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from Brown Corpus
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stress and on
Without the decay of a sense of objective reference ( except as the imitation of mystery ), the stress on subjective invention would never have been stimulated into being.
Great stress is placed on the role that the monitoring of information sending plays in maintaining the effectiveness of the network.
Even more complex and obviously cortically induced forms of emotional arousal could be elicited in monkey A on seeing monkey B ( but not a rabbit ) in emotional stress.
Up to this point stress has been placed on roleplaying in terms of individuals.
Dominant stress is of course more than extended duration, and normally centers on syllables that would have primary stress or phrase stress if the words or longer units they are parts of were spoken alone: a dominant stress given to glorify would normally center on its first syllable rather than its last.
Is Bill's broken a chair, dominant stress will usually be on the complement a chair.
In I know one thing dominant stress will usually be on the complement one thing ; ;
In small-town people are very friendly dominant stress will generally be on the complement very friendly ; ;
dominant stress will generally be on the subject a linguist ; ;
Dominant stress is on her luggage both in that's her luggage, where her luggage is the complement, and in there's her luggage, where it is the subject.
Is George put the cat out, dominant stress will ordinarily be on the first complement, the cat, not the second complement out.
Is George reads the news emotionally, dominant stress may or may not be on the adjunct emotionally.
Thus in a context in which there has been discussion of snow but mention of local conditions is new, dominant stress will probably be on here in it rarely snows here, but in a context in which there has been discussion of local weather but no mention of snow, dominant stress will probably be on snows.
In I'll go with George dominant stress is probably on George ; ;
but if George has just been mentioned prominently ( and the trip to be made has been under discussion ), what is said is probably I'll go with him, and dominant stress is probably on the preposition with.

stress and have
Although he questions the extent and nature of the alleged revival of religion and the alleged increase in conformity, and thinks that `` hedonistic '' present-time orientation does not have the meaning usually attributed to it, he does conclude that Americans increasingly enjoy leisure without guilt, do not stress achievement so much as formerly, are more accepting of group harmony as a goal, more tolerant of diversity and aware of other cultures.
Sir -- Permit me to commend your editorial in which you stress the fact that a program of county colleges will substantially increase local tax burdens and that taxpayers have a right to a clear idea of what such a program would commit them to.
Adverbial second complements, however, are likely not to have dominant stress when they terminate sentences.
Final adjuncts may or may not have dominant stress.
If both George and a piece of information George does not have are prominent in the context, but the idea of telling George is new, then dominant stress will probably be on tell in why not tell George??
If women replaced people, it would normally have dominant stress.
In I have things to do the word things makes little real contribution to meaning and has weaker stress than do.
If work is substituted for things ( with more exact contribution to meaning ), it will have dominant stress.
Thus in it's incredible what that boy can eat dominant stress is likely to be on incredible, and eat will have strong stress also.
In he's hurting himself more than he's hurting you both himself and you have stronger stress than they would ordinarily have if there were no contrast.
Thus in Mary wrote an account of the trip first strong stress on Mary marks Mary as the first in a series of people who wrote accounts of the trip, strong stress on wrote marks the writing as the first of a series of actions of Mary's concerned with an account of her trip ( about which she may later have made speeches, for example ), and strong stress on trip makes the trip the first of a series of subjects about which Mary wrote accounts.
When a word represents a larger construction of which it is the only expressed part, it normally has more stress than it would have in fully expressed construction.
When I have instructions to leave is equivalent in meaning to I have instructions that I am to leave this place, dominant stress is ordinarily on leave.

stress and which
Fortunately, it is the FHA which has arrived at this conclusion, for it means that cooling equipment of all kinds may now be included in a mortgage, and thus acquired with a minimum of financial stress.
Over a relatively short period of time, usually about four to twelve weeks, the worker must be able to shift the focus, back and forth, between immediate external stressful exigencies ( `` precipitating stress '' ) and the key, emotionally relevant issues ( `` underlying problem '' ) which are, often in a dramatic preconscious breakthrough, reactivated by the crisis situation, and hence once again amenable to resolution.
The desire to contrast the first parts of words which are alike in their last components produces an exceptional disregard of the normal patterns of stress of Chinese and Japanese.
when it represents only itself and on which is its complement ( so that go on is semantically equivalent to board ), on has stronger stress than go does.
Omission of a subordinator pronoun, however, does not result in an increase in stress on a prepositional adverb for which the subordinator pronoun would be object.
When the same sequence is equivalent in meaning to I have instructions which I am to leave, dominant stress is ordinarily on instructions.
One innovation is a metal bar called a truss rod, which is incorporated into the neck to strengthen it and provide adjustable counter-tension to the stress of the strings.
The most common of the stressors are the easiest for people to identify, but there are many other, less recognizable abiotic stress factors which affect environments constantly.
To show the derivation clearly, we propose that the stress should be on the penultimate syllable, the second half of the word being pronounced like " ptosis " ( with the " p " silent ), which comes from the same root " to fall ", and is already used to describe the drooping of the upper eyelid.
A cell initiates intracellular apoptotic signaling in response to a stress, which may bring about cell suicide.
In aerodynamics, air is normally assumed to be a Newtonian fluid, which posits a linear relationship between the shear stress ( the internal friction forces ) and the rate of strain of the fluid.
It has been hypothesized that this is a result of bone's piezoelectric properties, which cause bone to generate small electrical potentials under stress.

stress and here
In sentences, patterns of stress are determined by complex combinations of influences that can only be suggested here.
Dominant stress on pretty would be almost insulting here.
In Mack's the leader at camp, but Jack is here the is of the second main declarative represents is the leader and therefore has stress.
Mack's the leader at camp, but Jack's here, with this is deprived of stress, makes here the complement in the clause.
In other words, the stress energy tensor in engineering differs from the stress energy tensor here by a momentum convective term.
( The acute accent is also used on some monosyllables in order to distinguish homographs, as in η (" the ") and ή (" or "); here the stress of the two words is the same.
So Chet, when you ride away to the West to Montana on your new horse, I will have to admit to at least a mild envy, and when you're out there under clear skies and clean air, maybe once in a while you will think of those of us still here, fighting the traffic, the transportation breakdowns, stress, pollution, and wondering what is left that we can eat, drink, smoke or breathe that will not kill us, and wondering what horror will be visited upon us next.
His ideas here, promoting a kind of Belgian nationalism, have also proved controversial, with many historians preferring to stress the economic unity of the Low Countries as a whole.
At the Perry v. Schwarzenegger trial, he testified that the mental health outcomes for gays and lesbians would improve if laws such as Proposition 8 did not exist because " when people are exposed to more stress ... they are more likely to get sick ..." and that particular situation is consistent with laws that say to gay people " you are not welcome here, your relationships are not valued.
The term whiplash could be applied here, and as a function of time and stress, the elastic
This was acting of a sort that one rarely saw on the American stage ... here there was little stress on the psychology of the characters or their interactions .... Strasberg was galvanized.
The body holds all experience-including physical stress and emotional injury, as well as delights and exuberant experiences-stored in the body cells which informs and directs here and now responses to life events through the stored pattern of expectations and " rules about reality " acquired so far.
However, Thawne became mentally unstable upon discovering he is destined to become a villain, though the true name of the greatest foe of the Flash was not known in his time it was known here, his mind-already disoriented by the stress of time travel as the Treadmill had changed over the years meaning he arrives years after when he intended to-seeking escape by convincing himself that he is Barry Allen.
It is important to stress that here we assume that the permanence of each single subject in the epidemic states is a random variable with exponential distribution.
* In many compound words, where one part of the compound is pronounced more prominently ; here the stressed syllable of the prominent part of the compound is marked with primary stress, while the stressed syllable of the other part may be marked with secondary stress.
Memoirs from Julia's time in exile quote her saying, " My time here is horrid, there's no wine to ease my stress and no lesser class people for me to make a ridicule of them.

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