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Folly and for
In December 1588 Oxford had secretly sold his London mansion of Fisher's Folly to Sir William Cornwallis ; by January 1591 the author Thomas Churchyard was dealing with rent owing for rooms he had taken in a house on behalf of his patron.
Maurice Tourneur was also highly ranked for the pictorial beauties of his films, together with the subtlety of his handling of fantasy, while at the same time he was capable of getting greater naturalism from his actors at appropriate moments, as in A Girl's Folly ( 1917 ).
Between The Ridgeway and Folly Brook are the National Institute for Medical Research, Burtonhole Farm, a garden centre called Finchley Nurseries, and several sports grounds.
Other spin-offs include Jughead's Diner in 1990, where he ran a diner with an eclectic cast of patrons ; and Jughead's Fantasy, resulting from Jughead's Folly, lasted for three issues and featured Jughead's dreams of various alter-egos, including " Sir Jugalot ", " Peter Goon -- Private Eye ", and " Son of Hercules ".
Overlooking a sloping green and the sea, and for several years standing alone, it earned the nickname " Le Strange's Folly ".
William Seward is generally known today for his purchase of Alaska-" Seward's Folly "-in 1867.
Before the American Revolution, early settlers seeking land near Lockwood's Folly River applied for patents and received warrants for surveys of selected tracts.
Students are accommodated for the full three or four years of their study, either on the main site or on college-owned property primarily in North Oxford and the Folly Bridge area.
The College also has three large groups of buildings for student accommodation near Folly Bridge: Warnock House, the Graduate Centre and Abingdon House.
As defined by the U. S. Office of Management and Budget, and used by the U. S. Census Bureau for statistical purposes only, Folly Beach is included within the Charleston-North Charleston-Summerville metropolitan area and the Charleston-North Charleston Urbanized Area.
The river as far as Stamford was used by the Romans for navigation, as it formed part of a system including the Car Dyke, which ran along the western edge of the Fens and crossed the river near the modern Folly River.
Each year during the late spring, downtown streets are closed for a festival known as " Spring Folly.
* Pulitzer Prize for Drama: Lanford Wilson, Talley's Folly
He spent six years in an Augustinian monastery ; he was a joyful satirist ; and became most famous for his book The Praise of Folly.
The village and West Wycombe Park have been used as a location for numerous films, most notably The Duchess, The Importance of Being Earnest, I Capture the Castle and Dead Man's Folly.
She believed that writing Barren Ground, a “ tragedy ,” also freed her for her comedies of manners The Romantic Comedians ( 1926 ), They Stooped to Folly ( 1929 ), and The Sheltered Life ( 1932 ).
Among his novels were The Horses, Ballantyne's Folly, Jericho Road, and Beat the Devil ( originally under the pseudonym James Helvick ), which was made into a film directed by John Huston with script credit to Truman Capote ( the title was later used by Cockburn's son Alexander for his regular column in The Nation ).
Charles Boot built a folly tower overlooking Strines Reservoir in 1927 known as Boot's Folly, it is a prominent landmark for miles around.
Notable examples are the villages of Folly Gate, a small picturesque village which lies close to the village of Inwardleigh and Abbeyford Woods, Belstone, known for its location on the very outskirts of Dartmoor, and Sticklepath which runs parallel to the A30 dual carriageway.
L ' Amour Ou La Folie ( Love Or Folly ), recorded in 1996 and released on Rhino Records, earned the 1997 Grammy for Best Traditional Folk Album.
Other studio chiefs laughed, calling the place " Laemmle's Folly " and jeering that it was so far out of town that Laemmle could film scenery for free anywhere he wanted.
The album did not initially sell well either, and Dylan was for a time known as " Hammond's Folly " in record company circles.
Fowler's Folly fell into disrepair, and finally-condemned as a public hazard-it was dynamited in 1897 by Fred C. Haight, demolition engineer for the city of Fishkill.

Folly and beyond
To the south of it was a twelve-arched viaduct known as Crowle Arches, which crossed the Hatfield Waste Drain, the North Engine Drain, the River Torne and the A18 road, and beyond that, another nine-arched viaduct spanning the South Engine Drain and the Folly Drain, beyond which the railway started to descend to return to ground level.

Folly and .
After reading `` Plowman's Folly '' by Edward H. Faulkner, he stopped plowing.
Outside, the garden, the tame wilderness, yielded a patchwork bouquet of daisies, sweet william, scented stock and lady's bedstraw, which she tied with long grasses and took back to show Rosa, who was now stirring about the kitchen and haranguing Folly.
Henrietta looked down at her bouquet, still lively with its color and scent, and set her feet on their journey's way again, leaving the village street and crossing the first field, Folly dancing ahead of her.
Nevertheless, he continues to employ his secretary, Miss Lemon, at the time of the cases retold in Hickory Dickory Dock and Dead Man's Folly, which take place in the mid-1950s.
Those films will be: Labours of Hercules ; Dead Man ’ s Folly ; The Big Four ; Elephants Can Remember ; and Curtain.
Critics sneered at " Seward's Folly " and " Seward's Icebox " and " Icebergia.
A ship's lifeboat ( shipboard ) | lifeboat, built of steel, rusting away in the wetlands of Folly Island, South Carolina, United States.
: But abhorred Eris (' Strife ') bare painful Ponos (' Toil / Labor '), Lethe (' Forgetfulness ') and Limos (' Famine ') and tearful Algos ( Pains / Sorrows ), Hysminai (' Fightings / Combats ') also, Makhai (' Battles '), Phonoi (' Murders / Slaughterings '), Androctasiai (' Manslaughters '), Neikea (' Quarrels '), Pseudologoi (' Lies / Falsehoods '), Amphilogiai (' Disputes '), Dysnomia (' Lawlessness ') and Ate (' Ruin / Folly '), all of one nature, and Horkos (' Oath ') who most troubles men upon earth when anyone wilfully swears a false oath.
He also purchased a London residence, a mansion in Bishopsgate known as Fisher's Folly.
He also wrote The Praise of Folly, Handbook of a Christian Knight, On Civility in Children, Copia: Foundations of the Abundant Style, Julius Exclusus, and many other works.
On 1 April, the city celebrates the publication of his best-known book The Praise of Folly.
In the Star Trek episode " The Ultimate Computer ", Dr. McCoy refers to an alcoholic drink known as the " Finagle's Folly ," apparently a reference to " Finagle's Law.
Fife Airport lies a mile ( 1. 5 km ) to the north and on a hill overlooking the farm of Redwells stands Blythe's Folly, a 15. 6m ( 52 feet ) high tower built in 1812 by an eccentric Leith shipowner.
Image: Blythe's Folly. jpg | Blythe's Folly, atop Redwells Hill to the North of Kinglassie.
The Civic Opera Theater of Kansas City, performs at the Folly Theater in downtown, and the UMKC Performing Arts Center.
" Barbara Tuchman's The March of Folly begins with an extensive analysis of the Laocoön story.
Perhaps the strongest evidence in favor of Gutenberg is therefore that Mainz has in its possession today a first-edition of Erasmus ' Lof der Zotheid ( English translation: The Praise of Folly ), which was written in Gouda, but printed in Mainz in 1511.

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