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religion and developed
The Mahayana that developed in the north was a religion of idolatry and coarse magic, that made the world into a huge magical garden.
Taoism ( Daoism ) is a philosophy and later also developed into a religion based on the texts the Tao Te Ching ( Dào Dé Jīng ; ascribed to Laozi ) and the Zhuangzi ( partly ascribed to Zhuangzi ).
Aside from these core elements, a civilization is often marked by any combination of a number of secondary elements, including a developed transportation system, writing, standardized measurement, currency, contractual and tort-based legal systems, characteristic art and architecture, mathematics, enhanced scientific understanding, metallurgy, political structures, and organized religion.
With the introduction of a new religion to the court, a deep rift developed between the Mononobe clan, who supported the worship of Japan's traditional deities, and the Soga clan, who supported the adoption of Buddhism.
Bastiat developed intellectual interests in several areas including " philosophy, history, politics, religion, travel, poetry, political economy and biography.
In this period Zoroastrianism developed into an organised religion with close ties to the new state.
Beginning as a religious conflict between Protestants and Catholics in Bohemia, it gradually developed into a general war involving much of Europe, for reasons not necessarily related to religion.
Much of what is incorporated in the scientific method ( the nature of knowledge, evidence, experience, and causation ) and some modern attitudes towards the relationship between science and religion were developed by his protégés David Hume and Adam Smith.
The transition from foraging bands to states and empires resulted in more specialized and developed forms of religion that were reflections of the new social and political environments.
Each major religion has developed moral codes covering issues of sexuality, morality, ethics etc.
Since that time, ADF has developed into one of the world's largest forms of contemporary Druidism practiced as a religion.
They brought with them the Old Church Slavonic liturgy of the Eastern Orthodox Christian religion, written Slavic language, the version of which known as Chancery Slavonic was to serve the Lithuanian court's document-producing needs for a few centuries, and developed laws, turning Vilnius into a major center of their civilization.
It taught him truths which he developed into a religion.
He writes: " Archaeology indicates that Roman Mithraism had its epicenter in Rome ... the fully developed religion known as Mithraism seems to have begun in Rome and been carried to Syria by soldiers and merchants.
Pagan Witchcraft is the largest contemporary pagan religion, having originally developed in the United Kingdom and since spread across the world.
At a time when many RPG settings were cobbled together, RuneQuest offered players a vibrant living world, giving them much a more developed fictional world with established geography, history, and religion.
Gould later developed the term " non-overlapping magisteria " ( NOMA ) to describe how, in his view, science and religion could not comment on each other's realm.
Durkheim, Marx, and Weber had very complex and developed theories about the nature and effects of religion.
Since the scientific revolution, the relationship of science to religion and spirituality has developed in complex ways.
During his leadership the Bahá ' í religion developed into a global faith.
During the 1920s, he first started to systematize and extend the Bahá ' í administration throughout the world where there existed Bahá ' í communities ; because the Bahá ' í community was relatively small and undeveloped when he assumed the leadership of the religion, he strengthened and developed it over many years to the point where it was capable of supporting the administrative structure envisioned by ` Abdu ' l-Bahá.
This theodicy was developed by the second-century Christian theologian, Irenaeus of Lyons, and its most recent and outspoken advocate has been the influential philosopher of religion, John Hick.
German philosopher Max Weber saw theodicy as a social problem, based on the human need to explain puzzling aspects of the world ; sociologist Peter L. Berger argued that religion arose out of a need for social order, and theodicy developed to sustain it.
Thelema is a spiritual philosophy ( referred to by some as a religion ) that was developed by the early 20th century British writer and ceremonial magician, Aleister Crowley.
As Crowley developed the religion he wrote widely on the topic, producing what are collectively termed the Holy Books of Thelema.

religion and form
The beliefs of a religion also reflecting the values are expressed in creeds, dogmas, and doctrines, and form what Durkheim calls a credo.
`` Fellowship by likeness '' and `` mission by friendly contact '' form the iron cage of denominational religion.
The term " Islamic " refers not only to the religion, but to any form of art created in an Islamic culture or in an Islamic context.
The Minḥat Ḳenaot is instructive reading for the historian because it throws much light upon the deeper problems which agitated Judaism, the question of the relation of religion to the philosophy of the age, which neither the zeal of the fanatic nor the bold attitude of the liberal-minded could solve in any fixed dogmatic form or by any anathema, as the independent spirit of the congregations refused to accord to the rabbis the power possessed by the Church of dictating to the people what they should believe or respect.
This form of justice was common before the emergence of an arbitration system based on state or organised religion.
He had strong opinions about the proper form for state religion.
While the Roman Empire and its new Christian religion survived in an increasingly Hellenised form in the Byzantine Empire centered at Constantinople in the East, Western civilization suffered a collapse of literacy and organization following the fall of Rome in AD 476.
The move to Cornwall grew out of Ethan's father's quest for freedom of religion during a time of turmoil: the Great Awakening, when Puritans were separating into churches with differing dogmas, in particular about the proper form of conversion: by works or by grace.
" Some creationists and creationist organizations, such as the Institute of Creation Research, use these terms in an effort to make it appear that evolutionary biology is a form of secular religion.
This had marked the introduction of a third Abrahamic Middle Eastern religion, following Judaism and Christianity, often in puritanical form.
In its harshest form it preached that Muslims should not only " always oppose " infidels " in every way ," but " hate them for their religion ... for Allah's sake ," that democracy " is responsible for all the horrible wars of the 20th century ," that Shia and other non-Wahhabi Muslims were infidels, etc.
According to Daniel Boyarin, the underlying distinction between religion and ethnicity is foreign to Judaism itself, and is one form of the dualism between spirit and flesh that has its origin in Platonic philosophy and that permeated Hellenistic Judaism.
Christianity survived, but by breaking with Judaism and becoming a separate religion ; the Pharisees survived but in the form of Rabbinic Judaism ( today, known simply as " Judaism ").
He declared that the aims of the congress were freedom of religion, right to form associations, freedom of expression of thought, equality before law for every individual without distinction of caste, colour, creed or religion, protection to regional languages and cultures, safeguarding the interests of the peasants and labour, abolition of untouchability, introduction of adult franchise, imposition of prohibition, nationalisation of industries, socialism, and establishment of a secular India.
The director, Terry Jones, issued the following riposte to this criticism: " Any religion that makes a form of torture into an icon that they worship seems to me a pretty sick sort of religion quite honestly ".
However, he was opposed to the idea of converting atheism into a new form of religion or theology, and cited many " new theologians " such as William Hamilton, Paul Van Buren, Thomas Altizer and Gabriel Vahanian, who promoted this error:
Born into a family of varying religious outlooks, she searched for a form of religion that gave an expression of the faith that she had been formally acquainted with, Christianity.
However, she also says that although recent studies have minimized the Iranizing aspects of the self-consciously Persian religion " at least in the form which it attained under the Roman empire ", the name Mithras is enough to show " that this aspect is of some importance ".
Mormonism describes itself as falling within world Christianity, but as a distinct restored dispensation, through which it characterises itself as the only true form of the Christian religion to be in existence since the time of the Great Apostasy.
In another of his myths, Prometheus establishes the form of animal sacrifice practiced in ancient Greek religion.
Feuerbach goes on to postulate that the emergence of monotheism and thus the end of the Pagan period was a development which naturally grew out of Hellenistic philosophy due to the contradiction inherent in the ethnic nature of Pagan tradition and the universality of human spirituality ( Geist ), finally resulting in the emergence of a religion with a universalist scope in the form of Christianity.
Inglehart's two-factor solution took the form of Ferguson's original Religionism and Humanitarianism dimensions ; Inglehart labelled them " secularism – traditionalism ", which covered issues of tradition and religion, like patriotism, abortion, euthanasia and the importance of obeying the law and authority figures, and " survivalism – self expression ", which measured issues like everyday conduct and dress, acceptance of diversity ( including foreigners ) and innovation, and attitudes towards people with specific controversial lifestyles such as homosexuality and vegetarianism, as well as willingness to partake in political activism.
Roman Catholicism had become the sole recognized religion ; the powerful democratic Catholic Popular Party, in many ways similar to the Centre Party in Germany, had been disbanded, and in place of political Catholicism the Holy See encouraged Catholic Action, ' an anaemic form of clerically dominated religious rally-rousing.

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