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Norman and Fletcher
The original partners included Norman C. Fletcher, Jean B. Fletcher, John C. Harkness, Sarah P. Harkness, Robert S. MacMillan, Louis A. MacMillen, and Benjamin C. Thompson.
Prisoner and Escort became Porridge, airing from 1974 1977, with Barker starring as the cynical and cunning prisoner Norman Stanley Fletcher.
In the same year, he briefly reprised his role as Norman Stanley Fletcher in the spoof documentary Life Beyond the Box.
A bronze statue of Barker, in character as Norman Stanley Fletcher, sculpted by Martin Jennings, was unveiled in a public area at the entrance of the Aylesbury Waterside Theatre in September 2010 by his widow Joy, David Jason and Ronnie Corbett.
* In the 1970s BBC TV comedy series Porridge, the principal character, Norman Stanley Fletcher, played by Ronnie Barker, hailed from Muswell Hill.
* In an episode of Porridge (" A Night In ", 1974 ), Norman Stanley Fletcher ( Ronnie Barker ) jokes to Lennie Godber ( Richard Beckinsale ) in their prison cell about having a night out: " We could ring up those girls on Top of the Pops.
One of the episodes, " Prisoner and Escort ", written by Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais, was about a newly-convicted criminal, Norman Stanley Fletcher ( Barker ), being escorted to prison by two warders: the timid Mr. Barrowclough ( Brian Wilde ) and the stern Mr. Mackay ( Fulton Mackay ).
The central character of Porridge is Norman Stanley Fletcher, described by his sentencing judge as " an habitual criminal " from Muswell Hill, London.
* Norman Stanley Fletcher — Ronnie Barker
On two occasions, University of Georgia School of Law alumni have simultaneously headed all branches of state government: the last occasion was in 2002, when Roy Barnes was Governor, Norman S. Fletcher was Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Georgia, Tom Murphy was Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives and Mark Taylor was President of the Georgia Senate.
* Norman S. Fletcher LL. M 1958-served as a Justice and Chief Justice for the Supreme Court of Georgia.
In 1910 he became an assistant to Works Manager Charles Fletcher, an early Manchester aviator and Norman Crossland, a motor engineer and founder of Manchester Aero Club.
Due to Beckinsale's premature death, Godber does not appear in the 2003 mockumentary Life Beyond the Box: Norman Stanley Fletcher, although Ingrid receives a phone call from him, saying he's stuck on a motorway.
They were married in the final episode of Going Straight and are seen to be still married 25 years later in the spoof documentary, Life Beyond the Box: Norman Stanley Fletcher, with one son.
Norman Stanley " Fletch " Fletcher ( born 2 February 1932 ) is the main character in the popular BBC sitcom Porridge, and the less-successful spin-off, Going Straight.
When last seen, in the mockumentary Life Beyond the Box: Norman Stanley Fletcher, Fletch was landlord of a pub in Muswell Hill, alongside his second wife, Gloria ( an old flame briefly mentioned in Porridge ).
Ives is interviewed in the 2003 mockumentary Life Beyond the Box: Norman Stanley Fletcher.
In the mockumentary " Life Beyond The Box: Norman Stanley Fletcher ", his real name is revealed as being Timothy Underwood, although in Just Desserts he seems to be addressed by a warden as Lewis.
In the 2003 mockumentary Life Beyond The Box: Norman Stanley Fletcher, it is revealed that after being released from prison Grouty continued running his " business empire " ( although he insisted it was now straight, and no-one could prove otherwise ), and also became a " celebrity criminal ", in a similar manner to Frankie Fraser and The Krays.
Going Straight is a BBC sitcom which was a direct spin-off from Porridge, starring Ronnie Barker as Norman Stanley Fletcher, newly released from the fictional Slade Prison where the earlier series had been set.
* Norman Stanley Fletcher, the lead character in the British sit-com Porridge
The moulds were sold in 1966 to Norman Fletcher, a boat builder in West Bromwich, West Midlands, who exhibited a Fletcher GT at the 1967 Racing Car Show.
* Prisoner and Escort: Norman Stanley Fletcher, a career criminal and his escorts — soft-hearted Mr Barrowclough ( Brian Wilde ) and authoritarian Mr Mackay ( Fulton Mackay ) going up to prison.

Norman and December
John ( 24 December 1166 18 / 19 October 1216 ), also known as John Lackland ( Norman French: Johan sanz Terre ), was King of England from 6 April 1199 until his death.
Theobald met with the Norman barons and Robert of Gloucester at Lisieux on 21 December but their discussions were interrupted by the sudden news from England that Stephen's coronation was to occur the next day.
* December 24 Norman Vincent Peale, American preacher and writer ( b. 1898 )
* December 23 Norman Maclean, American author ( d. 1990 )
* December 19 Norman Thomas, American politician ( b. 1884 )
* December The British government begins work on a 40-acre ( 162, 000 m² ) site at Norman Cross for the world's first purpose-built prisoner-of-war camp.
* December 26 Norman Angell, British politician, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize ( d. 1967 )
* Booknotes interview with Laura Claridge on Norman Rockwell: A Life, December 2, 2001.
In early December, Ansgar the Sheriff of Middlesex, the archbishops of York and Canterbury and the deposed Edgar the Atheling came out and submitted to the Norman duke.
On December 13, 1076 the Norman conqueror Robert Guiscard, who had married Guaimar IV's daughter Sichelgaita, besieged Salerno and defeated his brother-in-law Gisulf.
The popes had long been suspicious of the growth of Norman power in southern Italy and at Capua in December, the pope preached a crusade against Roger, setting Robert II of Capua and Ranulf II of Alife ( his own brother-in-law ) against him.
His former manager Norman Stone retired on December 22, 2005, stating that the decision in the loss to Valuev was the last straw, and he would continue to support Ruiz from retirement.
Larry Norman was born in Corpus Christi, Texas, the oldest son of Joe Hendrex " Joe Billy " Norman ( December 9, 1923 April 28, 1999 ), who had served as a sergeant in the US Army Air Corps during World War II and worked at the Southern Pacific Railroad while studying to become a teacher, and his wife, Margaret Evelyn " Marge " Stout ( born in 1925 in Nebraska ).
By December 1973, at the invitation of Secretary of the Interior Rogers Morton, Norman had agreed to participate in a concert to promote the Johnny Horizon ' 76 " Help Clean Up America " campaign.
By December 1976 Norman had signed a one-year agreement to allow four albums to be manufactured and distributed through Sonrise Manufacturing Co ,, which was owned by Bob Cotterell.
In December 1978 Norman signed Christian rock band Daniel Amos to Street Level Productions and also to his Street Level Artists Agency.
After " a brief whirlwind courtship ", Norman and Pamela were married on December 28, 1971 in Minnesota.
On December 30, 2008 Randy Stonehill's album Paradise Sky, the official soundtrack to Fallen Angel, was released by Bryan Duncan's Red Road Records, which was advertised as Paradise Sky: A Tribute to Larry Norman, attracting some criticism: " It ’ s hard to see how Randy Stonehill recording new versions of his own songs, but this time without the involvement of the late Larry Norman, is in any sense a tribute.
Theobald met with the Norman barons and Robert of Gloucester at Lisieux on 21 December but their discussions were interrupted by the sudden news from England that Stephen's coronation was to occur the next day.
Grandma Moses also appears on the far left edge in the Norman Rockwell painting Christmas Homecoming, which was printed on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post of December 25, 1948.
Norman Clyde ( April 8, 1885 December 23, 1972 ) was a famous mountaineer, nature photographer, and self trained naturalist.
In December 1890, the Legislature established three universities: the state university in Norman, the agricultural and mechanical college in Stillwater, and a " normal " or teaching school in Edmond.
* December 22 Norman Granz ( 83 ), American producer

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