had first walked into the mission to ask for a job, any job -- his qualifications neatly written on a piece of paper in a precise hand -- he had been ready to become a Christian.
From the outside, it seemed no more than a low drumlin, a lump on the dark earth.
From there on, each Junior was going to be judged individually.
She hesitated, she hopped, she rolled and rocked, skipped and jumped, but in some two weeks she started to pace, From that time to this she has shown steady improvement and now looks like one of the classiest things on the grounds.
From there I turned left along Cumhuriyet Cadesi past more hotels and a park on the left, Republic Gardens, and came in a few moments to Taksim Square, one of the hubs of the city, with the Monument of the Republic, erected in 1928, in its center.
From this point, I paint in as direct a manner as possible, by flowing on the washes with as pure a color mixture as I can manage.
From the curio cabinet on its south wall and the bureaus beneath, you abstracted seventeen ivory, metal, wood, and stone sculptures of Oriental and African origin, two snuffboxes, and a jade-handled magnifying glass.

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