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County and residents
The sharpest break with tradition, the past and present of `` White Ring Around a Black Core '', may come with the opening of nearby Montgomery County suburbs to Negro residents and, presumably, the consequent conclusion of some whites that they cannot escape the Negro by fleeing to the suburbs.
The Bergen County legislature recently wanted to abolish them, but residents who live near Garden State Plaza objected.
The Wexford County seat of government, originally located in Sherman, was moved to Manton in 1881, as the result of a compromise between the feuding residents of Cadillac and Sherman.
Rockingham supporters protested the elections to the territorial governor, on the grounds the laborers from Dubuque were not Scott County residents.
After World War II, many relatively affluent residents left for suburbs like Johnson County, Kansas and eastern Jackson County, Missouri.
In 1833, Missouri settlers, alarmed by the rapid influx of Mormons, expelled them from Jackson County into the nearby Clay County, where local residents took them in.
To avoid persecution from New York residents, the members moved to Kirtland, Ohio and hoped to establish a permanent New Jerusalem or City of Zion in Jackson County, Missouri.
Fairfax County is the most populous locality in Virginia, with over one million residents, although that does not include its county seat Fairfax, which is one of the independent cities.
* January 29 – After a second petition for partition from its residents, the North Carolina General Assembly abolishes Bute County, North Carolina ( established 1764 ) by dividing it and naming the northern portion Warren County ( for Revolutionary War hero Joseph Warren ) and the southern portion Franklin County ( for Benjamin Franklin ).
Adopting the name change, the council resolved to call on residents, businesses and public organisations to use the name Staines-upon-Thames, and to call on the Surrey County Council and Runnymede Borough Council to use Staines-upon-Thames for all official business.
Unlike those of neighboring Berkeley and Jefferson counties, Frederick County residents voted to remain in Virginia despite being occupied by the Union Army at the time.
County ,' an abbreviation which is viewed as pejorative by some residents.
The majority of County Antrim residents are administered by the following nine councils:
While no deed of emancipation has been found for Aron Dupuy, in 1860 he and Charlotte were living together as free black residents in Fayette County, Kentucky.
In October 1963, the acquisition was revealed to the residents of Howard County, putting to rest rumors about the mysterious purchases.
Nassau, together with Suffolk County to its immediate east, are generally referred to as " Long Island " by area residentsas distinct from the New York City boroughs of Queens ( Queens County ) and Brooklyn ( Kings County ), which are geographically on the island's westernmost end.
In 2011, Sublette County residents petitioned voters to approve an increase in this number to five as allowed under Wyoming law.
However, on March 8, 2011, residents voted to disband Memphis City Schools, effectively merging it with the Shelby County School District.
This is the largest three-service municipal utility in the United States, providing electricity, natural gas, and pure water service to all residents of Shelby County.

County and however
In 2008 however Barack Obama became the first Democrat since 1964 to win Ormsby County / Carson City, defeating John McCain 49 % to 48 %, by 204 votes, a margin of under 1 %.
There were some actions in other parts of Ireland: however, except for the attack on the Royal Irish Constabulary barracks at Ashbourne, County Meath, they were minor.
It is uncertain where their skins are located today, however, but according to Errol Fuller, three are suspected due to their connection to a specific dealer in Copenhagen ; the specimens in Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History, in the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, and the one in Übersee-Museum Bremen.
The figure, however, does not include the Ingham County parklands within the borders of Lansing.
During the attempt, however, the plane crashed into a reclaimed strip mine in Stonycreek Township, near Shanksville in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, about southeast of Pittsburgh and northwest of Washington, D. C. A few witnessed the impact from the ground and news agencies began reporting the event within an hour.
In Virginia, however, all cities are independent and report directly to the commonwealth government ; but notwithstanding they are not part of the county, they might operate as a county seat ( e. g. the Independent City of Fairfax is the seat of Fairfax County, though it is not legally within Fairfax County ).
The orthodox clergy of the County of Mansfeld, however, immediately suspected him of being an interimist and adiaphorist, and he tried to defend his position in public, but his apology resulted in the so-called Majoristic Controversy.
In the following centuries, however, the sovereignty was divided between the Bishopric of Trent and the County of Tyrol ( from 1363 part of the Habsburg monarchy ).
This county was, however, much larger than the present Cayuga County.
This was much larger than the present Genesee County, however.
This was much larger than the present Genesee County, however.
It was, however, larger than the present Niagara County even though it consisted of only the Town of Cambria.
This was much larger than the present Genesee County, however, containing the present Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Erie, Niagara, Orleans, and Wyoming Counties, and parts of Livingston and Monroe Counties.
By this time Genesee County had been reduced considerably in size from its original area of 1802, still containing the present Orleans and Wyoming Counties in addition to its present area, however.
This county was, however, much larger than the present Cayuga County.
This county was larger than the present Onondaga County, however, including the present Cayuga, Seneca, and Tompkins Counties.
This county was, however, much larger than the present Cayuga County.
This county was, however, much larger than the present Cayuga County.
This was much larger than the present Genesee County, however.
Clay County was formed primarily from Cherokee County, North Carolina, however a small area was taken from Macon County, North Carolina.
His reign, however, also saw friction between the County of Savoy and the Duchy of Austria.
Flynt attended Salyersville High School ( now Magoffin County High School ) in the ninth grade, however ran away from home and, despite being only 15 years old, joined the United States Army using a counterfeit birth certificate.

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