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During and making
During the rest of the summer my scholarly mania for making plaster casts and spatter prints of Catskill flowers and leaves was all but surpassed by the constantly renewed impressions of Jessica that my mind served up to me for contemplation and delight.
During the pension year ended December 31, 1960, 23 employees retired, making a total of 171 currently retired under the Company's pension plan.
During the making recently of an important Biblical film, some 40 volumes of research material and sketches not only of costumes and interiors, but of architectural developments, sports arenas, vehicles, and other paraphernalia were compiled, consulted, and complied with.
During January – February 2007, Armenia ’ s trade with Russia and other former Soviet republics was $ 205. 6 million ( double the amount from the same period the previous year ), making them the country ’ s number one trading partner.
During the 1960s, De Palma began making a living producing documentary films, notably The Responsive Eye, a 1966 movie about The Responsive Eye op-art exhibit curated by William Seitz for Museum of Modern Art in 1965.
During the 19th century in the US, the length of canals grew from to over 4, 000, with a complex network making the Great Lakes navigable, in conjunction with Canada, although some canals were later drained and used as railroad rights-of-way.
During the 18th century, jewelers began making pieces with inexpensive glass.
During the Yuan dynasty, Halal methods of slaughtering animals and preparing food was banned and forbidden by the Mongol Emperors, starting with Genghis Khan who banned Muslims and Jews from slaughtering their animals their own way, and making them follow the Mongol method.
During the 1930s and 40s, significant improvements were made to the ground, making it one of the largest in the country at that time.
During World War II, and for nearly a decade after the war, most milk in Britain was used for the making of one single kind of cheese nicknamed " Government Cheddar " as part of war economies and rationing.
During the 13th century Thomas Aquinas adopted the Aristotelian position that the senses are essential to mind into scholasticism, making it a dogma of Roman Catholic belief.
During the war, the Soviet Union's role was negligible, making Albania the only nation occupied during World War II whose independence was not determined by a great power.
During the first decade of the cinema's existence, inventors worked to improve the machines for making and showing films.
During the speech, Spielberg and Coppola talked about the joy of winning an Oscar, making fun of Lucas, who has not won a competitive Oscar.
During times of heavy rainfall, much of the savannah area is covered by shallow water, making transportation by means other than a shallow-draft boat almost impossible.
During the series Earth X, Bobby had become trapped in his ice form, making him vulnerable to melting.
During the 1980s, the question of Jersey making an annual contribution towards the United Kingdom's costs of defence and international representation undertaken on behalf of Jersey was raised.
* 2009 – During the Iranian election protests, the death of Neda Agha-Soltan is captured on video and spreads virally on the Internet, making it " probably the most widely witnessed death in human history ".
During the 1830s, Audubon continued making expeditions in North America.
During the early part of the mission, roll error signal transients occurred frequently, making the spacecraft lose its lock on Canopus.
During the planning stages of Sea Lion, it was deemed desirable to provide the advanced infantry detachments ( making the initial landings ) with greater protection from small-arms and light artillery fire by lining the sides of a Type A barge with concrete.
During a roadtrip to Houston, later in the season, Smith met a part-time usherette at the Astrodome named Denise while making his way to the team bus outside the stadium.
During 1990 – 2003, Pakistan sustained its historical lead as the second most urbanized nation in South Asia with city dwellers making up 36 % of its population.
During the making of Doolittle he was listening heavily to The Beatles ' White Album.

During and film
During the downtime, Murdoch has initiated the film and music project God Help the Girl, while Jackson and Kildea have toured with the reformed Vaselines.
During production of the film Chaplin had been involved with the actress Pola Negri, a romantic pairing that received vast media interest.
During the 1930s, the silent film comedy was replaced by dialogue from film comedians such as the W. C. Fields and the Marx Brothers.
During the last few years, camera cranes have been miniaturized and costs have dropped so dramatically that most aspiring film makers have access to these tools.
During the same year, he directed Hell-Bent for Election, a campaign film for Franklin D. Roosevelt.
During the filming of the film, Day became concerned about Hitchcock's lack of direction.
During a relatively quiet 2005, he recorded the vocals for the song "( She Can ) Do That ", co-written with Brian Transeau, for the film Stealth.
During World War II, he worked in an animation department of the United States Army, where he wrote Design for Death, a film that later won the 1947 Academy Award for Documentary Feature.
During its theatrical run the film grossed $ 2. 4 million, currently holds a 100 % positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes and has developed a cult following.
During a performance of " Sunday Bloody Sunday ", which appears on the film, Bono condemned the violence in a furious mid-song rant in which he yelled, " Fuck the revolution.
During late 1927, Warners released The Jazz Singer, which was mostly silent but contained what is generally regarded as the first synchronized dialogue ( and singing ) in a feature film ; but this process was actually accomplished first by Charles Taze Russell in 1914 with the lengthy film The Photo-Drama of Creation.
During the immediate post-war years the cinematic industry was also threatened by television, and the increasing popularity of the medium meant that some film theatres would bankrupt and close.
During Indian cinema's ' Golden Age ' of the 1950s, it was producing 200 films annually, while Indian independent films gained greater recognition through international film festivals.
During this period, French commercial film also made a name for itself.
During the 1990s the digital revolution in image technologies has had an impact on film theory in various ways.
During the classic era, his work, either as author or screenwriter, was the basis for seven films now widely regarded as film noirs, including three of the most famous: High Sierra ( 1941 ), This Gun for Hire ( 1942 ), and The Asphalt Jungle ( 1950 ).
During this period, he worked as a property man, film cutter, title writer, and assistant director.
During the supernatural chaos towards the end of the film, LaGuardia is said to have come back to talk to the current mayor of New York in his bedroom for an hour and a half, despite LaGuardia's being " dead for forty years ".
During the film, his reputation is discussed, and he somewhat lampoons his own reputation for being a temperamental director.

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