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# and Rebound
# Redirect Rebound ( sports )

# and dynamic
# Museums ' collections will be more dynamic and better used ( pp 15 – 18 ).
# Museums ' workforces will be dynamic, highly skilled and representative ( pp 17 – 22 ).
# A front-end web server serving static content, and potentially some cached dynamic content.
# A middle dynamic content processing and generation level application server, for example Ruby on Rails, Java EE, ASP. NET, PHP, ColdFusion, Perl platform.
# rTT, the dynamic trap address register
# Later, more powerful processors, such as Intel P6, AMD K6, AMD K7, and Pentium 4, employed similar dynamic buffering and scheduling principles and implemented loosely coupled superscalar ( and speculative ) execution of micro-operation sequences generated from several parallel x86 decoding stages.
# Lift coefficient ( C < sub > L </ sub > or C < sub > Z </ sub >) ( Aerodynamics ) ( dimensionless )-Relates the lift generated by an airfoil with the dynamic pressure of the fluid flow around the airfoil, and the planform area of the airfoil.
# Flow control is a control concept applied to workflows, to distinguish from static control of buffers of material or orders, to mean instead a more dynamic control of flow speed and flow volumes in motion and in process.
# REDIRECT Scope ( computer science )# Lexical scoping and dynamic scoping
# REDIRECT Synchronous dynamic random-access memory
# The system can do global code optimizations ( e. g. inlining of library functions ) without losing the advantages of dynamic linking and without the overheads inherent to static compilers and linkers.
# REDIRECT dynamic mechanical analysis
# REDIRECT Scope ( computer science )# Lexical scoping and dynamic scoping
# a view of both the actor and the world as dynamic processes and not static structures and
Compare with replicator dynamic vector fields # Replicator dynamics | below
# To provide direct, ongoing support by a local wiki community for a dynamic multilingual portal at its Main Page, for users who go to http :// wikisource. org.
In C # 4. 0 the compiler and runtime collaborate to implement dynamic member lookup.
# Have the backing of powerful, dynamic and stable economic actors, such as a funding agency, political institution or local university.
# RSVP maintains " soft state " ( the reservation at each node needs a periodic refresh ) of the host and routers ' resource reservations, hence supporting dynamic automatic adaptation to network changes.
# Constant change: The very nature of EAI is dynamic and requires dynamic project managers to manage their implementation.
With C # 4, the language gained the " dynamic " pseudo-type.
# REDIRECT High dynamic range imaging
# REDIRECT High dynamic range imaging

# and hardness
# REDIRECT Mohs scale of mineral hardness
# REDIRECT Mohs scale of mineral hardness
# Scratch hardness measured on Mohs ' scale ;
# Indentation hardness ; and
# Brinell hardness test – using a 10 mm steel ball ;
# Vickers hardness test – using a pyramidal diamond indenter ; and
# Rockwell hardness test – using a diamond cone indenter.
# REDIRECT Mohs scale of mineral hardness
# REDIRECT Mohs scale of mineral hardness
# REDIRECT Mohs scale of mineral hardness
# Redirect Mohs scale of mineral hardness
# Nuclear hardness may be expressed in terms of either susceptibility or vulnerability.
# Nuclear hardness is determined for specified or actual quantified environmental conditions and physical parameters, such as peak radiation levels, overpressure, velocities, energy absorbed, and electrical stress.
# REDIRECTVickers hardness test
# Redirect Mohs scale of mineral hardness
# REDIRECTKnoop hardness test
# REDIRECT Mohs scale of mineral hardness
# REDIRECT Vickers hardness test
# REDIRECT Vickers hardness test

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