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production and starred
It was not presented in the United States until 1970, when a short-lived April production at the Phyllis Anderson Theatre off Broadway starred Barbara Harris as Jenny and Estelle Parsons as Begbick.
Designer Isaac Mizrahi directed and designed the production, with a cast that starred Amy Irving, Siân Phillips, and Ron Raines.
A 1938 US radio production starred Joan Crawford as Nora and Basil Rathbone as Torvald.
Chaplin starred in the West End production at the Duke of York's Theatre from 17 October to 2 December 1905.
Flockhart also starred in the Off-Broadway production of Ensler's The Vagina Monologues.
In March 2001, Connick starred in a television production of South Pacific with Glenn Close, televised on the ABC network.
The 1975 movie Inserts directed by John Byrum about a pornographic film production, which starred Richard Dreyfuss and was originally released with an X rating, took its name from the double meaning that " insert " both refers to this film technique ( often used in pornographic filmmaking ) and to sexual intercourse.
Cotten starred a year later in Welles's adaptation and production of The Magnificent Ambersons.
Then, in 1942, Weissmuller went to RKO and starred in six more Tarzan movies with markedly reduced production values.
In, Bench starred as Joe Boyd / Joe Hardy in a Cincinnati stage production of the musical Damn Yankees, which also included Gwen Verdon and Gary Sandy.
At Chatsworth High, he starred in the school's senior production of The Sound of Music, playing the part of Captain Georg von Trapp, opposite Mare Winningham's character, Maria.
In 1916, Pickford signed a new contract with Zukor that granted her full authority over production of the films in which she starred, and a record-breaking salary of $ 500 a week.
Later that same year, Brando starred in Lee Falk's production of George Bernard Shaw's Arms and the Man in Boston.
The game was planned as a departure from the main Space Quest series, rumors it starred a new character named " Wilger ", although Roger Wilco was playable ( as seen in a production video ).
The production was directed by James Lapine and starred Kevin Kline.
* A 1989 Broadway production, billed as 3 Penny Opera, translated by Michael Feingold starred Sting as Macheath.
The production was directed and choreographed by Jerome Robbins, produced by Robert E. Griffith and Harold Prince and starred Larry Kert as Tony, Carol Lawrence as Maria, Chita Rivera as Anita and David Winters as Baby John, the youngest of the gang members.
This production has starred such performers as Kirsten Rossi / Elisa Cordova / Sofia Escobar / Ali Ewoldt as Maria, Ryan Silverman / Scott Sussman / Chad Hilligus as Tony, Lana Gordon / Oneika Phillips / Desiree Davar as Anita, Spencer Howard / Brett Leigh ( also playing Action )/ Denton Tarver as Riff and Emmanuel de Jesús Silva / Marco Santiago / Oscar as Bernardo.
The production used a French translation by Paul Ferrier and starred Julia Guiraudon as Mimì, Jeanne Tiphaine as Musetta, Adolphe Maréchal as Rodolfo, and Lucien Fugère as Marcello.
Performed in Italian, the production starred Jean de Reszke as the title hero, Emma Eames as Elsa, and Edouard de Reszke as Heinrich.
In the mid-1990s, Hoffman starred in — and was deeply involved in the production of — David Mamet's American Buffalo ( also 1996 ), and an early effort of film editor Kate Sanford.
The 1975 production – scripted by Elaine Morgan – starred Stanley Baker, Siân Phillips, and Nerys Hughes.
The production was directed by Mr. Freedman, and it starred Ivor Emmanuel, Tessie O ' Shea, Shani Wallis, and Laurence Naismith.
His career began in the theatre ; he made his first appearance on the London stage in 1958 in Jane Arden's The Party, directed by Charles Laughton, who starred in the production along with his wife, Elsa Lanchester.
In 2001, she starred in a production of Rodgers and Hammerstein's classic musical South Pacific.

production and Tyrone
His prominence as a stage actor began in 1986, when he was cast opposite Jack Lemmon, Peter Gallagher and Bethel Leslie as Jamie, the eldest Tyrone son in Jonathan Miller's lauded production of Eugene O ' Neill's Long Day's Journey into Night.
These have included Tyrone Guthrie's 1960 production from Stratford, Ontario, seen on Broadway in 1960 and in London in 1962 and a New Sadler's Wells Opera Company production first seen on 4 June 1984 at Sadler's Wells Theatre, which was seen also in New York.
Fifteen years later, director Tyrone Guthrie expressed interest in a new production of the play, which Wilder extensively rewrote and rechristened The Matchmaker.
Thus, the play had its world premiere in Stockholm on February 2 1956, in Swedish ( as Lång dags färd mot natt ), in a production directed by Bengt Ekerot, with the cast of Lars Hanson ( James Tyrone ), Inga Tidblad ( Mary Tyrone ), Ulf Palme ( James Tyrone, Jr .), Jarl Kulle ( Edmund Tyrone ) and Catrin Westerlund ( Cathleen, the serving-maid or " second girl " as O ' Neill's script dubs her ).
The production was directed by José Quintero, and its cast included Fredric March ( James Tyrone ), Florence Eldridge ( Mary Tyrone ), Jason Robards, Jr. (“ Jamie ” Tyrone ), Bradford Dillman ( Edmund ), and Katharine Ross ( Cathleen ).
* Blair Brown performed Lady Teazel in the 1975 video directed by Michael Langham and Nich Havinga ( made from the production at the Tyrone Guthrie Theatre the previous year ).
The production also featured Tyrone Power, Lorne Greene and Marian Winters.
In 1939, Hawtrey had another success, when he notably took the role of Gremio in Tyrone Guthrie's production of The Taming of the Shrew at the Old Vic, also earning favourable reviews.
" And of his title role in Tyrone Guthrie's production of Timon of Athens, the Daily Mail wrote: " From his stage and screen performances we know him already as an eminently dependable actor, but last night he became a spectacular actor.
B. Fagan and a 1934 production at the Sadler's Wells Theatre in London directed by Tyrone Guthrie and translated by Hubert Butler were among the first English-language productions of the play.
In 1968, Tyrone Guthrie's National Theatre production emphasized the beast-fable motif ; this production featured stage design by Tanya Moiseiwitsch.
She went on to the Stratford Festival appearing in productions of The Winter's Tale, Three Sisters and Uncle Vanya, and appeared on Broadway in Tyrone Guthrie's production of Love and Libel.
Scudda Hay !, Peters was selected to replace Linda Darnell as the female lead in Captain from Castile ( 1947 ) opposite Tyrone Power, when Darnell was reassigned to save the production of Forever Amber.
Flora Robson played the role in Tyrone Guthrie's Old Vic production in 1934.
In 1937 he was Horatio in Tyrone Guthrie's production of Hamlet, with Laurence Olivier as Hamlet, in Elsinore Denmark.
His distinguished acting career was centred around the Stratford Festival where he won great acclaim in many roles including those of King Lear ( 1988 ), James Tyrone in Eugene O ' Neill's Long Day's Journey into Night ( 1994 – 1995 ) ( a production which was subsequently filmed ), and Lady Bracknell in The Importance of Being Earnest ( 1975 – 1979 ).
The first production in the new theatre was Shakespeare's Coriolanus in a production by Tyrone Guthrie.

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