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Additional and information
Additional information supplied to us discloses that the railroad gained a stabilized supply of telegraphers of which it was in need.
Additional service-related industries in information technology, pharmaceuticals, insurance and financial sectors — as well as research-related spin-offs from the region's numerous universities and colleges — are significant economic contributors.
* Camilla Additional information and photos of Camilla Hall
Additional uses of job-analytic information include job evaluations for the purpose of determining compensation levels and job redesign.
* Additional family information
Additional information can be obtained at the Federation of Tax Administrators website.
* Additional information on General Antonio Gaona: Texas State Historical Association: Antonio Gaona
Additional information may be needed in the event of ties.
; Additional information
Additional archeological work is providing information about African-American burial practices.
Additional information about the history and features of Poplog can be found in the entries for POP-2 and POP-11.
*" Willis H. O ' Brien: special effects pioneer " ( Additional information and photos )
Additional information can be found in a 1786 publication by Antonio del Río that cites the same sources as Clavigero and speculates at length on Votan's identity and travels to the Old World.
* Additional information on AUC
Additional information about its usage during WWII can be found in the book, The History of Camp Tracy: Japanese WWII POWs and the Future of Strategic Interrogation.
Additional information maybe found at http :// www. plaucheville. org ( Plaucheville's Civic Club-Les Bon Amis de Plaucheville )
* Additional demographic information from Citytowninfo. com
Additional information can be found at the Green Township Historical Society.
* Additional historical information
* Additional historical information
* Additional historical information
* Additional information about Colton
Additional information on Lee County and Sanford Economic Development can be found at:
Additional information about the history of the Community is available through the North Canton Heritage Society, at 330-494-4791, or at the Hoover Historical Center, 330-499-0287.
* Additional information for " Burning for Burning " episode of Route 66 filmed in Boiling Springs

Additional and regarding
Additional promotional activities included organizing the dedication program for Operation Turnkey, the new automated post office, and a conference with representatives of Brown University, Providence College, and University of Rhode Island, and eight electronics concerns regarding the inauguration of a training program for electronics personnel.
Additional restrictions regarding the use of continuation cards with macro-instructions appear on page 106.
Additional rules apply regarding the positioning and stance of the snapper as one of several " line " players in anticipation of the snap.
Additional arguments have been raised regarding the underlying geography of the sea as well as potential problems regarding the ambiguity of one name or the other.
Additional charges regarding the alleged theft of US $ 1. 3 million from the state were dropped on 24 September 2010.
Additional raster data sets used by a GIS will contain information regarding elevation, a digital elevation model, or reflectance of a particular wavelength of light, Landsat, or other electromagnetic spectrum indicators.
Additional restorations in 1986 and 2003 – 2004, have carefully focused on the buildings origin from the 17th and 18th century using original materials and craftsmanship as far as possible, while adapting the offices of the Supreme Court to modern requirements regarding accessibility and security.
Additional studies have been conducted regarding toxicity on algae and fish.
* Additional information regarding levitation
* Additional information regarding the Grafton
Additional information regarding the image is provided below.
Additional ahadith exist regarding usury.
Additional provisions strengthened the U. S. Border Patrol and altered language regarding disease restrictions in a way that permitted the Secretary of Health and Human Services to remove AIDS from the list of illnesses making a prospective immigrant ineligible to enter the country.
Additional information regarding the Carrizo Gorge Railway locomotive roster can be found at TrainWeb. org

Additional and specific
Additional background history, usually not covered by specific rules, is often also used to further develop the character.
Additional regulations can target specific cases: in the United States, for example, the Environmental Protection Agency mandates the purchase of oil, paper, tires and building insulation from recycled or re-refined sources whenever possible.
Additional specific filtration techniques can be added to combat chemicals that would otherwise be pumped back into the room.
Additional zips can be placed in specific areas for access, if required.
Additional series were filmed for specific sectors of the global market, including two series of Robot Wars Extreme Warriors with U. S. competitors for the TNN network ( hosted by Mick Foley and Rebecca Grant ), and two of Dutch Robot Wars for distribution in the Netherlands.
Additional biologically active molecules ( such as antibodies ) may also be attached to fluorescein, allowing biologists to target the fluorophore to specific proteins or structures within cells.
Additional measurements at specific wavelengths are usually also specified, especially for Gen2 devices, such as at 800 nm and 850 nm ( infrared ).
Additional effects of free hemoglobin seem to be due to specific reactions with NO.
* Additional casting operators such as dynamic_cast, which allow for more specific checks than a C static cast.
Navy officers also have one or more 3-character Additional Qualification Designators ( AQD ) that reflect completion of requirements qualifying them in a specific warfare area or other specialization.
Additional allele specific isoforms, including a secreted form, have been described but have not been fully characterized.
Additional features enable new services such as virtual private networks permitting remote private network access over the Internet and quality of service, permitting the ability to deliver time-sensitive data, control the bandwidth, set priorities for specific network traffic and provide an appropriate level of security.
* Additional Directive / standard specific requirements
Additional classrooms in what are now called K, L and M blocks were added as well as a lecture theatre ( now the drama studio ), specific rooms for Home Economics, other classrooms ( F Block ), a canteen and the middle gym throughout the early fifties and were opened by HRH the Duchess of Kent.
Additional endorsements must be logged for specific airports that a student will operate at while solo.
* CV: Additional points are given for connections of two or more elements of specific value, with 0. 1 or 0. 2 points apiece.
Additional constraints may be invoked to modify any specific permit.
Additional graduation requirements include completion of a prescribed amount of approved community service activity, and completion of a " senior project " in lieu of final exams at the end of the senior year, involving logging 80 hours toward a specific endeavor of the student's choosing.

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