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Respondents' and opinions
Respondents' opinions regarding negotiated bidding ( Part F of the questionnaire ) 7.

Respondents' and regarding
Respondents' preferences regarding the methods of awarding defense contracts ( Part G of the questionnaire )

Respondents' and advertised
Respondents' practices in participating in advertised bidding for defense business ( Part C of the questionnaire ) 4.

Respondents' and bidding
Respondents' practices in participating in negotiated bidding for defense purposes ( Part D of the questionnaire ) 5.

opinions and regarding
County judges, commissioners, engineers, assessors, and others who have lived in the area for a long time may have valuable knowledge regarding the site or opinions to offer from their varied professional experiences.
However, researchers hold contrary opinions regarding the effects of long-term administration.
In the Space To Care study aimed at improving hospital design for children, researchers from the University of Sheffield polled 250 children regarding their opinions on clowns ; all 250 children in the study, whose ages ranged between four and sixteen, reported that they found clowns frightening and disliked clowns as part of hospital decor.
A concept is a system of general ideas targeting the multilateral treatment / interpretation of economic, social, legal, scientific, technical and other problems, and reflecting the manner of perception or the multitude of opinions, ideas regarding problems associated with to the development of one or several fields or sectors as a whole.
The entrepreneurs who form the most accurate opinions regarding the future state of markets ( i. e. new trends in consumer demands ) earn the highest profits and gain greater control of industry.
Despite the revivalists ' various political views and different opinions regarding the nature of authentic folk music, they all shared an understanding of Americanism that grounded the nation's identity in cultural pluralism and political democracy " By the end of the 1930s they along with the musicians and others had turned American folk music into a social movement.
It was not until his last two years as President that Cossiga began to express some unusual opinions regarding the Italian political system.
Weber's opinions regarding the methodology of the social sciences show parallels with the work of contemporary neo-Kantian philosopher and pioneering sociologist Georg Simmel.
" Tacitus states that, despite various opinions current in his day regarding the Jews ' ethnicity, most of his sources are in agreement that there was an Exodus from Egypt.
A gag order was imposed during the trial, prohibiting attorneys on either side from commenting to the press on the evidence, proceedings, or opinions regarding the trial proceedings.
Skepticism or scepticism ( see spelling differences ) is generally any questioning attitude towards knowledge, facts, or opinions / beliefs stated as facts, or doubt regarding claims that are taken for granted elsewhere.
There is not a lot of agreement about Whorf's opinions regarding the nature of the relation between language and thought.
Indeed, a person's opinions regarding the role of government often determine the rest of their political ideology.
More, relying on legal precedent and the maxim " qui tacet consentire videtur " ( literally, who ( is ) silent is seen to consent ), understood that he could not be convicted as long as he did not explicitly deny that the King was Supreme Head of the Church, and he therefore refused to answer all questions regarding his opinions on the subject.
Nevertheless, scholarly opinions regarding the precise meaning of the name Yggdrasill vary, particularly on the issue of whether Yggdrasill is the name of the tree itself.
Although there are numerous opinions regarding how to define ' illocutionary acts ', there are some kinds of acts which are widely accepted as illocutionary, as for example promising, ordering someone, and bequeathing.
The lines of demarcation between these ideas depend upon the perspective of a variety of anthropologists, but Tambiah has his own opinions regarding magic, science, and religion.
Le Pen remains a polarizing figure in France, and opinions regarding him tend to be quite strong.
On the announcement of Eden's resignation, Heath submitted a report on the opinions of the Conservative MPs regarding Eden's possible successors.
There have been many different opinions and controversy regarding this subject: " But for some conservative Muslims this verges on blasphemy ; they say music is " haram "-or not allowed-in their strict interpretation of Islam ".
However, the relationship between these clades is unclear, and as a result of many historical taxonomic interpretations and differing opinions regarding the significance of morphological variations, rankings of taxa within the order are inconsistent.
In the United States, literature regarding public school student clothing and behavior cites anecdotal viewpoints from teachers, and the literature discussed opinions on faculty, staff, and other employees on how to deal with student dress issues.
During the 11th century, political rivalries thoroughly divided members of the court due to the ministers ' differing approaches, opinions, and policies regarding the handling of the Song's complex society and thriving economy.

opinions and bidding
and ( 3 ) the attitudes and opinions of the respondents concerning bidding procedures and the methods of awarding defense contracts.

opinions and Part
In the published version of Henry IV, Part 1, Falstaff's name is always unmetrical, suggesting a name change after the original composition ; Prince Hal refers to Falstaff as " my old lad of the castle " in the first act of the play ; the epilogue to Henry IV, Part II, moreover, explicitly disavows any connection between Falstaff and Oldcastle, a dancer declaring: "... where, for anything I know, Falstaff shall die of a sweat, unless already ' a be killed with your hard opinions ; for Oldcastle died a martyr and this is not the man ".
Ebert stood by his opinions with one notable exception — when Stern pointed out that Ebert had given The Godfather Part II a three-star rating in 1974, but had subsequently given The Godfather Part III three and a half stars.
Part of this article might be written from the point of view of that place and time and may not reflect modern opinions or recent discoveries.
In the season 10 ( 2006 ) episode " Cartoon Wars Part II ", Kyle expresses his opinions on censorship, and iterates Parker and Stone's sentiments on the topic by telling a television executive " Either it's all okay, or none of it is " in regard to whether any subject should remain off-limits to satire.
Part of this article might be written from the point of view of that place and time and may not reflect modern opinions or recent discoveries.
In Henry IV, Part 2 an epilogue emphasises that Falstaff is not Oldcastle: " Falstaff shall die of a sweat, unless already a ' be killed with your hard opinions ; for Oldcastle died a martyr, and this is not the man.

opinions and E
His politics had in fact moved far towards the right — opinions he shared with Lawrence Durrell, a close friend since the 1950s — but he had felt shut out by the British establishment after his T. E. Lawrence book.
Chief Justice Warren E. Burger and Associate Justices William H. Rehnquist ( later Chief Justice ) and Byron White issued dissenting opinions.
Petrie remains a controversial figure for his pro-eugenics views and opinions on other social topics, which spilled over into his disputes with the British Museum's Egyptology expert, E. A. Wallis Budge.
Critics differed in their opinions of the two editions: Robert Graves and George Bernard Shaw preferred the 1922 text ( although, from a legal standpoint, they appreciated the removal of certain passages that could have been considered libelous, or at least indiscreet ), while E. M. Forster preferred the 1926 version.
In the dissenting opinions, Justices Harry A. Blackmun, Warren E. Burger, Lewis F. Powell, Jr., and William H. Rehnquist suggested that the result of this ruling would be the elimination of publicly supported single-sex educational opportunities.
* University of Virginia Religious Movements Homepage – Website featuring the opinions and collected papers of the late sociologist Jeffrey Hadden, regarding new religious movements, now edited by Douglas E. Cowan
* 2012: Science Or Superstition ( 2008 ), a feature-length documentary, features opinions from a broad spectrum of contributors including Graham Hancock, Daniel Pinchbeck, Anthony Aveni, Alberto Villoldo, John Major Jenkins, Lawrence E. Joseph, Jim Marrs, Robert Bauval, Alonso Mendez, Walter Cruttenden and others.
* Meek, Donald E. " Beachdan Ura à Inbhir Nis / New opinions from Inverness.

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